By wordley
Date: 2020 Apr 06
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This place once remembered..

Where was it, this place once remembered, where you and I would talk?
About hours and days, and the lazy ways on that well known path we'd walk,
Was it down by the sea, on the shingle where we would sit as the tide would turn
On it's endless about, keeping cool in its lap as the summer sun would burn;
Or down in some secret woodland glade, where they'd be scones and jam for tea,
Maybe down 'neath the cliffs, watching the skiffs, whilst keeping warm in its lee;
Or when weather became to inclement to wander to far abroad,
We'd sit 'neath the inglenook, warming our toes, sipping wine bought by the landlord,
And the hours would be filled with enchantment, as all our dreams we would share,
Now I struggle to remember those ghosts from the past, in this world that little cares...
But where ever it was we wandered, it was always in friendship's land,
And I really need to return there one day, find that long lost gentle hand;
And I remember now where we can still walk and talk, and this will be the best part,
For the road that leads to that glowing sunset, is the one that I keep in my heart..