By Jeff Brown
Submitted by Just L
Date: 2017 May 14
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A quote from An Uncommon Bond

"There is no question in my mind. This state of complete and utter love is our birthright, the state we are born to inhabit, the way of being that is eagerly awaiting humanity at the end of a long, perilous journey. We either walk toward love as a way of being, or we walk away from it. There are only two directions. This decision shapes our life and our world. Perhaps every step you have taken until now was meant to prepare you for this love. The one God had prepared for you to experience your best self. God kept her out of your reach until you were ready. Yet when she appeared, you knew. You just knew. Loving her wholly will require courage. And you will reap unfathomable gifts. This great love, meant for only you, will elevate everything. You walk through a forest together and it becomes a great temple. You eat a meal together and you sit at God's banquet table. You merge your bodies and all heaven breaks loose. That's why we can't stop singing about love. Every verse is a cry for wholeness."

~Jeff Brown from An Uncommon Bond