Forget her, Stanley... That girl will tear your
heart out, put it in a blender and hit "frappé"
           --Charlie Schumacher, The Mask
Blender of Love Digest April 1999

Happy Spring!

It's Spring Time and the Blender Digest is sporting its Easter pastels- oh wait, this is how the site always looks. Never mind.

Still, it's good to see you here, and I hope you'll enjoy this month's selection of new prose and poetry, as well as the usual editor "Rambles Regarding Romance" and a review of Garrison Keillor's Mr. Blue column in Salon.

So have a happy Easter, Passover, Pagan Spring Ritual, or my personal favorite, return of Daylight Savings Time!

Read, Love, Enjoy.

Kirk, Blender-Keeper

Front Page Picks
Wanting By Christina caldwell.
The distance between desire and fulfillment, measured in light years.
Afar By Melanie.
Short, plaintive prose piece, the final paragraph resonates.
Two haiku-like pieces by Isolde. The first is presented in French and English, the second consists of a surprisingly striking metaphor.
hrts in your i's By Brandi.
(Submitted by Angel Another short piece by the six-year-old poetess.
free By anonymous.
"For m.", good example of the use of spacing in free verse.
Sleeping in J's L By Just L.
"A cocktail napkin diddy about sleeping on Jason's L-shaped sofa" - nice rhythm and rhyme.
a penny By kevin urenda,
A little overwrought in the middle, perhaps, but I liked the conclusion.
The "L" Word By Crystevin.
"For X", one of the frequent posters here, a delightful dive into the dictionary.
No Note on the Dresser... By Jenna Holland (
Implies volumes.
Where Were You? By Donovan (
An interesting study in the baggage romantic pasts leave us with.
Memories By Kitten.
Submitted by A threat from love gone awry.
Why Now By Rob Ward.
Good questions that I've been known to ask.
Heart on Sleeve Corner
All the remaining heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

Ramble Regarding Romance
Got Space? A quick exploration of sharing interests, and not sharing interests.
Featured Artist Review
Mr. Blue's Online Advice for Lovers and Writers
Blender Board
Conversation and Comments sent in over the past month.

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What it's all about.
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