By Suzy O'Keefe
Date: 17 July 1997

The Stoning

 The polished piece of amethyst warms quickly
 when held.  Feels good to hold onto it... so smooth
 and hard.  Not a *worry stone*, but in my case, a
 stone of hope.  Steve kept the stone in his desk
 drawer.  During deep thought and daydream, he
 handled it.  A little something to ease the parting,
 he opened my hand and placed it inside .  This purple chunk now
 resides quite comfortably in the left front pocket of
 my cutoffs along with something else he gave me.
 A rubber band.  A particular rubber band.  One shot
 back and forth innumerable times in that fluorescent
 lit lab space I called home for all to short a time.
 One that raised little whelps when it hit it's mark
 and caused both yelps and laughter from he and I.  

 He had not shot, but careful placed that rubber band
 into my bag the night before.  Silly? Perhaps, but
 the idea is that they both make me feel good and
 somehow keep us connected to each other... the stored
 power in that rubber band stretched between us and
 the much handles amethyst, my birthstone.

 At night I often remove these items from the pocket
 of my discarded shorts and handle them.  I employ
 them both when I  most want to feel Steve inside me.
 The size, smoothness, and shape of the stone allow it
 to push easily into my body as did he.  Now hot and
 slippery, the stone adds greatly to the manual
 experience.  Ahhh yes, the rubber band plays a role
 here as well.  Around my wrist, it provides a small
 thwap to the surrounding sensitive flesh.  It's easy
 to pretend that it's Steve I feel...

 Sleep also comes and when I awake, I still wear the
 rubber band and in my hand is the stone.  Hot and
 with the scent of the night lingering on into the day.
 Guess you could say that I've been getting my rock(s) ON!


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