By Ria
Submitted by peregrine falcon
Date: 2018 Sep 07
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I was attacked by a freud with lovesacm. I have gotten at least 30 contacts during the last year in Facebook by men, beeing: 1. Good looking., 2. My age., 3. Working in the military., 4. divorced or widows. I was fooled by one, because he had a Finnish name, Jari Virtanen. He started imediatelly to send me messages. I started to be suspicious very soon, because he said that he had moved to Sweden, when he was 3 years old, but his Sweedish was very lousy. He seemed very nice, so I continued anyway.
After a month he started to declare his love for me. I asked him not to, but he didn't respect that. He got worse: "I love you more today, than yesterday. And I love you more tomorrow, than today." - I ended it all.
A bit later I realized, that he was just one of these freuds, that try to get money from women (surprisingly there wasn't talk about getting money from me yet between "Jari" and me).

I don't believe, that you can Really love a person you haven't even met face-to-face!


I had met you 5 times,
and read your 400 pages book
about yourself,
and we had sent a lot
of emails to each other,
before I realized
I was in love with you.