Humans chase love the same way that bugs chase bright light.
--Riggs, Ritual Habitual
Blender of Love Digest April 2001

Lifestyle of a dotcom Refugee

Well, count me in among the temporarily unemployed, victim of the War Against Profitability. But this techie will be back on his feet soon, no worries.

In the meanwhile, here is the April Blender! (Oddly enough, a sudden abundance of freetime does not lead to a more punctual digest. Someone should commission a study.) Some great single lines this month among the Front Page Picks, including the one gracing the top of the page.

Also, I just confirmed that the URL will be mine for the next ten years!

--Kirk, Blender-Keeper

Front Page Picks
Atomic Fireball By
Supposedly a bit of a bump off of my story Sacrament-- though I've put up my own take on atomic fireballs at
Attacked By an Angel By B.K..
Body Heat
Another set of 'bumps' had to do with angels, the first one of the best of the bunch. I like the energy of "Body Heat", not sure if the first word of the penultimate line is a typo or not.
deja vu By deevaa.
Dee offered this line as a starting point for other people to bump off of, but I like the way it stands on its own.
I'm tired emotionally, but happy. By deevaa.
Another by the deevaa... autobiographical ramble. But I really dig the ring.
walk of shame, bath beach 7a.m. By jill (
Besides playing a bit of a nostalgia card in me, it's a nice crafted piece, especially the ending.
Happiness is..... By Michael T (smiling) -
Slice of life with a reference to some of those terrible posters.
For My Chris
It is Finished
By Misti Lake, two short pieces, and the final scene (90) of "Peeled" I really like the line "So much ouch to this life. So few Band-Aids."
Ritual Habitual By Riggs.
Speaking of good lines, the start of Part III is doing double duty as this digest's "official quote".
Basic Venusian, For Native Speakers of Mars By Gala.
Submitted by Many think that whole Venus/Mars thing has been overdone and oversimplifies things, but I think it's an interesting way of thinking of it. Anyway, this is an entertaining take on it. I wasn't much with Russian either.
in a nutshell By erin..
Three Little Words By Warrior Poet
Another take on modern romance.
The Gift By Alice Woodrome.
Submitted by Great image and prose duo.
Heart on Sleeve Corner
688 other heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

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Wong Kar-wai's beautiful period movie, "In the Mood for Love"
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