And they say sacrifice
is letting sweet love go
-Edie Brickel
Blender of Love Digest March 1999

On For March

What a start for a month-- not only am I trying to deal with February not having enough days, but then I end up helping my cousins to move, and get to catch a sofa lowered from a 2nd floor porch. With my head. (No harm done, but I had a backache the next day.)

But I have survived, and the Blender Digest has survived along with me. We're clawing our way back to spring with Love Poems to help us get through the rest of the winter months. (With the exception of our guests from that other hemisphere, of course.)

Read, Love, Enjoy.

--Kirk, Blender-Keeper

New Works
fourteen By d.
I like the simple structure of this piece, and the memories of my own that it invokes.

Last By Erica [].
A prose poem that manages to create its own little universe.

Atlas By kate.
Another simple, elegant work.

Naked By Jill (
A longer piece, a startlingly good use of form.

Perfectly Imperfect By Angel. (
The poem with two left shoes.

Awakening By Red,
The other side of that fire.

Yes By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
MVR has been one of the Blender's most consistently good contributors, this poem helps to show why.

I Want To By Tyler. []
A list-poem, but with a twist on the edges.

I Can't Love You Back By Mark U.
A song on the screen.

kindred soul By jenn (
Simple question with complex implications.

Goodnight By Maria.
"Unsaid feelings surfaces in a late-night message to a lover". Another chord-striker.

Heart on Sleeve Corner
All the remaining heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

Ramble Regarding Romance
Cohabitation, a big word for a big deal.
Featured Artist Review
Alison Bechdel's "Dykes To Watch Out For"
Blender Board
Conversation and Comments sent in over the past month.

About the Blender / History
What it's all about.

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