By wordley
Date: 2020 Apr 11
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On Rising...

On rising this day, as Sol's warmth spreads through my world, and the sky pure gleams,
I put away the things of the night, my book, my candle, and shake lethargy from my bones,
And my eyes take in all the wonder another day brings, my spirit fair bursts at the seams,
And as I, with glance aside, pity those whose day is filled with troubles, hear their moans,
Feel my day overflowing with the bounty that knowing you, my dearest of friends,
Gives to one so fortunate in men's eyes, that in my life, a shining facet is the friendship of you
For even though you are far away from me, could be at the world's ends,
You know me, look upon me as a comrade in arms in this worldly fight, this heart so true
Will always beat in sympathy with that noble counterpart you carry
Such a graceful spirit, held in a rhythmic codex, to which I dream I had the key,
On this pleasing puzzle I would spend my life, all my days here to tarry,
To find that solution and release a kindred soul, to set such a sensitive spirit free