Blender of Love Digest August 1997

A New Start!

Welcome to the NEW Blender of Love Digest. This monthly webzine incorporates the old Heart on Sleeve Journal but includes new features, all to make sure we stay 'worth the click'.

Besides the new features, the Blender Digest will contain the 'best' of the material sent to the Blender. Every romantic voice will still be heard on Heart on Sleeve corner, but the Digest front will have links to what the Blender-Keepers found most stirring.

Coming in September:

Click back for a Review of the unsettlingly romantic poet Jack Gilbert's collection "The Great Fires" Plus...

  • Kirk Rambles Regarding The New Yorker's Review
  • A formal introduction to the Blender-o-Matic
  • More from the Heart-on-Sleeve corner

New Works
The Passing
By Mary V. Kirov <>. This is a piece that's been waiting way too long in my 'new submissions' page. It's a poem that captures the feeling of trying to sing songs to the deaf...
By "z", but submitted by "j" Some finely crafted lines wrap their way into your mind after the poem is read.
Ashes of the Heart
By Charlotte Harper <>. A metaphor of hearth and heart, the sudden rush of the last line caught my eye-
Love Lost
By Erin Fisher Another 'last-liner', a nice 3 line testament.
By Bonehead99. And another 3 line piece with a haiku-like nature. (just don't count the syllables)
Where has it gone?
By Tresna-Lee. A work that tries to find where love might be located on the body.
The Stoning
By Suzy O'Keefe WARNING: not for the prudish, or innocent. A study of sexuality and the objects that can hold meaning for two lovers.
Memories of Rain
By Lara Based on a true story of an encounter with a drunk friend.
By Mya. Two short, bitingly bitter parodies.

Heart on Sleeve Corner
All the remaining heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

Ramble Regarding Romance
A new regular column, Kirk gets the chance to ramble and rant about his take on romantic life at the end of the millenium. This month: 'the problem of couples'
Featured Artist Review
The cartoonist Adam Green's 'What Were You In A Previous Life?'
Blender Feedback
Feedback and Comments sent in over the past month.
What's New
The lowdown on the current and upcoming changes to the Blender...
About the Blender / History
What it's all about.
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