Blender of Love 2007 End of Summer Challenge

So, as a farewell to summer and summer romance, we've decided to have another one of our Poetry Challenge. This one is asking people can write the best work they can that use the following words:
  1. pressing
  2. abide
  3. lavish
  4. rest
  5. tiring
  6. window
  7. smoke
  8. point
  9. freeing
  10. root
Savannah Haze has both selected the words and will act as judge. She adds the following:
You must use all ten words in the given form (please do not add suffixes, make plural, change tense, etc.)

I chose these words at random, but many of these words can be used as more than one type of speech. I leave it to your discretion to decide how to use them.

Submissions will be accepted through August 31st.

Please be sure to denote beneath your title that you are submitting your poem for judging. I try to read everything on the site, but this will help ensure that I don't miss your poem.
No tangible prize this time, just the admiration of your peers and a featured spot on the front page of next month's Blender of Love.

Let's see what you got to give summer a fond farewell!
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