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From: Kimberly Vellucci
Date: 1 July 1997

Why not collect and post some of the artwork featured on romantic novels?  
I've been looking all over for it, and no one seems to include that important 
aspect when designing a "romantic" page.  To tell you the truth, I'll buy 
romantic fiction this way:  FIRST I find a picture that I like (there seems 
to be sexual tension between them, or the lovers are featured in an interesting 
locale like a pirate ship or a venetian terrace), THEN I read the back to see 
if the story sounds good.  If I like both, bingo bango, that's the one for me.  
Pretty scientific, huh?
Well, Romance Novels usually have a different take on romance than the stuff I like to read... I'm a sucker for an unhappy ending...
From: Pat Wilkins  kennedy@gte.net
Date: 1 July 1997

Thank you for the divirsity of poetry I sat and read this morning.  
It is pouring rain outside my window; but I was warmed by memories 
that were rekindled from reading some of the poems.

From: Sage Seeker
Date: 1 July 1997

You spoke of love
Searched for it's flame
But all you left
Was an Email name

If all love's lost in cyberspace
What future for the human race?

(So why'd you leave....and leave no trace?)
this is cute (and small) enough that I'm leaving it in, despite by new no-submissions-on-the-comment-page guideline
From: Leslie Smith
Date: 2 July 1997

This is by far my favorite website on the net.  
The poems are very moving, almost all of them 
have described me at some point in my life.  
I have written many poems on love and sometime 
I will send one. Thanx for creating this website 
it has helped me through life, it has helped me 
make decisions on love, friendship andd more.
                Thanx again,
                Leslie Smith

Aw, Shucks
From: Carey Lane Carey@gowebway.com
Date: 2 July 1997

This is one of my favorite sights.  I am a very emotional guy,
and actually enjoy poetry when the mood strikes me.  I am 
deeply in love with a girl who can't seem to figure out how 
she feels about me.  I keep trying, when all my friends say 
I should forget her.  I would but I know I have found true 
love.  In the real world this makes me strange, but in here 
this level of devotion is the norm.  Thanks for helping me 
feel normal about being in love.
Seperating true love from REAL bad infatuation can be tough. If you ever figure out how, let me know
From: Angie Conkright  lnewkirk@kih.net
Date: 2 July 1997

I feel these poems are very emotional, and took much time
 and effort.  These poems all describe me and/or people I

From: Sophie
Date: 9 July 1997

Hey Kirk,

Stumbled onto your page by mistake AND THEN BOOKMARKED IT!
I read every word and smiled for the rest of the day.

If you're ever visiting Melbourne in Australia let me know!

Love Sophie
Mmmmm-- Australia...
From: Jenna Holland... frog@csionline.com
Date: 14 July 1997

I was just wondering when you up date your web site and 
to tell you that i think your site is really good and
that i really like the material you use. Thanx... Bye...
                                 Jenna Holland

From: Market
Date: 14 July 1997

Wow... I am truly amazed... you must read the piece
entitled "sacrament"... in Kirkpicks... wow...
I was moved... this is a great place... mind if 
I camp here???? hehehe     -Market
Be my guest. It's one of my favorites too (I guess not TOO surprising since I wrote it, but...)
From: smellie@webtv.net
Date: 15 July 1997

i really think this page is great,if any of you can teach 
me how to write a poem i am glad to learn!!  thanx for 
all the poems!!   Thanx so much

From: Clarinha-   ester@sudoeste.uesb.com.br
Date: 19 July 1997

Eu não li este depoimento, mas deve ser muito bonito....
Então resolvi fazer o meu.É um poema.

A vida é sempre assim, 
tem sempre um início um meio e um fim...

nunca diga adeus para chorar depois,
nunca diga oi para esquecer...
Anyone care to translate?
From: Frogman
Date: 24 July 1997

Dear Webmaster.
   I wanted to thank you in finding that i am not alone in the way I feel.
I know some of my poems arent really love felt but most that are 
by me are.  And when i write a poem it expresses a part of me that I
can't put in words.  I have fallen in love with a co-worker and find
that I cant say anything to her.  She is with someone else and I
Found your site really soothing.  It got out some of the built up anger
pain, and emotions that i cannot willingly express.  I think that your
site was created for the best.  I know everyone is not the best, even
I admit that, But it makes me happy to see that people like me can 
express themselves on here in ways normally not possible.  Great 
Work and keep the site going please!
Your Friend

From: mparker@redi.net
Date: 24 July 1997

Nice page.

From: jennifer  JJs16@hotmail.com
Date: 31 July 1997

Thanks for having it out there,
for the world to see.
Love is such an intense emotion
so complex yet simple,
I am inspired by love that lasts

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