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From: Blessed23
Date: 3 September 2017

B.K. - Thank you so much, though your praise is undeserved. I slightly altered that poem on the site, as I tend to do after rereading things I've written.
From: Echolocation
Date: 3 September 2017

First poem posted here 2001. Still coming back, still finding wonderful things, sixteen years later. As a poet friend of mine says, "Poetry tells us that another person, at another time, in another place, had the same thoughts and feelings we did." It offers a way of connecting to one another that no other medium does. Thanks, Kirk, for continuing to provide a space for those connections.
From: Blessed23
Date: 5 September 2017

Echolocation - I completely agree with your friend. The allure of poetry for me has long been that someone else has felt what I have felt (and often expressed it better than I could ever dream of doing) and the comfort which that realization brings. It's an expression of our common humanity, evidence that we are all more similar than we realize. I have grown to love poetry for myriad other reasons, but that has always been my primary reason for loving it.
From: Kirk, Blender-Keeper
Date: 17 September 2017

New Blender Digest is here
From: Star of David
Date: 18 September 2017

thanks for the picks, Kirk! :)
From: B.K.
Date: 20 September 2017

Hope everyone is surviving these storms and fires. Climate Change is REAL..hang in there everyone.

Thanks for the pick Kirk. We keep trying to write and lately the muse is not there or probably just mad as hell at what is going on in this poor world.

Keep up the great work everyone and congratulations. Another great front page.

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Date: 24 September 2017
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