Blender Shirts

We are no longer taking orders for this batch of shirts. If there is a lot of interest, I might start taking orders for another batch, but the schedule for that is highly uncertain

Now accepting paypal! $10+$3 S/H (bundled into the main price). If you can't use paypal, e-mail me at -- be sure to put the word 'blender' in the Subject line. In every case, make sure I have the shipping address. The sizes you ordered are the ones you're gonna get, that's the nature of the beast. I will send you a confirmation e-mail. If you don't get a response in a day or two, nag me to make sure everything went thrugh.

The easiest way should be to use this PayPal form...just fill in your blender username so I know which preorder you are...
Your Blender Username:

So here are the two designs for shirts I'm toying with, we'll have to decide on which one on the Message Board :

I might be leaning toward the first one, but the second one is based on a design that's been part of the Blender for years; still, I worry that it just looks crappy blown up, rather than sharing the first one's pixel funkiness.

So here's the deal, just so you know where I'm coming from... first off, this isn't a fundraiser for the Blender, I'd just like to make some fun shirts and cover my expenses.

I'm planning to go with Brunetto T-Shirts (who have made some very good quality Diesel Sweeties shirts I ordered and adore) Looking at their Order Page, they have a 20 piece minimum for 3 color designs. I kind of like the Hanes Beefy Tee, so (unless you want black) the price will be $7 + shipping--a fraction of the entire shipping from Brunetto to me, and then $3 or so shipping from me to you. Probably under $13 all told, unless you want an XXL size or color.

We've got to get this order in soon if we're going to make it for Christmas, so please let me know what you thing and how many you want, and what size or colors on the Blender Board, and also what design you vote for (not that this is a democracy or anything ;-)

Orders: (I kind of have to hold people to these...)
NameTotal QtySize/Color?
Kirk42 XL, 1 XXL, 1 SOK OK OK OK
ladyinwaiting1LSENT, CHECK'D
indefensible sushi1(XL)
jwb719132 XL,XL SENT(PP)
Cessie1XXXLSENT, CHECK'D (money order)
aparajita2L,LSENT, CHECK'D
elocution1XXLSENT, CHECK'D
deevaa1XXXLSENT to AUS(PP)
Just Some Girl1MSENT, CHECK'D
Chances1MSENT to AUS(PP)