By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2018 Feb 17
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Words from the heart

You are my beginning and ending. You are the start of a beautiful life and the ending of sorrow.
You bring love, laughter and peace into my life. You show compassion and affection; you fill my heart with joy. And as cliché as this will sound but I honestly never knew what love really means until I met you. My understanding of what it was, turned out to be so wrong and twisted. You taught me to love myself again and add value to the relationship just by being my true self around you. In your love I have found freedom and I willingly declare myself a prisoner under your spell. I love you more than words will ever say. More than feelings will ever tell. I love you like a song I never get sick of hearing. Like a beat that moves nations. Like the lyrics  that only a few people would actually get. I love you like a good old classical song that is timeless. I love in so many ways but most of all, I love you for always loving me when I Don't even love myself ❤️
I hope you have a wonderful day. A day that matches your inner beauty and reflects on all ❤️