By wordley
Date: 2020 Apr 04
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At the dipping of my Toes...

As I sat on the beach and reminisced, about the days when I was young,
All the smells, the hotdogs, the sounds of the fair, the songs the Beatles sung,
Came pouring in, a blitz from my past, the happiest of days gone by,
And I thought of you, my blitz from today, the heart that makes me sigh;
As I dip my toes in the foaming sea, the thrill of its touch takes my breath
As it did when I dipped my life into yours, scaring me half to death..
The freshness of love washed over my soul, wave after wave of joy,
No hotdog taste or Beatles song could mean as much to this boy;
No fairground ride could ever compare to the pleasure and thrill when you're near
Just a lonely beach and a walk on the sand, sheer heaven when you are near,
As the sea turns over on its slide up the shore, giving itself to the land
You turn me around, up and then down, when I feel the touch of your hand;
So I'm sat on this beach, watching the waves coming and going with glee,
Washing the shells, the ozone smells, the soft, gentle  rush of the scree,
And I feel the waves of love in my heart, where the fairest wind of joy blows,
And the memories return, flooding my soul, at the dipping of my toes..