By Ria
Submitted by peregrine falcon
Date: 2017 Jul 15
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YOU -again...

For 20 years
there has been
only one YOU
for me...

I think of YOU often.
Especially in Summers.

The Magic Summer
of 1997 still "haunts" me.
And in Summers ever after
YOU come in my mind.

Well... YOU come in my mind
about 7 times a week.
When I go to sleep,
when something nice happens,
when I see a couple hugging...
The nature brings YOU
to my my mind:
The sea, the flowers, the birds, the trees...

Oh :0). That must be much more, than only 7 times a week!

I have NEVER heard of a person
(and I have listened to a lot),
that have felt this "stupid"
for a person,
that I do!
I have searched and searched
for an explanation??
But the Fact IS:
I love YOU!