"That's why we're born, honeygirl," she says. "To learn how to love each other.
And it takes all the time we've got. Some folks never get the hang of it."
--Amber Coverdale Sumrall, "Siesta"
Blender of Love Digest July 2000

And now for something...

...mostly different. This month I'm taking advantange (in both senses of the phrase) of the 'bully pulpit' I have as Keeper of the Blender, and turning this month's Ramble slight away from topics of Romance. I'd like to share a mini-website I created a few months ago on a topic that's been on my mind: mortality. (If I continue the pattern set by graduating high school in 1992 and college in 1996, this summer marks my commencement from my first degree from the "school of not-sohard-knocks", and I'd like to think of this minisite as my thesis statement.)

Now the last time I really messed with the scope of the Blender, the result (in retrospect) was kind of embarrassing, a very worried Warning about Y2K. (To be fair, it was only 1998, and the reassuring 'Critical Dates' of 1999 hasn't yet happened.) And this month's ramble also has its roots in some anxiety attacks that I've experienced. Still, I think that I've come up with some comforting thoughts and philosophies that others may find helpful; especially people who aren't convinced they have any kind of hereafter waiting to welcome them.

So, unless you're convinced that your best coping strategy is not to think about, read this month's Ramble, but don't neglect this month's selections. As we approach a million frontpage hits we become the home of more and more terrific works.

--Kirk, Blender-Keeper

Front Page Picks
Many Loves Ago By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com.
Shane By ZoE.
A Memory By Paul Dillon pd_64116@yahoo.com.
I think these three works all tie in nicely to the theme of this month's Ramble, exploring concepts of time and aging.
Explicit Thrills By 8 BALL WIZARD charismatic_spaz@yahoo.com.
A bit raunchy, but well done.
Writers Block (SPF 15) By Eric, thenuttman@aol.com.
I think Eric does better when he loses the rambling quality, as he does in this piece.
your nonlinear craziness i love By christopher lake.
I'm not crazy about the title, but the part about the airplanes is irresistable.
Seven Hours Later By Jenna Holland (poetic_angel@gurlmail.com).
Few slices of life need so few words.
What I Would Do By Gala.
A pastoral scene, and seen.
Oragami By Michael (everything zen).
Michael is another writer who sometimes writes with a lot of words, but also knows how to wield just a few.
twisting fate By sarah iristakeroot@aol.com.
A night out.
peppermint-pick-me-up By deevaa.
Deevaa describes this as "nothing flash", but she seems to think that's a bad thing...
Boys By lydia wilson.
A topic on a view of boys; a little slow to get started but the final sentences are great.
why i'm in love with lester: By Jesselee Whitson; Ollymarie@AOL.com.
I'm knocked over by the sound this work creates.
You're Still Here By Alexander Newfield.
A prose piece that comes to life in its details.
Longing By lythande.
Another prose piece; it's often tough to put words to the details of our beloved.
fieldtrip to dark
the heart of ambiguity
To finish, two by the guppy. I think that the first shows why we write poetry, and the second explains why sometimes we should not.
Heart on Sleeve Corner
All the remaining heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

Ramble Regarding Romance
A mostly non-romantic digression: a Skeptic's Guide to Dealing with Mortality
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