By Ria
Submitted by peregrine falcon
Date: 2019 May 18
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My Life's Story

First: "Done" :0) :0) :0). What you write is total rubbish :0).

I started to write My Life's Story 12.4.2019. I'm on the year 1985 now (not yet on the years of YOU :0).
VERY hard to write. VERY hard to remember...
So much hard things. So much sorrow. So much anguish. Now...
But I know, that in every part of my life there is also much of joyfull things, beautifull things, happy things. I fill in them later.

What I figured out (while writing) is, that I have allways felt sooo insecure of myself. Of if people like me, think I'm a nice person. I don't know that till this day...

You said to me in 1997: "Du är jätteok som du är." - Nobody had said that to me before. And nobody had said it afterwords.

In 2009 you said: "Du är ok, men..." - So (even) YOU didn't really Like me.

Do YOU understand, that it's REALLY HARD, that everyone like me, thinking I'm Great - at first. But... Then, they start to think I'm bad. And they push me away real hard!