By Jane Rain
Date: 2017 May 08
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I felt I'd known him for ages
the day we met.
We quickly became best friends
and soon after, lovers.
Before too long
we became each other's
one and only.
Only that one came with a catch:
an all too easy out for him.
He became a stranger to me
far too many times.
Is it hard to believe that
this constant coming and going
created issues that were easier to ignore?
It must be nice for him to know that
I'll never give up on us.
That I'll never leave,
despite all the hurt and distrust
he's created.
It must be nice.
I don't think I'll ever know such comfort.
All I do know,
all I am absolutely sure of
is that he is still
my favourite person.
This can only be explained
by an unfortunate
unconditional love.