By wordley
Date: 2020 Mar 31
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Through Dreams..

I am walking by the Nile, in brightest moonlight splashed about,
The scent of Kyphi is so heady in the air..
Oh Anubis take my life this night, if my army suffers a rout,
But let Osiris raise my soul if you should care,
Oh Princess I have led my heart to do battle at your gate,
From Philae onto Edfu's fragrant halls,
And if to die here in your arms is to be my warrior's fate,
Let Jasmin scent anoint me when night falls..

I have this dream occasionally, an Egyptian prince I would be,
Ruling Phebes and Memphis, but alone,
In dire need of consort, you would be the one for me,
I would fight to have you here beside my throne..
And on those nights when Horus, would wink his silver eye
The moon glow would bathe our entwined forms,
The fragrance of Oleander and myrrh, would our senses so ignite,
Would strengthen our rule through coming storms..

But then, one night, in passion's throws, I see not the silver blade
Just those almond eyes that shine with sensual lust,
I was yours to command, between us promises were made..
But still I feel that final, fatal thrust....

I'm awake in an instant, the sweat pouring from my brow
I hear the clock chiming in the hall,
I turn to see you packing, taking all we had, and now
I close my eyes, lean my head against the wall;
Can love transcend the centuries, is this a life I did once live?
Were you the queen of all we did survey?
To this olive skinned maid, half an Empire I did give
Was my love so blind I gave it ALL away?
In my dream I cursed her lands ,by Sekhmet's burning sun,
Yet with my dying eyes I loved her still,
As I would love you now, as you leave the deed is done..
Your words "Good Bye" the knife that would me kill...