By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2017 Jun 20
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Midnight thoughts

I worry too much. That's my thing. I'm a worrier. My mind works 24/7. My thoughts race until they become louder and louder. You see most of my thoughts are made up scenarios of potential workouts if I take certain roads. I overanalyze everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. I worry about friends. Their problems are my problems and at times it can be so exhausting. I can't stand negative vibes and yet I am somewhat a hypocrite because I am the most pessimist person you'd meet. Sometimes I feel like I am just a pillow that others can rest on, with their entire weight leaning up against me. but what if I wanted to be a blanket instead, be the one whose thoughts are silenced. To be able to rely on someone for a change. My problem is that I sometimes care too much about people who care too little about everything.