By B.K.
Date: 2001 Aug 06
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BK's Hog Wild Harley Ride

The dogs barked
The neighbors gawked
So unlike me
Haven't been on a Harley
Since I was 20 something
But here I am
Donning the latest head gear
He says it just like riding a horse
You just put your foot on the pedal
And swing wide
My sisters style, horses and motorcycles
My idea of roughing it, is jeeps and hiking
I have this thing about terra firma
I hate flying
But I swear mom; he is the coolest driver.
Been driving since he was a baby
The air is wonderful,
Clouds blocked the sunrays
Rolling around the perimeter of the lake
Watching yachts dart in and out of the coves
He kept asking me if I needed a butt break
I did not quite understand
Till I tried to get off
My arms worked, my legs moved
But, my bum was numb
He said I would be cussing him in the morning
I must have not squirmed too much
(Harley riders hate squirmy women.)
Cause he's coming back
To show me
What it is like at night,
Riding on a Harley.