By Farrah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2017 Nov 13
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Silver lining (2)

Silver lining
I wait for a sign to know that it's finally over .
I look around for clues to back up this strange feeling, but all I ever get is a new beginning to an old closure.
The ache in my heart just stopped the healing, I was tired of all the breaking and the bending,
I prayed to God at night to give this miserable kind of relationship it's well deserved ending.
We were never apart, but in a way we were never together, and they always said we were birds of the same feather.
Next to each other, hoping for a plain fresh new start, but we're both cowards and no one wants to end it from their part.
"FREEDOM". Craving that same silver lining, yet we chose to live in a cave together instead of  separately shinning.