"Double integral is also the shape of lovers curled asleep"
Blender of Love Digest September 1998

Romantic Evening, Early-2000
You're sitting with your beloved on a chilly winter night. The lights are low. In fact, they're off, and the two of you are bathed in golden candlelight. The two of you snuggle in ever closer. You each sip from a single glass of wine. "Boy," you say through chattering teeth, "I hope the power comes on soon."

This is the unfortunate setting that is a serious possibility when the Year 2000 rolls around. Too slowly, people are becoming aware that there are certain number-- a small percentage, but a potentially large amount-- of computer programs and chips that will go haywire when they see their view of the year drop from "99" to "00", and that these faulty circuits will cause innumerable headaches for our society. (Big headaches-- migraines and beyond.)

I've dedicated this month's Ramble to an essay on the "Millenium Bug." Please-- even if you usually avoid my "Romantic Rambles", READ THIS ONE. It's my effort to help spread the word of preparedness to prevent future panic. I've thought and read a lot about this issue, and have tried to create a balanced, informed, and easy-to-read presentation.

In other news, the Blender rolls on, with some excellent front page selections, an emotionally charged Blender Board comments page, and the ever present Heart on Sleeve Corner.

Enjoy, but read the ramble,
Kirk Blender-Keeper

New Works
Caught In the Web of My Prose By JM.
A work on an issue that Kirk's rambled on, why writing is easier when you're heartbroken.
It is said that By kevin urenda.
Submitted by kluless, kluless70@hotmail.com. Another work on the music of feeling blue.
Is it over? By Just L.
Wonderful description of what happens during ambiguous romance.
the fufillment By Victoria.
A beautiful sensual piece.
One Hundred and One By JM.
A simple catalog, a wonderful read.
Glittery Love By Diva [retrodiva8@aol.com].
A pattering rhyme.
fragment of me By erin.
A classic example of the "I Will Survive" overcoming.
untitled By j.
"for z...inspired by last night, i'm feeling goofy." (says j) Sexy poem.
in your smile By d (devon@bliink.com).
12 completing words.
Untitled By Marla_McGinley@compuserve.com.
14 words that it explain why it's never complete.
Puh pum By heart Song.
Makes me think of Pooh Bear's "Tiddley-Pum"-- nice.
I Clearly See By R. Hammans [robin@journey.com].
A work charming in its purity in an impure world.
Heart on Sleeve Corner
All the remaining heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

Ramble Regarding Romance
The Y2K Article-- an important issue to be aware of early, and I even try to swing the love factor into it.
Featured Artist Review
A "rambling" review of the film Sliding Doors, just in case someone misses my usual self-indulgent essay.
Blender Board
Conversation and Comments sent in over the past month.

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What it's all about.
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