By wordley
Submitted by wordley
Date: 2020 Mar 30
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Salt..such a basic thing that makes skin glow,
When raised by sensual effort,
Drops of dilution, glisten on a surface so primal, to flow
Into rivulets, tracking each with tongue, that export
To all senses, the need to feed, to feel, to taste
To expose the land beheld, each pore reacting;
Not to simply brush away, and not to waste,
To enjoy that emotion of skin, so climacting
Chemicals we are, and will always be, mere compound
Yet if the mix is right, we catalyse the other,
And create an explosion of joy,so intense, so profound
In the entwining embrace of a lover;
Salt...we taste, we sweat, we glow, all in love's name
The mere physics produce the result, and still
We give all to live within the desire,the game,
Is to grace our lives with erotica, and thrill
The one whose focus we gladly concentrate
The one whose form becomes our need, our kick,
Whose curves and swells glisten with sweetest condensate,
Across whose glowing form, our mouths track, and greedily lick...

To Glisten...