By Just L
Date: 2018 Sep 26
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Awash in a Wave

After hours upon hours of skin on skin, I am awash in a wave of orgasm. Letting the sea carry me away. Finally, getting a handle on this letting go thing. Perhaps it is the fullness of the gift offered in our shared bed. Or lack of sleep after a late night with the band. Either way no matter how we move you always find my hand. Pulling me to safety only to float away again. By dawn, my brain is neither awake nor asleep. Though love fills my heart, sweat and humidity force us to separate. Except for your measured breath, you barely make a sound, exploring treasures in the deep. Pushing your thigh, pelvis, and abdomen to greet mine I scream with delight on the inside. Rising up only to subside. And, as quickly as it comes, it goes out with the tide.

~Just L (May 26, 2018)