* Stories and Tales

By Kirk, keeper of the blender
from Cinema Paradiso
By Giuseppe Tornatore: A love story from the movie. I wish I could make up things like this: it mixes the beauty of fairy tales with the confusion of life.
Don Giovanni
Figaro, The Don, and Garrison Keillor on Marriage versus the Singles Scene. Keillor captures a midwest sensibility, but sometimes is at his best when he moves beyond that...
Jay Gummerman describes a lighthouse in the desert and a man wondering if it will act as a welcome or a warning to the person he loves. A complex short story from his first book "We Find Ourselves in Moontown"
A beautiful, mystical short short story by M.A. Mohanraj (Who the New Yorker calls 'the uquitous Web Siren')
Hell to Get Along With
By Kurt Vonnegut. First published as "The Long Walk to Forever", a little mushy but mysterious walk through the woods.. not quite his usual hot penned cynical self.
The Sight of You
A longer short story by Amy Bloom, infidelity and love. From the collection of the same name.
from Beloved
A paragraph from Toni Morrison's masterpiece that says a lot with very few words.

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