By wordley
Date: 2020 Apr 16
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I'm watching in utmost wonder, as though never seen before
The way you gracefully circle, the way you swoop and soar,
No daily grind to wear you down, just the heavens in which to play'
To follow the sun in its annual trek, stop here and there along the way;
To nuzzle your mate in an African night, as I sit here and freeze,
To circle a thermal in Saharan heat, as i just snuffle and sneeze
To have all this freedom, this God given gift to glide as Angels do,
If I could, in an instant, change my state, then I would exchange with you,
And experience such elation of spirit, as my wings become my release,
And although this may never come to pass, Bluebird please, Oh Please..
Take me with you....