By Tresna-Lee
Date: 4 July 1997

Where has it gone?

Sharpened edge of the bed sheet
slices my view of your back
Shoulders protruding
Closing me off from you, somewhat
I have to imagine,
mind-see your body.
I can see the length of your neck
weep inside
I wish to kiss it
with salty summer morning lips.
Remember the valley of your spine
the scar on your shoulderblade.
Your face is turned from me
but I know how your sleeping eyes look
shuddering amongst your dreams.
You lips are always slightly parted
and they tremble when you exhale
always, Always I wish to trace them with my fingertips.
Your toes, all ten, are on your side of the bed
they do not fondle my own
and they don't curl up with thoughts of me.
Your legs, definedm entwine themselves
and the lustful parts of your body aren't lusting after mine.
Your ribs and your stomach
I've filled it with the food I have made many a time.
And your Chest...
the hollowed out place where the fresh-love used to dwell

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