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What I didn't say (by Echolocation) 2023 Jun 26
Who the f*ck is that? (by Echolocation) 2023 Mar 15
O, Gather Me the Rose (by William Ernest Henley - 1849-1903) 2020 Sep 10
         carpe diem
Dear Thomas (by Seanan McGuire) 2017 Sep 03
Curiosity (by Alastair Reid) 2017 Mar 11
         Be curious. Be inquisitive. Be unafraid.
Summons (by Robert Francis) 2017 Mar 11
Missing Link (by Echolocation) 2016 Oct 22
Dance of the Mirrors (by Kenneth Fearing) 2016 Jul 30
         everything and everywhere
[untitled quote] (by Mercedes Lackey) 2016 Jul 09
         great loves and little ones
First and Last (by Echolocation) 2014 Mar 06
True Lies (by Echolocation) 2009 May 24
         "all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream"
"Any halfway decent girl..." (by John Hughes) 2007 Jun 15
         B.K.'s collection of quotes on the May Blender Digest made me recall this one :)
This was once a love poem (by Jane Hirschfield) 2007 Apr 24
         I remember beer for breakfast, and shyness pretended and real, and "unconjured confidence"...
Roses red and white (by John Boyle O'Reilly) 2006 Oct 14
         (my title, don't know if it has one of its own)
No Point in W(h)ining 2005 Nov 05
the search is over (by survivor) 2005 Nov 05
         This song has always touched my heart somehow, despite the slight cheesiness :)
If the phone doesn't ring, it's me (by Jimmy Buffett) 2005 Sep 19
         One of those things I *really* wish I'd written myself :)
Camouflage 2005 May 16
         another haiku, an old one from years ago
The Eyes Have It 2005 May 16
         a small haiku
Cloths of Heaven (by William Butler Yeats) 2005 Apr 25
On the value of vows (by J.R.R. Tolkien) 2005 Mar 01
         All this talk of marriage on the Board made me think of this: a brief exchange on the value -- or danger -- of binding vows
Barter (by Sara Teasdale) 2005 Feb 21
         Prices, payment...hmm, I'm sensing a pattern here...
Bravado (by Neil Peart, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson (Rush)) 2005 Feb 21
         Paying any price for love, for your dreams, and for pride...a curious threesome
Persuasion - Excerpt (by Jane Austen) 2005 Feb 15
         On men and women and love
Rainy Day Lovers (by Gordon Lightfoot) 2005 Feb 07
         More with the rainy theme thing...
The Red and the Blue 2005 Feb 07
         An old one I ran across on a rainy Monday...
A Pooh View (by A.A. Miilne) 2004 Dec 29
         susana's Pooh piece reminded me of this
Love and Poetry (by Jane Austen) 2004 Dec 19
         Jane Austen had pithy things to say on a number of love-related matters, though not so much on poetry. This one deals with both.
Ghosts of Christmas Past (Christmas Challenge sub) 2004 Dec 17
         repost per Gala's direction with "challenge" in the title!
Ghosts of Christmas Past 2004 Dec 14
         A sub for Gala's holiday challenge
Original Sin (by Jim Steinman (words), sung by Meat Loaf) 2004 Jul 19
         Since Misti brought Mr Loaf to the party, here's one of my favorites
Beltane 2004 Jul 02
         Wrong time of year for this, but the Cowboy said once that he liked my Pagan pieces so here it is
Next Time 2004 Jul 02
Beltane 2004 Jun 30
         Wrong time of year for this, but the Cowboy said once he liked my Pagan pieces so here it is
Next Time 2004 Jun 30
The Two Magicians (by Carl Ashe ( 2004 Jun 23
         A twist on a familiar tale...
If It's a Rose (by Carl Asch (Empty Hats, 2004 Jun 14
         ...on the value of patience and an open heart...
Momentary Deity 2004 Feb 10
         With due thanks to Ernst Cassirer's Language and Myth
Reawakening 2003 Nov 21
Risks (by Unknown) 2003 Nov 12
         Who are you if you don't take risks?
Part of the Plan (by Dan Fogelberg) 2003 Jul 16
         this one is a long-time favorite of mine, though it's not quite the same w/o the music...
Excerpt, The Return of the King (by J.R.R. Tolkien) 2003 Jul 04
         Having been on both ends of unrequitedness, I can attest that neither is easy...
Waiter, More Logos! 2003 Jul 01
Roosevelt Revised (Repost) 2003 Jun 30
         walk how and carry a what? (repost of the orginal, bump-ee for Tanq's "Unfathomable")
Metamorphosis 2003 May 04
         a humble haiku
Looking Forward to Looking Back 2003 May 04
Excerpt (by Kahlil Gibran) 2003 Mar 17
Silence is Golden 2003 Mar 11
         sonnet on silence...
Excuse Me 2003 Mar 05
         a tiny two-line snippet -- maybe eventually it will grow into something larger
Pandora's Box 2003 Mar 05
         Another repost from many moons ago, about letting go
Remembering to Forget 2003 Mar 02
         Repost from many many moons ago
Schrodinger's Heart 2003 Mar 02
Sensory Deprivation 2003 Mar 02
         ing a few from before we had the account pages, so they'll get "hooked up"
Halves and Wholes (by Unknown) 2003 Mar 02
         ...and Champagne's Panacea made me think of *this*, something that's been on my fridge so long it's all yellowed and brittle...
from "Il Postino" (by Antonio Skarmeta) 2003 Mar 02
         Champagne's Verbal Seduction made me think of this...
Quote (by Mother Teresa) 2003 Feb 12
         Ran across this the other day and liked it
For Miriam (by Kenneth Patchen) 2002 Dec 18
         This is on the dedication page of Patchen's _Selected Poems_,
Shelley's Creature 2002 Sep 18
         Halloween entry, with a twist (it's by one rather than to one). My heart always ached for Shelley's Frankenstein, able to see humanity but never join it. If you've never read the original, it's worth a visit.
Literary Ladies 2002 Sep 10
         This is an oldie, from a year and a half ago -- Ange's Bridget Jones made me think of it...
Excerpt from "Gaudy Night" (by Dorothy Sayers) 2002 Sep 08
         Discussion on the "how does one know for sure" topic. Sayers was a brilliant scholar and writer of British mysteries.
All in Green Went My Love Riding (by ee cummings) 2002 Sep 08
A Green and Yellow Melancholy (by Wm. Shakespeare) 2002 Mar 14
         From 'Twelfth Night'
Dreamkiller 2002 Feb 17
Puddle Jumping 2002 Feb 03
         Taking the plunge
Storm Chaser 2002 Jan 10
Haven 2002 Jan 10
Give and Take 2002 Jan 02
         Accepting a gift honors the giver
Alternate Favorite Quote (by Unknown) 2001 Dec 30
         Obligatory bump to faithful's Quote -- if I didn't submit it, I'm sure someone else would!
The Game 2001 Dec 12
         An ongoing conversation with a friend gave birth to this one
Alpha Male 2001 Dec 09
         I'd forgotten I had this one in the files until Misti mentioned "alpha male"...
Bits and Pieces 2001 Dec 06
         So I like puns. So sue me.
Spelling Lesson 2001 Dec 04
Incognito 2001 Dec 02
         From the Latin "incognitus": unknown, unrecognized, unclaimed
Erinyes 2001 Dec 02
         The Erinyes (also known as the Furies), from Greek mythology, dispensed justice to transgressors
Arkansas Night (Winter) 2001 Dec 01
         Haven't seen the other three seasons, but winter is damn good...
Lay You Down (by Johnny Macrae (sung by Conway Twitty)) 2001 Nov 17
         Misti's "Feel-Good GLimpse" brought this to mind -- it's s hokey old country tune, but the last verse always gets to me
Crazy Quilt 2001 Nov 10
Velvet Glove 2001 Nov 10
from _Letters to a Young Poet_ (by Rainer Maria Rilke) 2001 Sep 26
         Rilke was a German poet. A number of his letters have also been published -- well worth reading for their clarity, passion, and precision of language.
Trespassers Will 2001 Sep 22
         Damn -- I hate it when I forget to put in the title...
Fish or Cut Bait 2001 Sep 16
Nightmare 2001 Sep 16
Contradictions 2001 Aug 19
         Another sonnet -- I do like these structured forms!
Waiting for a Cool Front 2001 Aug 13
         Gala -- good contest! Here's my submission...
Roosevelt Revised 2001 Aug 07
         A little haiku, with a nod to Franklin (or was it Teddy? I can never keep them straight). Still walking softly but with a somewhat different motive.
Ant Farm 2001 Aug 01
Whiteout Doesn't Work For This 2001 Jul 28
Mismatch (?) (by Piet Hein) 2001 Jul 06
         Hein was a Danish scholar, mathematician, and scientist as well as poet. He published several collections of short, pithy epigrams, which he called "Grooks". As epigrams should, they pack a lot into a small space.
The Highwayman (by Alfred Noyes) 2001 Jul 02
         I've always loved this. A few years ago Loreena McKennit turned it into a song with a lovely haunting tune, well worth searching out.
Mile Markers 2001 Jun 26
Embers 2001 Jun 11
Summer's Daughter, Winter's Bride 2001 Jun 11
         You may perhaps have heard this story somewhat differently...

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