By Jane Rain
Date: 2017 Jun 19
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Hurt has changed me
to the point where
I'm someone I don't want to be.
I can't say I'm surprised by
the cause and effect,
but I'm done with it.
This isn't me.
My "heart of gold" has been tarnished
and now I'm left to fix myself
by myself.
My pain has in turn changed him.
He's more cold and indifferent than ever.
It's just another cycle on repeat.
I dream about us meeting
for the first time again.
There's no hurt, no anger.
We're not two broken people
longing to be fixed.
We're just two people
perfect for each other.
But that could never happen.
Could it?
We were half way there,
and I know I'm still right
about everything.
I just wish he'd figure it out for himself.