By Farrah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2019 Aug 14
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We are all like the stars, we shine bright on the outside,but deep down inside, we are long gone. It's a twinkling graveyard and my dream is buried somewhere there.
They say that women become wiser in their 30's.i beg to differ; I am 35 years young and I am still as clueless as I was in my 20's.
When I try to narrow down the reasons behind my set backs, I would very much like to believe that it is because I am a person of many talents and I refuse to settle for just about anything.  My dreams are like soap bubbles; once I reach a certain level, I end up with a big fat splash. No promotion, no appreciation but rather a slap in the face.
My father once told me that I do not have people skills. I am starting to believe that he was right. I always seem to drift off when people start talking to me, I enjoy my made up scenarios far more than whatever dialogue I am being dragged into.