"As for kissing on the first date, you should never date someone
whom you would not wish to kiss immediately."
--Mr. Blue (www.SalonMagazine.com)
Blender of Love Digest June 1998

Welcome To The Summer

The weather's getting hot and that seems to be reflected in this month's "Blender Board" section, probably the most tumultuous one in the history of the Blender.

More excellent works this month as get ready for the first anniversary site techie-revamp that should fix those mailing list and "pressing return" issues for good.

This month's Heart-on-Sleeve corner features a Misti Velvet Rainwater section, as well as the usual collection of heartsong. This month I ramble on my "lonely guy" days and review a wonderful collection of memoirs.


--Kirk, Blender Keeper

New Works
mean chosen one - Misti Velvet Rainwater
Another by MVR-- and be sure to check out the special "all Misti" section in this month's Heart-on-Sleeve Corner, before she leaves us for the summer.
smoke - msj (msj@tamu.edu).
A slice of life, sight through smoke
rave review - lisa shields.
(Submitted by desim@hotmail.com. ) A celebration of a love that has legs.
Truth - z.
A beautiful thought beautifully stated.
Intoxicated - Shadygirl [ed4u@hotmail.com].
Things can be wrong and right all at once.
Knocking - Mark Yoshimi.
Looking to connect-- this work has some interesting viewpoint issues.
Sandman held at gunpoint
Waltz Skid Dropped from a Skyscraper
Two by S.J. Cunningham [selke@mailexcite.com.] both let the words control the verse, not the other way around.
LOST SOULMATE - Rennie Lorca.
A stirring short piece -- wonderful ambiguity in the first word of the first line.
Two By Established Authors
(I don't know) - William Carlos Williams.
(Submitted by Misti Velvet Rainwater.) A wonderful use of words and images by a master.
Fruit - Rikki Ducornet.
(Submitted by Ruth.) A few lines from "Das Wunderbuch", a short story from The Word 'Desire'
Heart on Sleeve Corner
All the remaining heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

Ramble Regarding Romance
Confessions of a Single Guy.
Featured Artist Review
A collection of memoirs, "A Few Thousand Words About Love"
Blender Board
Feedback and Comments sent in over the past month.

About the Blender / History
What it's all about.
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