By wordley
Date: 2020 Apr 01
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Ground Zero

Nothing left..what was, burnt and melted into glistening shards of history,
Across the blast radius, the EMP (Electrifying Magnetic Personallity) has blown all fuses,
What was the trigger of your love's deteonation will remain a mystery,
But in my life, my love, my soul there is a barren plain, where fission produces
The need to be one, we are a critical mass, chain reaction assured,
One instant of blinding light, of recognition, of heat, the evaporation of juices
All centres primed and ready to implode, the moment your emission is measured;
In that indigo moment, that sunburst second as we fuse into being,
The searing heat that melts all our senses sprays our atoms about the place,
We become love itself, all emotions reached, all corners seeing,
Knowing that irradiation of joy, that scorching smile that plays about your face;
That shock wave reverberation hammers heart against heart, a removal of fences,
A mushroom cloud of vapour, that which was, now blown away,
And in the after glow, the cooling cycle where we return to our senses,
In this world of passion, newly formed, shall there always be a reminder of this day...