Blender of Love Survey Results

440 Entries

Reader Info

Male:88 Female:329 Prefer not to specify:21

0-12: (M: F:) 13-17:125 (M:19 F:100) 18-22:139 (M:25 F:112)
23-29:90 (M:23 F:62) 30s:35 (M:8 F:26) 40s:33 (M:11 F:22)
50s:5 (M:2 F:3) 60s and above:2 (M: F:2) Prefer not to specify:10 (M: F:2)

Where are you from?
USA Northeast:105 USA South:82 USA Midwest:77 USA West:65
Canada:30 Mexico:2 Central America:4 South America:2
Western Europe:10 Eastern Europe:2 Africa:1 Asia:21
Australia:8 Middle East:2 Elsewhere:7 Prefer not to specify:21

Mostly just a reader:368
I submit works to Heart-on-Sleeve Corner:36
I add comments to the Blender Board:3
I submit works and comments:32

How often do you plan to visit the site?
All the time!:154
Once a month, like the Digest is published:127
When I think about it:151
Not coming back:7

Site Preferences

Which name do you prefer for the site?
'Blender of Love':142 'Love Blender':170 Don't Care:127

How easy is it get around the site? Trivial!:51 Easy Enough:344 Usable once I got used to it:40 Needs major overhaul:4
What do you think of the site's graphical layout and look? Beautiful!:78 Good enough.:321 Well, I've seen worse:36 Trash it and start from scratch:4
Adult Content: using US movie ratings, how explicit could any single work on the Blender be before you'd feel uncomfortable? NC-17 for me! I love juicy hot stories!:102 R - the erotic is a part of romance:297 Let's keep at PG, spare me the details:28 G rating only, let's keep it sweet and pure:12
How useful would a Search Engine on the site's contents be? Amazingly neccesary:47 Pretty useful:293 Take it or leave it:92 Hate the idea:7
How bad would non-Link Exchange Ads be, to help defray the cost of running the site? I love ads-- they can be very interesting:18 As long as the site's free and cool, who cares?:345 As long as they stay only where the Link Exchange Ads are...:57 All Ads Are An Abomination:19

Site Parts

Permanent Collection Love it! Pretty Good Whatever Get rid of it! Dunno.
Prose 137 155 32 6 109
Poetry 259 102 9 3 66
Something Else (with Photos, Letters, Etc) 110 150 71 6 102
Blend-O-Matic (Random Romantic Quotes) 190 116 39 7 87
Mailing List 72 110 73 12 172
Older Heart-On_Sleeve Corner Archives 152 122 30 6 129
Monthly Digest Love it! Pretty Good Whatever Get rid of it! Dunno.
Quote At Top 183 113 20 2 121
Ramble Regarding Romance 134 129 42 2 132
Featured Artist Review 82 133 68 9 147
Blender Board (Comments From Last Month) 88 112 77 7 155
Frontpage Selection from Heart-on-Sleeve Corner 146 123 34 1 135
Access to All Heart-On-Sleeve Corner Submissions 175 98 27 5 134

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