By Jane Rain
Date: 2017 Oct 18
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Today... Someday

Today's the day we first met.
Nine years gone in the blink of an eye.
So many late nights and long talks
fade to vague memory.
A blur of fishnets and polo shirts.
The highest of peaks go hand in hand with
the insurmountable depths of valleys.
Hindsight seems to be the bane
of my existence.
We were so young then;
still fresh in the ways of
love and relationships.
How could we have known?
What would we have done differently?
It amazes me still that no matter
what we say,
what we do,
no matter how wrong we are
or how long we're apart
our love prevails.
For now it's a quiet love,
but as always I remain hopeful
that it can be heard again.