By Star of David
Date: 2018 Aug 29
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let me leave you
like one would
a building

no turning back
to give it
second glances,
caress the curves
of its arches,
or linger in its doorways
hesitant, longing

let me leave you
like that,
effortlessly -
step out into the light
or the night
at my convenience

let me enter lives
like one enters
a train, coach, plane,
exit just as easily -
sometimes there is
some stumbling,
but one recovers

let me not leave
the way one does
a horrific accident

broken, bleeding,
barely alive
numb, trembling
and find myself
relating the tale years later
a party trick
the audience, enraptured,
indulging in the sick pleasure
of reliving visceral pain

let me leave you
as I found you,