By Echolocation
Date: 2001 Jul 28
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Whiteout Doesn't Work For This

Some definitions:

(a) "Annulment of a marriage is legislative or judicial
invalidation of it, as in law never having existed, as
distinct from dissolution [divorce], which terminates a
valid marriage."
--The Oxford Companion to Law, ed. D.M. Walker (1980), s.v.

(b) "An 'annulment' differs from a divorce in that a divorce
terminates a legal status, whereas an annulment establishes
that a marital status never existed."
--Black's Law Dictionary (6th ed. 1990), s.v. "Annulment."

I thought that after ten years
there was nothing further you could do
that could possibly hurt me.

Silly me.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, I heard from you.
Told me that your new wife (well, five years), being a Catholic,
was now upset by the fact that you are
an Evil Divorcee
So you want my permission to seek an annulment of our marriage


Not content with the divorce -
"Oops, sorry, I made a mistake, I don't feel like being married" -
You now want to eradicate it, make it as if it never happened.
"Oops, it wasn't a mistake, it was actually all a dream and never happened."

Fat chance.

Life isn't like that.
The choices you make leave tracks, a history,
And while some might be content with
the polite legal fiction that you can simply
Expunge them
The heart knows better.
The heart doesn't recognize deletions
Because love is written by hand and carved in marble,
As permanent as the Rosetta stone and as inscrutable
It doesn't just disappear
You can't cover it up and pretend it never was
And even if you take a hammer and chisel and hack it out
A trace of what was once there will always remain

So get all the pieces of paper you want
Surround yourself with holier-than-thou celibate churchmen
who've never known love (and so what right do they have?)
Let them pronounce anything they feel like
Paint over it until you (think you) can't see it any more
It won't change the truth

We existed
We lived
We loved
And anything else is a lie