"Do you know much about love, Chuck?" "Probably not."
--Peppermint Patty and Charlie Brown
Blender of Love Digest July 1998


In the USA, it's time for fireworks to puncuate the summer heat (and spook the rain clouds away from the Northeast and down to Florida, where they're needed.) Fireworks here on the Blender as well, with 3 or 4 works that absolutely spark.

Besides the usual collection of works, we have the regular "Blender Board" (with some aftershocks from last month's tempers) and a ramble in a slightly different vein.

So enjoy the Blender, eat ice cream and watermelon, find summer romance, and wear sunscreen!

--Kirk, Blender-Keeper

New Works
Daisy Love - By Kirk, Blender-Keeper
I'm sneaking in this month's ramble as a front page pick because I think it might appeal to people who don't like the usual essay...
The Albatross - By Rennie Lorca
Another one of Rennie Lorca's imagery laden short works.
Hello - By Sweety
A good use of linebreaks breaks the rhythm of this sharp prosepoem, echoing the feeling of the narrator. Nice.
Eternally Yours - By pggosby@aol.com.
A nicely rhythmed work.
It is You I Draw - By Nancy Lan-Jy Wang nansee@ucla.edu
Bringing the artworld in.
heat - By leah
Lives up to its title... and even more heat from the emotional friction in it.
best kept secret - By L. Leslie Shields, Submitted by desim@hotmail.com.
Charles Bukowski said "Sexual intercourse is kicking death in the a** while singing" and this poem reflects that.
deep-sea diving - By alison
Struggling with loss, and possibly winning.
The Caramels By (Chen Zhao) Esmerel@hotmail.com.
A longer prose piece-- excerpt: "I remember asking him, for whatever reason, how he would feel if I slipped and fell down the hill to my doom. He replied that he would feel like following me." Beautiful.

Three by L. Penney, villians@hotmail.com
Forever in Your Arms
The sexiest and most romantic twelve words I've ever read.
I told you I'd love you forever
Humorous light piece, but brings up a point about eternal love.
Being first myself, second your own
Remarkable use of language-- few works with a message manage to handle themselves with such grace.
Heart on Sleeve Corner
All the remaining heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

Ramble Regarding Romance
Kirk's Sketchy Ramble, Daisy Love.
Featured Artist Review
Kirk reviews "Love Bitter and Sweet," a collection of quickie poems.
Blender Board
Feedback and Comments sent in over the past month.

About the Blender / History
What it's all about.
Random Romantic Ripcords.
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