By wordley
Date: 2020 Apr 16
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Cotton came, weaving and diving through the tapestry of my life, her sparkling threads my soul awakening
Through a thousand sequinned eyes her vivacity gleamed, her petit point shaping,
Cotton spoke, her voice, a sigh of silken desire, the reel of spice hummed its tune,
As through the woven calico land her path is traced, as the path of the moon...
Cotton sighed, and in that sigh cried all the love of the earth, all those hearts that needed
To be told, "I love you!!", "Follow me", and their dreams, their wants and desires, left unheeded..
Cotton lives, lives in all who risk their happiness on that one thin thread of chance,
From a beautiful flower, spun into a strand that we blindly follow in the dance..
Cotton knows, knows that no matter how much we embroider our lives with her strands,
With the scissors of truth we can return the virgin fabric of hope back to our trusting hands...