By Just L
Date: 2017 May 04
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The genius of the talented kisser
Is displayed in the creativity
Of the miss or the mister.

Is producing a brilliant swoon
the product of natural ability
Cleverly sending one over the moon?

Can it be brains over artistry
Where a fine mind and wisdom
Makes one pucker a delicious faculty?

Or is it less than scientific
Artistic flair more than careful study
Resulting in "That was terrific!"?

I am quite certain of this
Whether it is nature or nurture
The exceptional never miss!

~Just L (NaPoWriMo, April 29, 2017)

Prompt: Take one of your favorite poems and find a very specific, concrete noun in it. After you've chosen your word, put the original poem away and spend five minutes free-writing associations – other nouns, adjectives, etc. Then use your original word and the results of your free-writing as the building blocks for a new poem.

Inspiration: The Kiss by Anne Sexton