By Echolocation
Date: 2001 Jun 26
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Mile Markers

The mile markers used to pass so slowly,
Giant, glowing, multi-colored, bright with promise
Each one eagerly anticipated
Each one so achingly far away
I could hardly wait for the next one
First job
First kiss
First love
So many choices
Seemed like there was an exit to another highway
Every thirty feet
Every thirty days
Every thirty thoughts
And though the future was hidden from me I knew
The unseen destination was worth the journey
And the journey would make me worthy of the destination
Now the mile markers fly by in a blur
Tiny indistinguishable little posts
A white smear seen out of the corner of my eye
So small and quick that I can't remember the last one
Or anticipate the next one
I no longer know what my destination is
So all I have left is the journey
But I haven't seen any exits in I don't know how long
And I'm still driving alone