By Composing Dawn
Date: 2018 Feb 16
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I hear the tinkle of laughter.
Like a symphony, gentle, then swelling, a sharp crescendo
that breaks into a soft melody.
Quietly I listen, entranced by the sounds of their enjoyment.
Never have I been jealous of their relationship.
The love they share with their father.
Some moms may, coming from a life like mine.
No, I feel blessed.
How lucky am I to know they have a father like him.
My heart swells with pride and love for this man.
The tenor of his voice echoes from the other room.
His laughter mixing with theirs.
They too are blessed.
Slowly I peak around the corner, if only to catch a glimpse of their play.
I have been caught.
"Come on mommy, daddy will get you too."
I am so blessed

November 5, 2009