Heart-on-Sleeve Corner Picks

These are the pieces that caught me more than the other works in Heart On Sleeve corner. My opinion is highly subjective, which is probably why a work by me heads the list... still, this represents some of the Best of the Blender.

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From Heart-On-Sleeve Classic
Sacrament  -Kirk Pick-
By Kirk, Keeper of the Blender. A small prose piece.
The Truth  -Kirk Pick-
By Karolyn R Benger-- a quirky piece that hints at life going on, anyway.
Another Day  -Kirk Pick-
by Andrew Cleveland. About the best thing you can say when the geography seems all wrong.
Wishes for My Wife  -Kirk Pick-
by Ray Gessler. A charming rhyming piece about material goods.
Cinder Block  -Kirk Pick-
By Jennifer Tsang. A poem that has a lot of personal meaning for me.
From April 1997
Untitled  -Kirk Pick-
By 'mo.' A beautiful brief framing of longing.
From May 1997
Casanova  -Kirk Pick-
By Jennifer Rutherford. A longer prose-story that struck home. (but not with me as casanova, drat)
From June 1997
so very kind  -Kirk Pick-
By pg gosby-- Kindness Kills.

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