By wordley
Date: 2020 Mar 31
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Please,..feel free..
One finger, touch me where you think it will strike a note..
Then trace a line, pure glissando,that makes my heart vibrate,
Or try more fingers and find a chord, each touch to gently float,
And draw forth a symphony of love, from meaningless cacophony to meaningful melody; my state..
Is to be in tune with you, maestro, oh beautiful executant
Find my harmonic, let your touch set each semi and demi quaver free to roam,
Tap out that Orphean melody so clear, a blessed tonal ornament;
So that when amore composes the song, let all our senses sing in concordant grace,
And after the sweetest crescendo, let us dwell in harmonious reverberation,
Glide into softest diminuendo, soft pedal in mode, sustain and then release;
Come back again and again, practise makes perfect, and my keys await,
Oh my dearest symphonist...