By wordley
Date: 2020 May 10
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For the Children

                          For the Children…

It’s only as years pass, that such temporal clarity sought,
Gives rise to thanks, and joy that such minds are blessed
With the unmitigated desire to join, in union so bought,
To alleviate souls and hearts, by age, that are so depressed;
This fellowship of grace be given, to assuage those fears
And build on this ageing form, a strength of fellowship given
A parcel of memories, a joy, a vista of those well lived years,
Those times less fraught, or those dismal years so striven;
In our dotage we pass forward the wisdom of a life so spent
So that experience may point a way, a course to much less fear
A path so trodden by us all, that leads to experience lent,
The hopeful path to a future bright, a road to an existence more clear;
We stand on the edge of our fall, see the past in it’s clarity
Can smile at our failings, give voice to our woeful desires,
Give credence to all those tales we told, lost in their hilarity
Now, even now, as our time reaches down, then retires;
We meet our end, as night follows day, and yet we still
Cling to those last minutes and hours, so precious their hold
Seek to, even now, those packets of minutes and seconds to fill,
With our essence, our souls, our stories….to our children, their gold…