The Problem of Couples

Am I the only one who thinks couples are problematic? You take two unique individuals, stir well, half bake, and presto-changeo you have-- a couple. A matched set. Like that awful Spice Girls song, 'two become one' and the half that used to be your favorite drinking buddy is no where to be found on Friday night, or Saturday night, or anytime

People look to romance to patch up the cracks in their life (I almost said to 'fill the holes,' but that's a different part of it.) The thing is, those cracks are part of us. Even if they can be patched (and sometimes that's a long shot at best) maybe they shouldn't be. More importantly, it's too easy to let the romantic plaster-of-paris slop over onto other aspects of life; your creative outlets, your other friends, many of the things that made you fascinating and charming to begin with.

I know I might be a little bitter in my cyclic singledom. (in the sine wave of romance, right now I'm at sin(3pi/2) (hi to all you math geeks out there)) That doesn't explain it all, though; a very coupled friend of mine expressed the same frustration, though she hadn't put it into words before. Once you've setup house with someone, you have to beware of feeling responsible for your partner's constant entertainment.

So what's left to do? Nothing new. Don't throw away your old life when embarking on your new. Always be willing to compromise, but never be willing to give yourself away. There's a beautiful story about how angels/ souls/ whatever were divided in two at creation, and how romance is those two halves trying to come together to make a whole--
Don't believe it for a second.

        --Kirk, Keeper
        of the Blender

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