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Just Come On Home (by B.K.) 2021 Feb 05
The Absence of Ambience (by B.K.) 2020 Sep 08
Stuck in a Covid Hole (by B.K.) 2020 Aug 16
         Wear your mask and stay safe out there!
Better than Fiction (by B.K.) 2020 Jul 25
Remember (by B.K.) 2020 Jul 20
Untitled (by B.K.) 2020 Jul 04
I Still Love Green Apples (by B.K.) 2020 Jun 08
Till Neon Screams (by B.K.) 2020 May 31
         written by me in 2001
Watch Out For The Tripwire (by B.K.) 2020 Mar 16
         If you have not seen 1917, it should be required for all to see.
Covid Nineteen Dreams (by B.K.) 2020 Mar 13
A Ghostly Tea With Satie (by B.K.) 2020 Feb 20
Swimming With Sharks After Midnight (by B.K.) 2020 Feb 17
A Game of Strategy (by B.K.) 2019 Nov 09
         Found an old one never published on Bender
Happens to the Heart (by Leonard Cohen) 2019 Oct 26
         Happy Halloween Y'all (youtube this, it is fantastic!)
Peripheral Vision (by B.K.) 2019 Sep 12
         I found this in notes the other day
Quotes (by B.K.) 2019 Sep 06
Butterfly Afternoon (by B.K.) 2019 Sep 04
         A kissing poem partially true
Getting Past The Nuptials (by B.K.) 2019 Apr 25
Quasimodo At The Meat and Three (by B.K.) 2019 Apr 21
Cataclysmic (by B.K.) 2019 Feb 16
C’est si bon si bon (by B.K.) 2018 Sep 30
         BK's BOOTIQUE
Sad Brew (by B.K.) 2018 Sep 30
My Favorite Color is Teal (by B.K.) 2018 Sep 30
Second Guess (by B.K.) 2018 Sep 30
Of Clouds and Wow (by B.K.) 2018 Jul 17
A Weekend Wink (by B.K.) 2018 Jun 02
With Love To An Acorn Tree (by B.K.) 2018 May 22
Quote about Love (by Tolstoy) 2018 May 09
A Poem A Day (by B.K.) 2018 May 09
         Keeps the booger bears away..ha
Just A Poem (by B.K.) 2018 May 08
         I've been watching this great New Zealand series called "800Words" which you can view on Acorn TV.
Dandelion Wine (by B.K.) 2018 Apr 30
         I'm tweaking some oldies
Wildlands (by B.K.) 2018 Apr 30
         From the beginning
Quotes (by B.K.) 2018 Apr 22
Quote (by B.K.) 2018 Apr 05
Cold Hard Steel (by B.K.) 2018 Mar 26
         Truth or fiction ...ha You decide
About Love (by Adrienne Rich) 2018 Feb 26
A Whole Lotta Love (by Pablo Neruda) 2018 Feb 11
         Happy Valentines Day!
The Big Weep (by B.K.) 2018 Jan 07
Quote (by Kafka) 2017 Dec 17
To Love Or Not To Love (by B.K.) 2017 Dec 13
Quotes (by B.K.) 2017 Nov 21
the dickhead mafia (by B.K.) 2017 Nov 21
Sonic Resonance (by B.K.) 2017 Oct 22
To Kiss Tom Petty (by B.K.) 2017 Oct 03
Passionately Yours (by B.K.) 2017 Aug 20
Is It Seaworthy (by B.K.) 2017 Aug 09
Dragonflies and Fire Breathing Dragons (by B.K.) 2017 Aug 08
Kisses Sauerkraut and Pickles (by B.K.) 2017 Aug 05
Axes and Periwinkles (by B.K.) 2017 Jun 28
         Guns and Roses ...Axes and Periwinkles ha
Political Ploy (by B.K.) 2017 Jun 28
         On a roll ha
Turquoise Tye Dye (by B.K.) 2017 Jun 28
         Just had to write a kissing poem..ha
Yoga With Beer (by B.K.) 2017 Jun 28
Sunset Flower Dance (by B.K.) 2017 Jun 24
She Breeze (by B.K.) 2017 May 20
Ornamental Sage (by B.K.) 2017 May 20
Quote (by B.K.) 2017 May 10
Wild Sky (by B.K.) 2017 Apr 01
Toot Soon (by B.K.) 2017 Mar 18
Quote (by B.K.) 2017 Mar 03
Ulysses (last verse) (by Alfred, Lord Tennyson) 2017 Feb 06
         I was watching a scene in Mercy St last night quoting this verse.
"Pussy Power" (by B.K.) 2017 Feb 05
Power Is Only For People Who Take It...(Mr Robot) (by B.K.) 2017 Feb 05
Crazy To Love You (by Leonard Cohen) 2017 Feb 04
         It's been a Leonard Cohen morning ha.
Did I Ever Love You (by Leonard Cohen) 2017 Feb 04
         This would make a great Country song.
Untitled (by wild moon woman) 2017 Jan 07
         Found this on the internet...wish I had written it..ha
Song Lyrics (by Leonard Cohen) 2016 Dec 14
Wild Turkey Protest (by B.K.) 2016 Nov 19
         So this is a different kind of love poem. ha Taking a back road to work to cut off traffic I run into a band of wild turkeys almost daily that cross the road all together in protest..ha
Quote (by B.K.) 2016 Nov 15
The Outcome (by B.K.) 2016 Nov 14
Quote (by RIP Leonard Cohen) 2016 Nov 11
September 1, 1939 (by B.K.) 2016 Nov 11
         W.H. Auden
Mary Shelly and Shakespeare for Halloween! (by Shelly and Shakespeare ) 2016 Oct 31
Quotes (by Patti Smith) 2016 Oct 23
Haunted House (by B.K.) 2016 Oct 22
         (a true story)
Love Quotes (by B.K.) 2016 Oct 03
Latitude (by B.K.) 2016 Sep 24
Skittles (by B.K.) 2016 Sep 21
Love Quotes (by B.K.) 2016 Sep 17
Quote and Comics (by B.K.) 2016 Sep 10
         15 Comics on Long Term Relationships
Love Quotes and Interview (by John Lennon and Yoko Ono) 2016 Sep 03
Bad Boys Need Their Due (by B.K.) 2016 Aug 30
Universal Laser Burn (by B.K.) 2016 Aug 27
Love Quote (by B.K.) 2016 Aug 26
Love Quotes (by Dorothy Parker) 2016 Aug 22
(Your Picture Here) (by B.K.) 2016 Aug 20
Love Quotes (by Charles Bukowski) 2016 Aug 16
Lightning To Ground (by B.K.) 2016 Aug 13
Quote (by A S Bryant ) 2016 Aug 11
Quote (by Edith Wharton) 2016 Aug 11
Wonky Heart (by B.K.) 2016 Aug 11
Nitrous oxide (by B.K.) 2016 Aug 09
         What oral surgery is not cracked up to be.
Quote (by unknown) 2016 Aug 09
Love Quote (by Eckhart Tolle) 2016 Aug 07
When You Are Old (by W B Yeats) 2016 Jul 25
The Corner Diary (by B.K.) 2016 Jul 16
         once upon a time in the early 70's
5. Let’s Live and Love: to Lesbia (by Catullus) 2016 Jul 11
         Part of this poem was in the "Outlander," last episode of the season. So I had to look it up. Y'all know how much I love kissing poems.
Hey Bee Charmer (by B.K.) 2016 Jul 03
"A Matter of Trust" (by Billy Joel) 2016 Jul 03
         Great Song!
New Moon in Cancer (by B.K.) 2016 Jul 02
Alpenglow (by B.K.) 2016 Jul 01
Big Sloppy Kisses and Other Perilous Lies (by B.K.) 2016 Jun 30
Night Shadow (by B.K.) 2016 Jun 25
         A work in progress (needs another verse and chorus ha)
Tasmanian Tango (by B.K.) 2016 Jun 22
Love Quotes (by B.K.) 2016 Jun 18
Humanity Died (by B.K.) 2016 Jun 07
Quote (by Simone de Beauvoir) 2016 May 14
Blame It All On the Stars (by B.K.) 2016 May 14
This Element Called Romance (by B.K.) 2016 May 04
         From the Vault
Making Purple Rain (by B.K.) 2016 May 03
Lapis On A Trapise (by B.K.) 2016 Apr 27
the art of wooing (by B.K.) 2016 Apr 27
Jaw Cracking Facts (by B.K.) 2016 Apr 20
         Had to fix it
A Little Chaos Please (by B.K.) 2016 Apr 19
Always That Moon (by B.K.) 2016 Apr 17
         Beware the full moon this week!
If You Forget Me (by Pablo Neruda) 2016 Apr 17
         Time for some Love and Romance on the Blender.
Quotes (by B.K.) 2016 Apr 07
         from Poetry Language (Facebook)
With Love To Music City Tom (by B.K.) 2016 Apr 02
         Wildlife Love
Love Quotes (by B.K.) 2016 Mar 31
Quote (by B.K.) 2016 Mar 18
Thursday's Child Has Far To Go (by B.K.) 2016 Mar 09
         I'm actually a Tuesday's child. ha
Wup Ass Factory (by B.K.) 2016 Feb 24
Eight Inches of Frozen Snit (by B.K.) 2016 Jan 24
Love Quote (by B.K.) 2016 Jan 22
Snowed In Zen (by B.K.) 2016 Jan 22
Winter Dance Card (by B.K.) 2016 Jan 07
This Birds Shoes (by B.K.) 2015 Oct 15
         From the Vault
Quote (by Thich Nhat Hahn! ) 2015 Oct 11
Quotes (by Anias Nin) 2015 Oct 04
Words of Wisdom, Love (by Don Miguel Ruiz) 2015 Sep 19
Quote (by Boris Pasternak) 2015 Sep 18
         From Dr Zhivago
K'anchaq sonqo - Heart of light (by K'anchaq sonqo ) 2015 Sep 14
         One of my favorite Facebook pages
You Would Have Approved (by B.K.) 2015 Aug 30
         no explanations needed
Man From U.N.C.L.E (by B.K.) 2015 Aug 16
         The movie was 60's fun!
Love Quote (by Annie Oakley) 2015 Aug 13
Quote (by B.K.) 2015 Aug 08
Quote (by B.K.) 2015 Aug 01
A Lovers Tea (by B.K.) 2015 Aug 01
         From the vault
Blue Moon (by B.K.) 2015 Jul 31
On Line Wedding and Divorce (by B.K.) 2015 Jul 26
Jealous Heart (by B.K.) 2015 Jul 22
How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away (by Dan Hicks) 2015 Jul 11
Flumadiddle (by B.K.) 2015 Jul 11
Quote (by William Shakespeare) 2015 Jul 09
         Straight from WS
Quote (by Osho) 2015 Jul 09
epiphany (by B.K.) 2015 Jul 07
         things that go bump at 2am
Dear Wolfman (by B.K.) 2015 Jul 01
         The moon is red, almost full and keeping me awake tonight
Currey Road Sunday (by B.K.) 2015 Jul 01
         Nashville real estate has gone bonkers.
Quote (by Osho) 2015 Jun 27
Deer Crossing (by B.K.) 2015 Jun 20
The Seams of Dreams (by B.K.) 2015 Jun 13
         One of my favorites ...from the vault.
About Love (by Tolstoy) 2015 Jun 03
Love Slanted/Sideways Love (by B.K.) 2015 May 30
Palindrome (by B.K.) 2015 May 16
         "Mad Max" was great for creative thought
Reason One Why (by B.K.) 2015 Apr 29
         Truth or fiction?
Prelude to A Wedded Hiss (by B.K.) 2015 Apr 26
         This one is true.
His Wedding Vows (by Chrisom) 2015 Apr 25
The April Fool (by B.K.) 2015 Apr 01
         Happy Spring Feast Everyone!
You and I (by Leonard Nimoy) 2015 Feb 28
From Love Letters (by Nabokov) 2015 Feb 24
         Nabokov's passionate, unbelievably beautiful love letters to his wife
Quote (by Emily Dickinson) 2015 Feb 22
Quote (by Haruki Murakami) 2015 Feb 14
Quote (by John Lennon) 2015 Feb 08
Quote (by B.K.) 2014 Dec 10
Quote (by B.K.) 2014 Nov 01
Warts and All (by B.K.) 2014 Oct 26
Dear Sparky (by B.K.) 2014 Oct 24
Quote (by B.K.) 2014 Oct 24
Soothsayer (by B.K.) 2014 Oct 04
Dear Machiavelli (by B.K.) 2014 Sep 04
One Fell Swoop (Words by Shakespeare) (by B.K.) 2014 Aug 30
Sanctimonious (Words by Shakespeare ) (by B.K.) 2014 Aug 29
Quote (by Deepak Chopra) 2014 Aug 29
Prima Dilemma (by B.K.) 2014 Aug 08
Quotes (by B.K.) 2014 Aug 06
Love Letter (by Jacqueline Lee Bouvier ) 2014 Jul 29
Love Quotes (by B.K.) 2014 Jul 27
More Quotes (by B.K.) 2014 Jun 29
The Writing's on the Wall (by OK Go) 2014 Jun 22
Still Primitive After All These Years (by B.K.) 2014 Jun 21
What is Love? (by B.K.) 2014 Jun 19
The First Customer of the Day (by B.K.) 2014 Jun 04
         Funny what a cup of morning coffee can bring out..ha
Land of Enchantment (by B.K.) 2014 May 24
         Listening to Deuter~ Land of Enchantment
Quotes (by B.K.) 2014 May 14
Untitled (by B.K.) 2014 May 11
Buzzcut... Eclipse of the Sun (by B.K.) 2014 Apr 29
         Wired has a live feed...I posted the link.
Quotes (by B.K.) 2014 Apr 24
A Poem and Quotes (by B.K.) 2014 Apr 15
Commercial Appeal (by B.K.) 2014 Apr 06
         When you fell from heaven did it hurt? (I love it!)
Quote (by B.K.) 2014 Apr 02
April Fools (by B.K.) 2014 Apr 01
         Quotes for this beautiful day!
Quotes (by B.K.) 2014 Mar 24
The Gypsy's Wife (by Leonard Cohen) 2014 Mar 23
         Great old video and music is superb
Quote (by Fyodor Dostoyevsky) 2014 Mar 18
A Toast To Love (by B.K.) 2014 Mar 16
Snow Moon (by B.K.) 2014 Feb 15
         American Indians called it the Hunger Moon. I guess provisions must have started to run out in February
The Moon Song (by B.K.) 2014 Feb 13
         Conway Twitty sings.. I don't know a thing about love
Love Quotes for Valentine's Day (by B.K.) 2014 Feb 11
         Happy Valentine's Day Y'all
Smiling Faces Sometimes Don't Tell The Truth (by B.K.) 2014 Feb 04
Quote (by B.K.) 2014 Jan 22
Quote from an old Love Letter (by me) 2014 Jan 21
Recitation (by Leonard Cohen) 2013 Dec 31
         Hope you all Have A Wonderful New Year! That it brings us all a lot of new poetry to write and read.
Quote (by Rumi) 2013 Dec 10
Quote (by Kahlil Gibran) 2013 Nov 12
Quote (article from the Paris Review) (by John Steinbeck) 2013 Nov 10
         Boy does he have this right!
Untitled (by B.K.) 2013 Nov 03
The Monster Mash (by B.K.) 2013 Oct 31
         Happy Halloween Y'all
Quote (by Charles Dickens) 2013 Oct 22
Everybody's Crying Mercy (by Mose Allison) 2013 Oct 05
         Bonnie Raitt sings
I Love You (The Marx Bros) (by B.K.) 2013 Oct 04
Great Balls of Fire (YouTube) (by B.K.) 2013 Oct 04
         Lets heat up the page...From the movie
A Love Song from YouTube (by B.K.) 2013 Sep 25
         You have to see this!
You and I (by Sung by Michael Buble ) 2013 Sep 21
         Blame it on the moon haa
Midnight Cup of Wine (by B.K.) 2013 Sep 18
Love Quote (by Toni Morrison) 2013 Sep 17
Love Quote (by Edwidge Danticat) 2013 Sep 17
Untitled (by Emily Dickinson) 2013 Sep 17
Quote (by Emmet Fox) 2013 Sep 10
The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock (by T.S. Eliot) 2013 Sep 09
         As read by Anthony Hopkins
What Does the Fox say? (by Ylvis ) 2013 Sep 08
         This is great!
Hot Rise (by B.K.) 2013 Sep 06
Love Junkie (by B.K.) 2013 Sep 02
Quote (by Seamus Heaney) 2013 Sep 02
         Seamus Heaney dies aged 74
Time of the Season (by The Zombies) 2013 Aug 27
Going To California (by Led Zeppelin ) 2013 Aug 17
         I love Led Zeppelin
Safety Net (by B.K.) 2013 Aug 17
Love and Baseball (by B.K.) 2013 Aug 14
Love Quote (by B.K.) 2013 Aug 13
         Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Pretty In Pink (by B.K.) 2013 Aug 07
Ring of Fire (by Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash and Merle Kilgore) 2013 Aug 06
         Done rockabilly style by Dwight Yoakam
"Don't Feed The Bears!" (by B.K.) 2013 Jul 31
Doing It In The Road (by B.K.) 2013 Jul 23
         This is what too much rain does to your brain ha.
Why Don't We Do It In The Road! (by The Beatles ) 2013 Jul 22
         You tube
Strike (by B.K.) 2013 Jun 29
Whoopie! (by B.K.) 2013 Jun 25
Here I Am (by Lyle Lovett) 2013 Jun 19
Moon Symphony (by B.K.) 2013 Jun 11
Perchance (by B.K.) 2013 Jun 08
I Knew it! (by B.K.) 2013 Jun 04
Kisses of Yore (by B.K.) 2013 May 29
Self Inflicted Swag (by B.K.) 2013 May 05
         Happy Cinco De Mayo.!
Not Alone (by Video) 2013 May 01
         The singer is the son of Carly Simon and James Taylor
We're Not The Jet Set (by George Jones and Tammy Wynette) 2013 Apr 26
         RIP George Jones
Ah Sweet Mystery (by B.K.) 2013 Apr 17
         The answer to OkGo's Wanting and Needing
Hot Cross Buns (by B.K.) 2013 Mar 28
         A little history with the poetry.
Green Beer Burps (by B.K.) 2013 Mar 17
         Big Smile! (No beer just a little whine)
With All My Love and Armed Flying Monkeys (by B.K.) 2013 Mar 06
Let There Be Fricking Light! (by B.K.) 2013 Mar 05
         A bump to CM's "You"
Slugs Arrows and Semi Automatic Weapons (by B.K.) 2013 Mar 04
Ghosts That We Knew (by B.K.) 2013 Feb 17
         Some great poetry. Mumford and Sons (check them out).
Casablanca Sleepwalking (by B.K.) 2013 Feb 17
Flash Bam Shit Rash (by B.K.) 2013 Feb 17
BoomBoomBoomBoom (by B.K.) 2013 Feb 14
         Happy Valentine's Day Y'all
Quote (by B.K.) 2013 Jan 27
         By Virginia Wolf
My Bloody Valentine (by B.K.) 2013 Jan 24
         poetic snark!
Mad ~ Love (by B.K.) 2013 Jan 20
         I have four orchids blooming for winter wonderful. The secret is epsom salt.
Epiphany (by B.K.) 2013 Jan 09
Stairway To Heaven (by Led Zeplin) 2013 Jan 05
         Led Zeplin song done by Heart! Incredible Must See turn up the speakers!
Cheesecake~ (by B.K.) 2013 Jan 01
Quote (by Rumi) 2012 Dec 13
A Girl Who Reads (by B.K.) 2012 Dec 02
         Great Love Poem by Mark Grist!
Try (by B.K.) 2012 Nov 30
         Pink is awesome!
Quote (by B.K.) 2012 Nov 29
Santana (by B.K.) 2012 Nov 22
         Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!
The Origin of Love (by Mika) 2012 Nov 17
         I just found this song on Spotify...I love it
Untitled (by B.K.) 2012 Nov 16
Evolution & Stardust (by B.K.) 2012 Nov 14
Connect the Dots (by B.K.) 2012 Nov 13
Move Over Beethoven (by B.K.) 2012 Nov 12
SunUp! (by B.K.) 2012 Nov 08
Rock The Vote Obama! (by B.K.) 2012 Nov 03
         This is a different kind of LOVE!
Words (I Love You!) (by B.K.) 2012 Oct 31
         Happy Halloween Y'all!
These Boots Are Made For Walking (by B.K.) 2012 Oct 27
         Then and Now (wow)
Old Crow Medicine Show (Rock Me) (by B.K.) 2012 Oct 27
Mona Mona Mona (by B.K.) 2012 Oct 26
Love Quote (by B.K.) 2012 Oct 21
Candy Corn Curses (by B.K.) 2012 Oct 21
Two Limericks (by B.K.) 2012 Oct 14
Poem (by Hafiz) 2012 Oct 06
         (a Persian poem of the 1300s)
Lunatic Fringe! (by B.K.) 2012 Sep 30
         Full moon again tonight (I'll try to get a new snap)
Aliens Love and Shingles (by B.K.) 2012 Sep 20
Paris (by Edith Piaf) 2012 Sep 19
Till Those Ten Naked Twinkle Toes Unwind! (by B.K.) 2012 Sep 15
Love Quote (by B.K.) 2012 Sep 15
         found on facebook
Sarsaparilla (by B.K.) 2012 Sep 11
Untitled (by B.K.) 2012 Sep 03
Blue Moon Muffins (by B.K.) 2012 Sep 01
         First one on the page!
A Shadow Around the Moon (by B.K.) 2012 Aug 29
Resistible Resonance Rivalry (by B.K.) 2012 Aug 25
         By the way Bose is the best!
If Only We Had Taller Been (by Ray Brabrury) 2012 Aug 22
         This is too wonderful not to share!
The Bird Brain News (by B.K.) 2012 Aug 21
Poem (by B.K.) 2012 Aug 18
         From a 92 year old Senior!
A Wide Angle View (by B.K.) 2012 Aug 18
A Fool Such As I (The 35th Anniversary of Missing Elvis!) (by B.K.) 2012 Aug 16
What Happens in Vegas Doesn't Always Stay In Vegas (by B.K.) 2012 Aug 13
         I just added three more lines haa It's a work in progress.
Oh Promise Me! (by B.K.) 2012 Aug 11
Your Momma Forgot To Tell You? (by B.K.) 2012 Aug 04
Number Seven (by B.K.) 2012 Aug 02
Variation on a Theme (by B.K.) 2012 Jul 29
Happy Mayan New Years Eve! (by B.K.) 2012 Jul 25
A Love Focus (by B.K.) 2012 Jul 22
Love Quote (by e e cummings) 2012 Jul 19
Bad Things (by B.K.) 2012 Jul 17
         Jace Everett sings it
Love Quote (by B.K.) 2012 Jul 16
Slightly Warped Snickerdoodles (by B.K.) 2012 Jul 16
Friggatriskaidekaphobia (by B.K.) 2012 Jul 14
         With a poem by Tagore
Untitled (by B.K.) 2012 Jul 10
         A new word I heard on NPR today
Fishing in the Sign of Cancer (by B.K.) 2012 Jul 07
Fortune Cookie (by B.K.) 2012 Jul 06
Happy 4th of July Y'all~ (by B.K.) 2012 Jul 04
The Golden State (by by John Doe ) 2012 Jul 01
         For William Free (ran across this on spotify)
Wonder Thunder (by B.K.) 2012 Jul 01
         Not a cloud in the sky....sigh!
First One On The Page! (by B.K.) 2012 Jul 01
         Hot and Dry...anyone for a sauna?
Too Damn Hot! (by B.K.) 2012 Jun 28
         Anyone want to do a rain dance with's too hot!
Traitors Gate (by B.K.) 2012 Jun 27
         This is a bit of a bump to William Free's Don't Stop Yet..A bump being that something about that poem prompted this one.
True Love Eye Test Chart (by B.K.) 2012 Jun 24
         For my neighbor Mary who went to assisted living yesterday.
Swoon Time (by B.K.) 2012 Jun 19
Neon Hibiscus with poem (by B.K.) 2012 Jun 16
         Looks like I am on a writing jag this month,
~Don't Tread on Me!~ (by B.K.) 2012 Jun 13
Whistling Dixie Therapy! (by B.K.) 2012 Jun 11
Crown and Sword (by B.K.) 2012 Jun 10
A Storm Trooper's Boots (by B.K.) 2012 Jun 10
Hibiscus Pie (with a little blue pansy) (by B.K.) 2012 Jun 02
Love is Carrots and Beets (by B.K.) 2012 May 25
Love Quote (by B.K.) 2012 May 25
Ode To May (by B.K.) 2012 May 19
Syncopated Smooch Spit (by B.K.) 2012 May 15
         What happens after midnight when one cannot sleep ha
To All The Moms! (by B.K.) 2012 May 12
See Thru Kiss (by B.K.) 2012 May 12
         For the kissing thingy!
Save The World (by B.K.) 2012 May 06
         There's a Corgi in this video...
Waiting On The Moon! (by B.K.) 2012 May 06
Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (by B.K.) 2012 Apr 27
         Dean Martin sings
Love Quote (by ~Oscar Wilde.) 2012 Mar 24
True Love Hack and Spark (by B.K.) 2012 Mar 05
         Disclaimer..This is purely imaginative...I don't dream like this
To You and Rush (by B.K.) 2012 Mar 05
Swamp Juice (by B.K.) 2012 Mar 01
         A work in progress (have to find a picture ha)
A Lovers Eye (by B.K.) 2012 Feb 27
         I was reading an article in Vanity Fair about lovers eye charms from the 1700's.
I'll Fly Away (by B.K.) 2012 Feb 18
         A Tennessee goodbye to Whitney Houston sung by Johnny Cash
Kisseroo (by B.K.) 2012 Feb 14
         Happy Valentine's Day Everybody!
Goose Down Fight (by B.K.) 2012 Feb 13
         From the Vault
A Poem for Valentine's Day (by e e cummings) 2012 Feb 11
A Belated Valentine (by B.K.) 2012 Feb 11
Potroast With Wine (by B.K.) 2012 Feb 11
Moon Motion (by B.K.) 2012 Feb 04
         I'm still obsessing with sky haha
Obsessed With Sky (by B.K.) 2012 Feb 01
         An early Valentine
Five Minutes of Sunshine (by B.K.) 2012 Feb 01
Deuter : East of the Full Moon (by B.K.) 2012 Jan 29
         Listening to Deuter now
Where's Tammy Wynette when you need her? (by Kellie Pickler) 2012 Jan 26
         This is so great...I love it!
Winter Willies (by B.K.) 2012 Jan 21
         This is National Mental Health Week.. In gloomy ole winter I understand why!.
You and I (by Lady GaGa) 2012 Jan 14
         Wow....could be a country cross over haaaa
Liquid Sunshine (by B.K.) 2012 Jan 14
         I was listening to Tony Bennett writing this ha.
Love Quote (by Frank Zappa) 2012 Jan 13
You're the Top (by Cole Porter) 2012 Jan 07
         Lyrics i've never really paid much attention to...fantastic!
Julie London - Desafinado (Slightly Out Of Tune) (by B.K.) 2012 Jan 01
         Happy New Year Everyone!
Happy Holidays Y'all (by B.K.) 2011 Dec 23
My Darlin Sweetie Pie (by B.K.) 2011 Dec 21
         One of my long time favs from 2003
Quotes on Love and Hate (by B.K.) 2011 Dec 19
         The opposite of love is not hate but indifference!
A Christmas Treat (by B.K.) 2011 Dec 17
PSS...Santa says I love you too (by B.K.) 2011 Dec 15
Love Quote (by Rumi) 2011 Nov 26
Match Box Magic For Two (by B.K.) 2011 Nov 21
         Tweaked from the vault with fresh frosted mums ha
Slap Base Kiss (by B.K.) 2011 Oct 29
A Cloud Scene For Almost All Hallows Eve (by B.K.) 2011 Oct 27
         I'm playing in the clouds again..haa
Seal Skin Surrender (by B.K.) 2011 Sep 25
         This poem is not anything new, but the picture was made today. I was planting pansies today and this one was mugging for me
DESIDERATA (by Max Ehrmann) 2011 Sep 11
         A poem sent to the Captain from Rennie
~Bugged~ (by B.K.) 2011 Sep 04
         click the picture and look at that bug's eyes.
Love Quote (by B.K.) 2011 Sep 03
         Retwittered from twitter ha
For Rennie RIP (by B.K.) 2011 Aug 31
Movie Quotes from Midnight in Paris (by Woody Allen) 2011 Aug 29
         Fantastic movie
I'm Perfection = IMPERFECTION (by Rennie Lorca) 2011 Aug 28
         The Capt sent me this, he said it was one of his favorites.
The Cold Within (by James Patrick Kinney) 2011 Aug 13
         Seems fitting to these times.
What Are Words (by Chris Medina) 2011 Aug 10
Watercolor Sky (by B.K.) 2011 Aug 07
         It's rumbling out there again....
Traveling Light (by J.J. Cale) 2011 Jul 31
         One of my long time favs
Fly Me To The Moon (by Tony Bennett sings) 2011 Jul 29
         You tube
Clint Eastwood (by Brad Paisley) 2011 Jul 28
         Clint Eastwood whistles on this it's great!
I Never Knew Love Could Be Like This (by They Might Be Giants) 2011 Jul 28
         So Cute!
A Captive Cry (by B.K.) 2011 Jul 27
         Addicted to must try! (check out the stamen shadow)
Love Her Like She's Leaving (by Brad Paisley) 2011 Jul 25
         I found this on my sisters facebook this morning.
You Don't Love Me (by B.K.) 2011 Jul 19
         Allman Brothers Band
Hibiscus and Blackberry Pie (by B.K.) 2011 Jul 11
         It's too hot outside!
Waiting For An Ace (by B.K.) 2011 Jul 04
Vroom Vroom.......Love (by B.K.) 2011 Jul 02
         Bumping "You Deserve Better"
The Sky's The Limit (by B.K.) 2011 Jun 25
Poetry Man (by Phoebe Snow Singing) 2011 Jun 22
         Phoebe Snow died in April..She is a great jazz singer
Timeless Teacakes With Weather (by B.K.) 2011 Jun 20
         I took the first snap and then turned around and wow! What a sky scene
Whoever You Are (by B.K.) 2011 Jun 14
         A bump to Wolfscreamer (my version)
Racing the Storm (by B.K.) 2011 Jun 13
         Picture to come soon
Oh My Is That Ever Right! (by B.K.) 2011 Jun 11
Love Quotes (by B.K.) 2011 Jun 10
June Bug Love (by B.K.) 2011 Jun 06
         A Tweaked Oldie with Collage
Neuron Finger Foods (by B.K.) 2011 May 18
         Ya'll know how much I love kissing poems
Full Moon Brain Drain (by B.K.) 2011 May 17
         It's cloudy here tonight so this is last month or so when the moon was supposed to be larger than usual.
Love Quotes (by B.K.) 2011 May 12
quote (by Bob Marley) 2011 May 11
"Don't Tread On Me" (by B.K.) 2011 May 02
In Memory of Diana and For Will and Kate (by B.K.) 2011 Apr 29
         On the Ocassion of the Royal Wedding
You Must Obey the Corgi! (by B.K.) 2011 Apr 25
         Easter flowers and my Corgi
Athena Goddess of Wisdom (by B.K.) 2010 Sep 25
         It's 2am...Dear Daffy...Let Me Sleep!
Morning Glory Vine (by B.K.) 2010 Sep 06
         From the vault revised
To Where We Once Let Go (by B.K.) 2010 Sep 05
Every Time You Sigh (by B.K.) 2010 Sep 04
         From the vault with Moth Orchids
Nostalgia (by B.K.) 2010 Sep 04
         Bumping Wolfscreamers.
A Pale Shade (by B.K.) 2010 Sep 02
         From the vault with moth orchids I've become obsessed with
Kissing Quotes and Honolulu Rainbow (by B.K.) 2010 Aug 23
Cosmic Kisses (by B.K.) 2010 Aug 22
         From the vault revised for the kissing poetry contest
All Shook Up and Addicted to Love (by B.K.) 2010 Aug 21
         This is an Elvis Tune done by Robert Palmer Then one of his keep the kissy face contest going.
Cool Counted Kisses (by B.K.) 2010 Aug 17
Kissing Instructions (by B.K.) 2010 Aug 16
         From the Vault
Kiss Me Sugar Lips! (by B.K.) 2010 Aug 16
         Edmundo and I'm just him started the kissy face poems so here's the challenge ya'll...go for it!
"Stop Stop Stop" and "The Air That I Breathe" (by B.K.) 2010 Aug 14
         The Hollies are fantastic!
Love Quote From A T-Shirt (by B.K.) 2010 Jul 24
(Rewind Replay) (by B.K.) 2010 Jul 17
         This is a work in progress so changes will be made.
Mimosa Blush (by B.K.) 2010 Jul 10
         Look at this cute little dumpling all dressed up.
Testing My Rusty Songwriting (by B.K.) 2010 Jul 07
         Listening to JJ Cale took me back so this is kind of different for me.
My Baby and Me (by Lyrics and Music by JJ Cale) 2010 Jul 07
         A bump to wolfscreamer (A Little Blues Rock with JJCale)
True Blue Love Rations (by B.K.) 2010 Jul 04
         My house and yard flowers in a photo/poetry card for Kirk and Ambers housewarming.
A Brand New Day (by Sting ) 2010 Jul 02
         Great Song and Excellent Lyrics by Sting
A Watercolor Rose (by B.K.) 2010 Jun 23
         Original by me with recycled poetry
The Glory of True Love (by B.K.) 2010 Jun 13
         John Prine was at Bonnaroo here in TN (70,000 People) You can steam it on NPR
A Prayer For the Gulf of Mexico (by B.K.) 2010 Jun 13
         I'm asking for your prayers on a daily basis until it stops.
A Kissing Poem (by B.K.) 2010 May 22
         (with hibiscus)
Bearded Iris With Quote (by B.K.) 2010 May 14
         Snap by me
Magnificent Magnolia (by B.K.) 2010 May 14
         With poem
Love Quote (by B.K.) 2010 May 03
First Rose of Spring (by B.K.) 2010 Apr 23
         The roses are a little early this year.
Poetry with Blooming Vivaldi (by B.K.) 2010 Apr 18
         Reworked poetry
Love Mosaics (by B.K.) 2010 Apr 14
Digital Love Sounds (by B.K.) 2010 Apr 10
         Reworked with snap
Blooming Love (by B.K.) 2010 Apr 05
Spring-A-MaJig~ (by B.K.) 2010 Mar 31
         An oldie with snaps
It's Almost Easter (by B.K.) 2010 Mar 27
         Get out the JellyBeans!
Orchids and Love Quotes by Ray Bradbury (by B.K.) 2010 Mar 23
         My orchids are blooming again
St Patricks Day Love Quotes (by B.K.) 2010 Mar 16
         More than just love quotes..Happy St Patricks Day Ya'll!
Whispers and Cries (by B.K.) 2010 Mar 16
         Back to the beginning.
Salt and Sugar Power (by B.K.) 2010 Mar 14
         an oldie
Quotes and Union Station (by B.K.) 2010 Mar 14
Rainy Day Daylight Savings Time Tune (by B.K.) 2010 Mar 14
Untitled (by B.K.) 2010 Mar 09
Quack (by B.K.) 2010 Mar 07
Peace...Not War! (by B.K.) 2010 Mar 07
         Marfell your words always touch my heart.
Beware Of The Man With Elbow Patches (by B.K.) 2010 Mar 04
Song Lyrics (by Neil Young) 2010 Feb 28
         Picture by bk
Quote (by B.K.) 2010 Feb 14
         A Befitting Valentines Day Quote
Lipswitch (by B.K.) 2010 Feb 13
         Happy Valentines Day To All
In Spite Of Ourselves (by John Prine) 2010 Feb 13
         This says it all! (An Early Valentines Day Present!)
Hard Headed Woman, Breathless, Mean Woman Blues and Blue Suede Shoes (by B.K.) 2010 Feb 06
         For Rens and all the hard headed women out there!
Snowbird (by B.K.) 2010 Feb 04
Great Lines From Old Movies (by B.K.) 2010 Jan 30
         You Tube
Reflections (by B.K.) 2010 Jan 27
Happy Hump Day Ya'll (by B.K.) 2010 Jan 27
Turn On Your Love Light! (by B.K.) 2010 Jan 19
         From the vault
Clue (by B.K.) 2010 Jan 18
Bellydancer On A Racetrack! (by B.K.) 2010 Jan 16
         With Love Quote
Stuck (by B.K.) 2010 Jan 12
Drifting (by B.K.) 2010 Jan 09
         Oldie with snow snap
A Cold Tennessee Dawn (by B.K.) 2010 Jan 03
         Photo taken from the Poop Deck ha
Love Quotes (by B.K.) 2010 Jan 01
         Sleeping on a board I find a bit much, but the quote was interesting anyway..
Quote (by B.K.) 2009 Dec 30
He's Everywhere!" (by B.K.) 2009 Dec 24
         Merry Christmas Everyone!
Ornament Dance (by B.K.) 2009 Dec 20
         Another favorite Christmas Poem
My Darlin Sweetie Pie (by B.K.) 2009 Dec 20
         One of My Christmas Favorites
Life's Paddle-Boat; Love (by B.K.) 2009 Dec 19
         a bump to beginagain
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas (by B.K.) 2009 Dec 16
         Tree picture with Love Quote
Sailing (by B.K.) 2009 Dec 11
         Radco Christmas ornament with poetry (my newest toy haa)
You Better Not Pout (by B.K.) 2009 Dec 05
         An Oldie with photo
"Fire!" (by B.K.) 2009 Dec 01
         The fireplace has been cozy with cold setting in.
Thankful 2009 (by B.K.) 2009 Nov 26
         Gobble Gobble (Happy Turkey Day!) Chop Chop
You See Through Me (by B.K.) 2009 Nov 22
Whispering Through the Dark (by B.K.) 2009 Nov 12
         A tweaked oldie with a Hubble snap
Maybe I'm Amazed (by B.K.) 2009 Nov 08
         Paul McCartney song sung by Jem
Inspiration at Three AM (by B.K.) 2009 Nov 06
         Thanks for the inspiration i'm just him...
Lotus (by B.K.) 2009 Nov 04
         Poem by me (youtube music by Secret Garden)
The Last Rose Of Autumn (by B.K.) 2009 Nov 03
         Fall is full swing and flowers dwindle and freeze (starting tonight)
Quote (by B.K.) 2009 Oct 27
Wild Thing Starring Vlobb The Boglin (by B.K.) 2009 Oct 25
         Happy Halloween (a little early Ya'll) I changed it and will have a poem to go with it before Halloween
Banked (by B.K.) 2009 Sep 07
         I wrote the poem this morning and these are yesterdays clouds combo.
Wildlands (by B.K.) 2009 Sep 06
         I'm going to take a break from the computer for a few months. I'll see you guys when I get back....take care.
Right String Baby But The Wrong Yo-yo (by B.K.) 2009 Sep 05
         Great Carl Perkins song With a little bootleg Beatles fun
The Essence of A Rose (by B.K.) 2009 Sep 02
(Power To The Rose Petal!) (by B.K.) 2009 Aug 29
         See it's little fist sticking up! haa
Tattooed (by B.K.) 2009 Aug 24
         In a rare mood tonight....ha (an oldie)
Orchid with A Stephen King Quote (by B.K.) 2009 Aug 23
Dog Days of Summer (Sultry Sunday) (by B.K.) 2009 Aug 16
         This was one of my first poems here....
Snowflake and the General (by B.K.) 2009 Aug 14
Quote and Leopardskin Jasper (by B.K.) 2009 Aug 13
Metal and Lace (by B.K.) 2009 Aug 09
         bk snap and vintage poetry
~Dance~Dance~Dance~ (by B.K.) 2009 Jul 29
         I wrote the last line of this on a blog last night (that inspired this poem)
Untitled (by B.K.) 2009 Jul 26
Combustable Earthly Zen (by B.K.) 2009 Jul 26
         My favorite coral rose
Picture~Quote (by B.K.) 2009 Jul 26
         I love Ray Bradbury
Love Quote~ (by B.K.) 2009 Jul 21
"Think Romance! (by B.K.) 2009 Jul 20
         My flowers and vintage poetry
Thursday Evening Tazo Tea (by B.K.) 2009 Jul 16
         Vintage poem and a little mushroom magic
Made Fresh Daily (by B.K.) 2009 Jul 13
         Picture cooking and poetry all by me
Love Quote and~Einstein ~(My Corgi)~ (by B.K.) 2009 Jul 12
Is Time A Tinkertoy Bliss (by B.K.) 2009 Jul 11
Just Fiddling (by B.K.) 2009 Jul 09
         Fresh Peaches and Blueberry Cobbler with Cinnamon Heart
Simple Grace (by B.K.) 2009 Jul 06
         This window in reality is huge and was designed by my friend for her master bathroom. You should see it with the sunlight streaming through. It is breathtaking.
Synchronicity (by B.K.) 2009 Jul 03
         Happy 4h of July
Fusion (by B.K.) 2009 Jun 30
         Revamped a little differently
~Clematis Lattice and A Love Poem~ (by B.K.) 2009 Jun 27
Love Quote (by B.K.) 2009 Jun 24 (it's awesome)
Sunset Shadows (by B.K.) 2009 Jun 20
         I took this picture this evening while walking Einstein. It looks like a Maxfield Parrish sky to me.
Love~Quote (by B.K.) 2009 Jun 18
Magnolias and Love Poetry (by B.K.) 2009 Jun 15
Together We Will Catch the Sun (by B.K.) 2009 Jun 12
         The painting is hanging beside me the words vintage bk
Magnolia with Coral Rose and A Love Quote (by B.K.) 2009 Jun 11
         For beginagain.. a bump to... "Keep Me In Your Heart"
Vintage bk (by B.K.) 2009 Jun 09
         Photo and Poetry by bk (ice cream by Bobbie's)
Vintage bk (by B.K.) 2009 May 28
Love Quotes~ (by B.K.) 2009 May 27
Memorial Day 2009 (by B.K.) 2009 May 25
         In honor of all that have given their lives to protect our freedom.
Dandelion Wine (by B.K.) 2009 May 17
~Quote (Rain Rain Go Away) (by B.K.) 2009 May 16
Quote~ (by B.K.) 2009 May 15
Quote ~ (by B.K.) 2009 May 14
         My Begonias are Saucer Sized
Vintage bk (by B.K.) 2009 May 14
         I figured it out Jack. My peach Iris picture taken today.
White Iris and Love Quotes (by B.K.) 2009 May 06
         I love the E.E. Cummings quote!
A Blush of Dawn (by B.K.) 2009 May 01
         Photography done by me too!
To Tenderness (by B.K.) 2009 Apr 28
         Another one of my favorites
Quote (by B.K.) 2009 Apr 28
Love is Not for Sissies (by B.K.) 2009 Apr 26
A Time To Plant (by B.K.) 2009 Apr 23
Quote (by B.K.) 2009 Apr 21
Quotes (by B.K.) 2009 Apr 21
From the Vault (by B.K.) 2009 Mar 31
         Another favorite
For Love of Corgis (A Tribute) (by B.K.) 2009 Mar 28
         It's been raining for days..glum so I'm going shopping and to lunch.
An Oldie But Goodie (by B.K.) 2009 Mar 23
Quote (by B.K.) 2009 Mar 22
~Spring Fling~ (by B.K.) 2009 Mar 21
         It's Spring again! We survived another winters cold.
Quote (by B.K.) 2009 Mar 19
Quote 2009 Mar 18
         Ok so I'll post a few quotes till I can make the muse happy.
Quote by Me! (by B.K.) 2009 Mar 06
         I'm taking a road trip this summer...
March Roars In! (by B.K.) 2009 Mar 01
Snow-Globe (by B.K.) 2009 Mar 01
         They always say it's going to snow and it never does!
Quote (by B.K.) 2009 Feb 27
Quote (by B.K.) 2009 Feb 25
Quote (by B.K.) 2009 Feb 24
Quote (by B.K.) 2009 Feb 24
Quote (by B.K.) 2009 Feb 24
Quote (by B.K.) 2009 Feb 24
Harem's Challenge (by B.K.) 2009 Feb 22
         Not in any particular order of importance...ha
You Just Never Know! (by B.K.) 2009 Feb 19
         Artist: Dugald Bremner (cowboy silhouette)
Happy Sweethearts Day (by B.K.) 2009 Feb 14
Happy Almost Valentine's Day (by B.K.) 2009 Feb 10
         Today is Darwin's Birthday and I was watching the Nova piece on the trial in Dover which is great by the way. It inspired this somehow. ha
Valentine 2009 (by B.K.) 2009 Feb 02
         An early Valentine
Quote (by B.K.) 2009 Jan 28
Choice Quotes (by B.K.) 2009 Jan 17
Quote (by B.K.) 2009 Jan 17
         This one is fun.
Quote (by B.K.) 2009 Jan 16
Quote (by B.K.) 2009 Jan 16
In The Mood (by B.K.) 2009 Jan 10
         With a little help from Glen Miller
Quote (by B.K.) 2009 Jan 07
         If you have not seen Cyrano de Bergerac on pbs played by Kevin Kline then you must. It's wonderful!
Pass the Lip Balm Please (by B.K.) 2009 Jan 06
         You have to have the right person for kissing
Quote from Shakespeare 2009 Jan 05
         In Honor of Twelth Night...(which is tonight as in the pagan twelth night )
Baited Moon (by B.K.) 2008 Dec 26
Love and Heartache at the Chick-fil-A (by B.K.) 2008 Dec 23
Love Quotes (by B.K.) 2008 Dec 16
         Mac MacGuff from the movie "Juno"
Yowling Dogs Moonlight Shadow Dance (by B.K.) 2008 Nov 30
Snowflakes and Silver-Bells (by B.K.) 2008 Nov 29
Tender Taste and Touch Test (by B.K.) 2008 Nov 27
That Certain Look In Your Eye (by B.K.) 2008 Nov 27
~Taste~ (by B.K.) 2008 Nov 23
         One of the very first poems written for this site by me.
A View From The Hill (by B.K.) 2008 Nov 20
Superstitious (by B.K.) 2008 Nov 13
         Trying something new here...
Beaver Moon Dance (by B.K.) 2008 Nov 10
         In Colonial Times November Full Moon is called a Beaver Moon
Telepathic Grind (by B.K.) 2008 Nov 04
The Hour of The Wolf (by B.K.) 2008 Nov 04
Loves Refinery (by B.K.) 2008 Oct 24
House of Love (by B.K.) 2008 Oct 24
         Another one of my favorites
~Just Kiss Me!~ (by B.K.) 2008 Oct 18
Loves Super-Collider (by B.K.) 2008 Oct 11
White Lightning (by B.K.) 2008 Oct 10
Aces Wild (by B.K.) 2008 Oct 10
         Another favorite
Iris (by B.K.) 2008 Oct 09
         Another one of my favorites from 2005
The Art of Kissing You (by B.K.) 2008 Oct 03
         November 2000, Wow. time flies doesn't it?
The Truth Runs Through (by B.K.) 2008 Oct 03
         This is one of the first song poems I wrote for this site
The Good Witch of Tennessee (by B.K.) 2008 Sep 30
         This one is from 2002
Fog and Moonglow (by B.K.) 2008 Sep 30
         Another oldie
The Good Witch Blues (by B.K.) 2008 Sep 30
         An oldie
Another September Sunday (by B.K.) 2008 Sep 23
Intoxicating Fascination (by B.K.) 2008 Sep 20
In Full View (by B.K.) 2008 Sep 15
Just Dessert (by B.K.) 2008 Sep 13
Mercy Me! (by B.K.) 2008 Sep 09
Our Own Love Equation (by B.K.) 2008 Sep 08
Poems and Quotes about HOPE (by B.K.) 2008 Sep 04
Silk Road Whispers (by B.K.) 2008 Sep 02
Fractal Love Designs (by B.K.) 2008 Aug 30
         Boom Boom
Quote (by B.K.) 2008 Aug 30
A Touch of Love (by B.K.) 2008 Aug 26
Hang Gliding (by B.K.) 2008 Aug 19
Love Quote (by B.K.) 2008 Aug 02
Do Not Disturb (by B.K.) 2008 Jul 30
Riveted Romance (by B.K.) 2008 Jul 27
Diamond Paradise (by B.K.) 2008 Jul 25
~Timeless~ (by B.K.) 2008 Jul 23
         Marsh, thanks for the inspiration. (a bump)
A Small White Cloud in a Stormy Sky (by B.K.) 2008 Jul 22
Love Quote (by Ben Stein ) 2008 Jul 15
To Catch A Love Thief (by B.K.) 2008 Jul 15
Conscienceless Brutes (by B.K.) 2008 Jul 10
         A bump to Harrington and for all women and children that have had to endure cruelty
A Matter of Trust (by Billy Joel) 2008 Jul 02
         Putting music in my i-pod
Beaver Alert (by B.K.) 2008 Jul 01
         It does mention love ha and this is a true story with embellishments.
Mowing Grass at Sunset (by B.K.) 2008 Jun 23
Ole Strawberry Moon (by B.K.) 2008 Jun 12
         There is a Strawberry Moon nature hike at a park tonight that sparked this one.
Love Quote (by Marc Chagall) 2008 Jun 07
Dragonhearted Love Need Not Apply (by B.K.) 2008 Jun 03
         Kirk's Dragonheart and Savannah's words inspired this one.
Classical Gasp (by B.K.) 2008 May 25
Love Quote (by B.K.) 2008 May 23
Eau de Sauce (by B.K.) 2008 May 21
Movie Love Quotes (by B.K.) 2008 May 19
         I gotta stop now this is making me crazy ha
Love Quotes From Movies (by B.K.) 2008 May 19
         I'm going to have to look for this oldie but goodie. ha.
Love Quotes From Movies (by B.K.) 2008 May 19
         One more
Love Quotes (by B.K.) 2008 May 19
Love Quotes From Movies (by B.K.) 2008 May 19
Love Quote (by B.K.) 2008 May 19
Rain Again With More Love Today (by B.K.) 2008 May 14
         Guess the weather has us all caught up lately.
Ruby Roses Rumba Romance (by B.K.) 2008 May 13
Loves Global Warming (by B.K.) 2008 May 13
Twilight Peak (by B.K.) 2008 May 09
Springamajig (by B.K.) 2008 May 05
It's Got A Bellybutton (by B.K.) 2008 May 04
         It was a natural that I had to add three words to.
Oceanography of Love (by B.K.) 2008 Apr 27
A Popcorn Matinee (by B.K.) 2008 Apr 22
Revolution of Spring (by B.K.) 2008 Apr 20
Love Is A Close Contact Paradise (by B.K.) 2008 Apr 17
         Trying to write a wedding poem...this one is a starter..not there yet..
Astronomical Love Warriors (by B.K.) 2008 Apr 12
Eastre's Dawn (by B.K.) 2008 Apr 12
         The cherry tree and wild violets are blooming
Loves Earth to Space Embrace (by B.K.) 2008 Apr 11
         A bump to heartfelts "Why Do I Love Her"
Quickstep (by B.K.) 2008 Apr 09
         A blast from the past
The Perils of Spring (by B.K.) 2008 Apr 08
Love Quotes (by B.K.) 2008 Apr 05
         The latest finds
Thingy? (by B.K.) 2008 Mar 30
         (oldy but goodie tweaked)
First Rite of Spring (by B.K.) 2008 Mar 22
A Tender Map of Skin (by B.K.) 2008 Mar 19
         aparajita; I'm bumping your ebb and flow
Boolean (True or False) (by B.K.) 2008 Mar 17
         A left handed right brained love theory (Kisses Darlin)
Fickle Finger Farkle (by B.K.) 2008 Mar 12
Love Quote (by William Shakespeare) 2008 Mar 11
Love Quote (by Balzac) 2008 Mar 11
Take A Bite Out Of This Apple (by B.K.) 2008 Mar 09
Rumble Romance (by B.K.) 2008 Feb 27
To See or Be Seen (by B.K.) 2008 Feb 20
Quote (by Margaret Atwood) 2008 Feb 16
Swapping Socks With A Hippopotamus (by B.K.) 2008 Feb 15
Quotes (by B.K.) 2008 Feb 15
         I found these quotes quite interesting to go with the writing lately
Twinkle~Time (by B.K.) 2008 Feb 09
         I was going through old notebooks and found this from I think 2004. I did revamp it a bit.
Summer Romance (Winters Dream) (by B.K.) 2008 Jan 26
A Little Ditty Dim Sum (by B.K.) 2008 Jan 16
         Trying out the new system (Thanks Kirk!)
Quote (by Woody Allen) 2008 Jan 13
Quote About Love 2008 Jan 12
         Something to chew on.
Quote (by Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1849)) 2008 Jan 12
         This one is for you Kirk, knowing your love of prose
Untitled (by J.K. Rowling) 2008 Jan 10
         Love Quote
The Bottom of My Bio-Rhythms (by B.K.) 2008 Jan 05
Cosmic Cooking One on One (by B.K.) 2008 Jan 01
Mind Music 2007 Dec 29
Don't Ask Me What This Means (by B.K.) 2007 Dec 27
         Had to fix it
Don't Ask Me What This Means (by B.K.) 2007 Dec 27
For The Love Of Christmas 2007 Dec 21
In The Heat of the Sum 2007 Dec 12
Untitled 2007 Dec 04
         I've been sky walking in the wee hours (Kisses Darlin)
Eternal Love 2007 Dec 02
         From Eden to Eternity I love you my Darlin.
Pass The Peace Please 2007 Dec 02
Match Box Magic For Two 2007 Nov 27
A Lovers Rhapsody 2007 Nov 25
Sweet Love Warmed Slow 2007 Nov 25
Love Quote (by Thoreau) 2007 Nov 24
Always A Woman (by The Great Billy Joel) 2007 Nov 20
         Darwin I was walking through the grocery thinking about what you wrote when this song came on and I was singing out loud and smiling all the way. ha
Heart To Frickin Heart 2007 Nov 17
         Tweaked itl for My Darlin, Rens and the Captain and looks like i swiped your title Randy1 (with a twist)
Heart to Freaking Heart 2007 Nov 17
         For My Darlin and Rens thinking about you too.
Love Quote 2007 Nov 16
Love Quote 2007 Nov 16
On The Day You Were Born 2007 Nov 15
Reams of Midnight 2007 Nov 13
Inuit Love Quote 2007 Nov 11
         I love this one
A New Corgi Pup 2007 Nov 04
         After the death of Boz I didn't think I would want another one but here we are again
Autumn Lace 2007 Oct 16
         Kisses Darlin and My Love Always
Love Fuel (by B.K.) 2007 Oct 12
         Fix the boo boo
Simple Logic 2007 Oct 12
         Another for Mom and Dad
It's The Little Things 2007 Oct 01
         Left out a line (Now ya'll see why I love kissing poems)
It's The Little Things 2007 Oct 01
         For Mom and Dad (Thanks everyone, for all your prayers and good thoughts.)
Interpret This 2007 Sep 19
         Good Lord I'm a teenager again in my dreams
A Catch of Breath 2007 Sep 17
Untitled 2007 Sep 16
         To Catch A Tiger By Its Tail
Catch A Tiger By Its Tail 2007 Sep 15
A Slow Sweet Seduction 2007 Aug 24
I Want The Moon! 2007 Aug 24
         Giving it a more modern look (I love this one)
Roll With Me Baby 2007 Aug 20
         Kisses Darlin (another one for the contest)
Temperature Rising 2007 Aug 16
         Singeing not singing ha
Temperature Rising 2007 Aug 16
         103 It's way too hot
Take Two 2007 Aug 04
         My Darlin you are incredible!
Mountain Shadow (by B.K.) 2007 Aug 03
         This looks more like it. (Kisses Darlin)
"I've Been Loving You Too Long " (Otis Redding) 2007 Aug 02
         I Love You Baby Darlin
Za Zoom Full Moon Zen 2007 Jul 29
         Kisses Darlink
Start Your Engines 2007 Jul 19
         Kisses Darlin
A Rule of Life 2007 Jul 15
         Another Kissing poem (Kisses Darlin)
Ground Hog Day 2007 Jul 10
Morning Darlin 2007 Jul 09
7-Seven-7 2007 Jul 07
         Darlin how about another seven years...Kiss
Romazatazery 2007 Jul 07
         I Love You Baby!
Mushmouth 2007 Jul 04
         Happy Fourth of July Ya'll (Kisses Darlin)
Passionflower Moon 2007 Jul 01
         I Love You Baby Baby!
Smile Darlin 2007 Jun 29
         A Big Kiss
My Super Nova Baby 2007 Jun 27
         Kisses Darlin
Summerset 2007 Jun 25
         Inspired From A Watercolor by Michael Sloan
My New Digital Camera 2007 Jun 02
         Snaps soon, Too tired today.
You're Red White~I'm Still True Blue 2007 May 28
         In honor of all our brave military men and wome and for my Darlin Darlin (Kisses I love you so)
Untitled (by Vonnegut's Voice) 2007 Apr 13
Love Quote 2007 Apr 10
Love Quote 2007 Apr 10
Love Quote 2007 Apr 10
A Cute Little Verse 2007 Mar 21
         Fix the boo boo (Kisses Darlin)
A Cute Little Verse 2007 Mar 21
         The Devil made me do it....ha (You Devil you!)
Magnificent 2007 Mar 17
         I found this French perfume that I love (I think you will too)
A St Patty's Day Kiss 2007 Mar 16
         Don't forget to wear green or someone will pinch you.
Pi Day 2007 Mar 14
Bedroom Views 2007 Mar 11
         I read this in the NY Times today....(Kisses Darlin)
qUoTe 2007 Mar 07
Mooned Again 2007 Mar 05
         Time to think vacation....Oh Yes! (Kisses Darlin)
(Darlin Think Of Me) 2007 Mar 01
         Kisses Darlin (I'll miss my Chantal)
Hard Headed Contest 2007 Feb 23
Latin Dancing 2007 Feb 21
         Always for you Darlin
Focus 2007 Feb 20
The Blue Note 2007 Feb 20
         Kisses Darlin
Red Hots 2007 Feb 14
         Left out a word
Red Hots 2007 Feb 14
         Happy Valentines Day Darlin
Another Cupid Poem 2007 Feb 01
         For You Darlin
Seriously 2007 Jan 26
         Another bump to the Cupids
Cupids Fate 2007 Jan 23
         Bump to the cupid poems
Tantric Interlude 2007 Jan 21
         Kisses Darlin (changes)
Tantric Interlude 2007 Jan 21
         I Love You Baby Baby!
Winter Passion 2007 Jan 18
         Lets Try This Again
(An Early Valentine) 2007 Jan 18
         Kisses Darlin
Dippity Doo~The Daily Glue 2007 Jan 14
         The moment I washed the car it rained....sigh
Another Ode To An Almost Full Moon 2007 Jan 03
         For My Darlin and Rens and the Captain (Kisses Darlinks)
My Darlin Sweetie Pie 2006 Dec 23
         My Favorite bk Christmas Poem (I Love You Darlin)
Ornament Dance 2006 Dec 17
         (changes) These ornaments do live and play on my tree ha
Ornament Dance 2006 Dec 16
         It's beginning to look like Xmas! (I love you Baby)
Here's To Another Year of Tender Tantric Time 2006 Dec 10
         An Early Anniversary Poem (I Love You Darlin)
A Toast To Xmas Fun 2006 Dec 07
         This is what happens when I have a fever and head cold ha
Until Sugar Isn't Sweet 2006 Dec 05
         Kisses Darlin
Equal But Opposites 2006 Dec 01
         Happy First Day Of December, I love you Baby!
Zenflick (by Wild~Flower) 2006 Nov 26
         An Oldie but Goody by me
Sunday Weather Sunny and Hot! 2006 Nov 26
         I Love You Baby Baby!
Please Pardon The Turkey 2006 Nov 23
A Toast 2006 Nov 19
         Kisses Baby
To Merriment 2006 Nov 19
         A Thanksgiving Toast
Baby Can Cook! 2006 Nov 15
Baby Can Cook! 2006 Nov 15
         Kisses Darlin and My Love Always
His Kiss 2006 Nov 11
Love Quote (by me ) 2006 Nov 10
Love Roast 2006 Nov 05
Black Hole Theory 2006 Nov 01
         This Black Hole stuff confuses me?
Fang Decay 2006 Oct 31
         Happy Halloween Ya'll (For You Darlin, I love You So!)
Fog and Moonglow 2006 Oct 25
         This is the first draft....Kisses Darlin
Skin to Skin and Heart To Heart 2006 Oct 23
Keep Your Pucker Up 2006 Oct 21
         Kiss Kiss Kiss
At Heavens Door 2006 Oct 19
Halloween Fun 2006 Oct 18
         A Halloween Challenge If You Dare
A Kissing Poem 2006 Oct 18
         Another Halloween View
The Black Widow 2006 Oct 18
         A little Halloween fun. Anyone else want to try?
Pearl Diving 2006 Oct 17
Pillow Talk 2006 Oct 15
         I Love You Baby Baby!
The Hard Cold News 2006 Oct 13
         Kisses Darlin and A Big Smile
The Squre Root of A Dixie Doodle 2006 Oct 07
The Square Root of A Dixie Doodle 2006 Oct 07
         I Love You Baby Baby!
Baby Please.... 2006 Oct 07
         We need a changes button
Baby Please.... 2006 Oct 07
         Blame it on the wine
At Passions Gate 2006 Oct 06
         Of Course it's a Full Moon! (Kiss Kiss)
If You Please 2006 Sep 30
LIFTOFF 2006 Sep 24
         true story (I love you Baby)
A Garbo Solo 2006 Sep 23
         Kisses Darlin
Irresistible 2006 Sep 23
Irresistible 2006 Sep 23
Love Quote (by Alfred, Lord Tennyson ) 2006 Sep 05
Time Will Tell 2006 Aug 29
Love Quote (by Andre Maurois ) 2006 Aug 27
Quote (by Antoine de Saint-Exupery) 2006 Aug 21
Just Like This 2006 Aug 18
All Night Long 2006 Aug 16
         For You My Darlin
An End of Summer Review 2006 Aug 15
         Kisses Darlin
I'll Itch and You Scratch 2006 Aug 14
         Sorry Darlin if my mood has been so bad. I promise I'll make it up to you.
The Way The Story Goes 2006 Aug 13
Neon Melancholy 2006 Jul 22
Chances 2006 Jul 16
         I Love You Darlin
Ice Kissing 2006 Jul 12
Midnight Synergy 2006 Jul 10
Midnight Synergy 2006 Jul 10
         Kisses Baby
Smile Awhile 2006 Jul 09
         Kisses Darlin
White Hot 2006 Jul 06
         Kisses Darlin
Red Hot Rocket Reviews 2006 Jul 04
From the Garden Pea Vines 2006 Jul 02
Tazo ca.4786B.C. 2006 Jun 23
         Kisses Darlin
Untitled 2006 Jun 22
Teach Me Tonight 2006 Jun 21
Sir Newtons Tennessee Cousin 2006 Jun 20
         One verse shorter
Newtons Tennessee Cousin 2006 Jun 20
         I saw this great NOVA on Sir Issac Newton tonight. Quite insirational (Kiss I Love You Baby)
Summer Heat 2006 Jun 17
         scqueen was whining about Calif heat so I had to write this for her and my Darlin
Horoscope Stars 2006 Jun 13
Another Tantric Kiss 2006 Jun 12
         Kisses Darlin
Who Knows? 2006 Jun 10
         An oldie and a bump to Zabette and Kisses to my Darlin
June Bug Love 2006 Jun 09
Ole Buttermilk Moon 2006 Jun 07
         I can't write a kissing poem without the moon. kisses Darlin
The Devil Made Me Do It 2006 Jun 06
         Kiss Darlin and a Cosmic wink
Earth Tone Blues 2006 Jun 04
         Kisses Darlin and My Love Always
With Words 2006 May 29
         Kisses Darlin and My Love Always
The Eagles Call 2006 May 29
         A Thank You for all our Vetrans (kisses Darlin
Quote (by Anonymous) 2006 May 29
Blank 2006 May 25
Meditation 2006 May 24
         Kiss Darlin and a cosmic wink
Like Ours 2006 May 22
         The colors are lovely
Da Vinci This 2006 May 19
         A bump to Jack
Nights of Fire 2006 May 09
         Ok so I was watching Benise "Nights of Fire" and this sort of wrote itself
Falling Out of Palm Trees 2006 May 05
         A simple kissing rhyme (For you Darlin)
Cool Rays 2006 May 04
         I Miss You Darlin
A Tantric Notion 2006 May 03
         For You My Darlin Love
This Blooming Weather 2006 May 02
         Kisses Darlin and All My Love
Kiss Kiss Wink 2006 Apr 22
         wine made me do it ha
Kiss Kiss Wink Wink 2006 Apr 21
         Spring is heating up right Baby?
Rooted Right Baby 2006 Apr 18
         Changed one word
Rooted Right Baby 2006 Apr 18
         Kisses Darlin and All My Love
Mind to Ear and Tow to Heart 2006 Apr 16
         Happe Easter Bunny Day Darlin
Dance Me To The End of Love (by Leonard Cohen) 2006 Apr 13
         I just heard this for the first's have to put the links in manually
That's Amore (by Warren/Brooks) 2006 Apr 13
         So it's a full moon and I'm a mush head tonight ha.
Ebb Tide (by Written by Sigman/Maxwell) 2006 Apr 13
         It's A Full Moon Baby! Kisses and All My Love
New Love Litmus Test 2006 Apr 13
         For Sam
Cherry Blossom Tango 2006 Apr 09
         Spring brings renewal (Kisses Darlin)
April Twisted Showers Bring May Flowers 2006 Apr 03
         They passed us over thank goodness!
Quote (by Rumi) 2006 Apr 02
Quote (by Ani Difranco) 2006 Apr 02
Mating Day At The Zoo 2006 Mar 30
         Kisses Darlin All For You!
Solar Eclipse 2006 Mar 29
         It was awe inspired (Kisses Darlin)
Quote (by Oscar Wilde) 2006 Mar 28
Quote 2006 Mar 27
Separate Skin 2006 Mar 23
         Kisses Darlin
From Me to You 2006 Mar 19
         I was too tired to wait till midnight to post so this would be posted first day of spring. I love you Baby!
If Only He Was Ivory Billed 2006 Mar 17
         Ok so I can't spell chagrin ha
Why Couldn't He Be Ivory Billed 2006 Mar 17
         Cheers to Almost Spring (With My Love Always)
Baby Baby Baby 2006 Mar 12
Exquisite Passion Pie 2006 Mar 03
         Wanna make some love pie tonight Darlink?
(Baby You And Me) 2006 Mar 02
         Kisses Darlin
Almost Spring 2006 Mar 01
         I Love You Baby!
Always Go For The Gold 2006 Feb 25
         I love the Winter Olympics (Kisses Darlink)
Baby Please 2006 Feb 10
Baby Please 2006 Feb 10
         Passion is the theme for the Winter Olympics (I love that word)
O Snowy Night 2006 Feb 10
         Darlin, let's trip the light fantastic..
For Sam (More About Love) 2006 Feb 09
         Had dinner with my Son. He just had an interview with the Wall Street Journal on line. Will keep you posted for links when it comes out.
Levitation Rhapsody 2006 Feb 08
         Drinking wine and watching ballroom dancing tonight (So Sexy, Kiss Me Darlin)
A God and Goddess Stew 2006 Feb 07
         Been listening to love songs tonight (Kisses Darlin)
Dawns Yummy Winter Yawn 2006 Feb 04
         I Love You Baby!
Ballroom Blitz 2006 Feb 01
         I Love You Baby!
Happy New Year 4703 or 4? 2006 Jan 30
         Darn this time I can't even spell it right
Happy New Year 2006 Jan 30
         Ch Ch Ch Changes....Kisses Darlin
Happy New Year 2006 Jan 30
         Is it 4703 or 4704?
Happy Birthday Mozart! 2006 Jan 27
A Winters Dream of Whoopee 2006 Jan 24
Winter Wiles 2006 Jan 16
Winter Moon Glow 2006 Jan 14
         It's A Full Moon Baby!
"The Nearness of You" 2006 Jan 14
         I love You Baby!
Quote 2006 Jan 13
Sight Unseen 2006 Jan 11
         I think I like "Fuzzy" better! I love you Baby
King Kong (revisited) 2006 Jan 08
         A slight change...
King Kong (revisited) 2006 Jan 08
         Kiss Me Again You Big Ape!
I Love You Twice As Much On Sunday 2006 Jan 08
         Kisses Darlin and My Love ALways
Spelling Lesson 2006 Jan 04
         Third time's a charm.
Spelling Lesson 2006 Jan 03
         A Smart Attack ha
Spelling Lesson 2006 Jan 03
Afternoon of A Fawn 2006 Jan 03
Standing Still Sun 2005 Dec 21
         Kisses Darlin (Let's Feast Tonight!)
Big Bucks 2005 Dec 20
Menage A Music (You Me and Ohm) 2005 Dec 18
Beyond the Red White and Xmas Blues 2005 Dec 17
My Darlin Sweetie Pie 2005 Dec 16
         A oldie renewed
I Believe! 2005 Dec 16
         Kisses Darlin!
"Star Shine and Moon Glow" 2005 Dec 15
         Kisses Darlin and All My Love
Wrestling the Grizzly 2005 Dec 13
         Today was a red letter day! I love you Baby
Weebles Wobble But They Won't Fall Down 2005 Dec 11
         One letter change
Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down 2005 Dec 11
Quote 2005 Dec 03
Love Quote 2005 Nov 27
         This is so true
To Whom It May Concern 2005 Oct 19
         Something I received in e-mail
Bio~Feel~Ya 2005 Oct 18
         Kisses Darlin
The Latest (A Million Ways) (by OK Go) 2005 Oct 15
         Something my son sent me
Creme De La Creme 2005 Oct 04
         A bump to imjusthim's Think of Me and As Always For My Darlin Love
Early Autumn Stew 2005 Oct 01
         Kisses Darlin
Match Flint Sparked 2005 Oct 01
         I Love You Baby
Moby Toe 2005 Sep 25
         I always get excited, let go of it too soon and regret it. Kisses Darlin
Moby Toe (by B.K.) 2005 Sep 25
         My new band name, book title, poem title.
Oh Phew 2005 Sep 19
         Eye to eye with Pepe Le Pew
Love Is All We Need 2005 Sep 17
         Full Moon Kisses Darlin
Notes About Love (For Sam) 2005 Sep 17
         To Sam with Love from Mom
Making Love to the Nightly News 2005 Sep 17
         I Love You Darlin
Ouch 2005 Sep 14
         Kisses Darlin
Cosmic Toe Jam 2005 Sep 07
         For you My Darlin Love
I Only Cook With Pure Butter Pilgrim 2005 Sep 05
         Just putting words together tonight to keep from thinking about NOLA
Show Me Why I Love You So 2005 Sep 04
         I love You Baby!
Love Quote 2005 Sep 03
Instant Karma (by John Lennon) 2005 Sep 01
         I believe this major disaster is "Instant Karma' for what we did to Iraq
Love Bluegrass Style 2005 Aug 27
         For you My Darlin Love (And for Rens and the Captain)
A Touch of Moon Madness 2005 Aug 21
         Amazonite helps you speak from the heart
That Certain Look In Your Eye 2005 Aug 15
October All Year Round 2005 Aug 13
         It's Just Tooooo Hot! (Kisses Darlin)
Come to Bliss 2005 Aug 10
         You Know I Love You Baby! (An oldie that I love)
Quote 2005 Aug 08
This Sea of Tranquility With You 2005 Aug 06
This Sea of Tranquility With You 2005 Aug 06
         You make me crazy Baby!
Do You Believe In Magic (by John Sebastian) 2005 Aug 05
         You are my magic Darlin! (Kisses)
Can You Believe It's August 2005 Aug 01
Love is the Main Frame 2005 Jul 31
         For Rens and the Captain and for My Darlin (I love you twice as much on Sundays)
Tonight While Writing 2005 Jul 26
The Love Weather Channel 2005 Jul 21
         It's too hot outside
The Weather Love Channel 2005 Jul 20
         I love You Baby!
A Sky Breath Away 2005 Jul 17
         I hate it when I have to fix it ha
A Sky Breath Away 2005 Jul 17
         My Darlin, I love you twice as much on Sunday.
Love Quote 2005 Jul 16
Monkey Love Tea for Two 2005 Jul 13
         ooh ooh ahh ahh (I love you Baby!)
Once Upon A Time (A Fractured but Romantic Fairy Tale) 2005 Jul 12
         Kisses Darlin
Zen Bliss Force Field 2005 Jul 09
         I love you Baby!
Comfortably Numb (by Pink Floyd) 2005 Jul 05
         If you didn't see the show, too bad, it was awesome
Deep Impact 2005 Jul 04
The Rockets Red Glare 2005 Jul 01
         We're going to start this month off with a bang ha (Kisses Darlin)
Baby I'm Thinking On It 2005 Jun 29
Sparking Zen 2005 Jun 25
Lighting the Fuse to the Dynamite 2005 Jun 23
Quote 2005 Jun 23
         Probably a line in a song
Summer Solstice 2005 Jun 22
         A day late but not a message short..ha Kisses Darlin
Bad To the Bone 2005 Jun 19
         This is not the bad bad this is the Good Bad ha.
Mimosa Blush 2005 Jun 18
         Kisses Darlin
A Sip of Infinity 2005 Jun 16
         Darlin come have a cup with me.
Hot Cross Buns 2005 Jun 14
         The heat is on (Kisses Darlin!)
Completely in Love 2005 Jun 11
Firefly Pie 2005 Jun 06
         The fireflys are out in force tonight...Kisses Darlin, I love you!
Wired 2005 Jun 03
Guilty As Charged 2005 Jun 01
         Kisses Darlin, I love you so.
Guinness Book of Love 2005 May 31
         Left out an N (I Love You Darlin!)
Guiness Book of Love 2005 May 31
Gyroscopic Thrills 2005 May 29
Desire to Groove.......Groove to Desire 2005 May 26
Sea of Love 2005 May 21
Honeysuckle Moonshine 2005 May 20
         The Mimosa and Honeysuckle are blooming and it's quite intoxicating.(I changed a line ha)
Honeysuckle Moonshine 2005 May 20
         I love you Baby!
The Real Deal 2005 May 17
         Where are you Baby?
Chiny Chin Chin 2005 May 14
(23 Skidoo) 2005 May 12
Love Quote 2005 May 10
Witness Love 2005 May 09
         For you My Darlin Love
Pollination 2005 May 04
         My sisters Lasa, Sasha just had seven puppies ha
May Day May Day 2005 May 02
         I love you Baby!
Tequila and Lime 2005 Apr 28
         Thunderstruck ha (Kisses Darlin)
Beyond the Rainbow Blues 2005 Apr 26
         I saw the most magnificent rainbow today (Kisses Darlin)
Locust Winter 2005 Apr 24
         Burr it's cold outside
Into the Arms of Love 2005 Apr 20
         I love you Baby!
Loves High Noon 2005 Apr 18
         Sunday was just the perfect spring day (I love you Darlin)
Mind Latch Clue 2005 Apr 16
         I first learned about Tantric lovemaking when I met Sting. He writes beautifully about it. It's truly an art of lovemaking to acheive. (As always this is for my Darlin, who taught me exactly what he was writing about.)
Paisley Days 2005 Apr 07
         You're incredible Darlin!
Iris 2005 Apr 05
         Ever notice how erotic Georgia O'Keeffe is?
Race the Wind 2005 Apr 04
         A little spring tonic for the heart..,. I love you Darlin
Wild Violets 2005 Apr 03
         Kisses Darlin and All My Love
Bird Walk 2005 Mar 30
         Getting a suntan is major work
High Tide 2005 Mar 28
High Tide 2005 Mar 28
         I wrote this last night. Looks like it's a bump to willtobe1's waves
Tantric Mantra 2005 Mar 24
         I Miss You Darlin
Life Support System 2005 Mar 23
         For My Darlin and The Capt and Rens (Happy Springtime with a big toast to LOVE!)
May Day May Day 2005 Mar 20
         I Love You Darlin
Cookies N Missing You 2005 Mar 19
Irish Brew 2005 Mar 16
         Kisses Darlin Happy St Patricks Day!
Let the Spring Waltz Begin 2005 Mar 16
         Just a few more days....sigh
When He Stops Whittlin I Know Somethings Gonna Happen 2005 Mar 12
When He Stops Whittling I Know Somethings Gonna Happen 2005 Mar 12
         The tite is a line from the movie "Once Upon A Time In The West"
Well I Can Dream Can't I? 2005 Mar 10
         boo boo hoo doo
Well I Can Dream Can't I? 2005 Mar 10
         Hawaiian music always makes me smile (even in a blizzard)
This Element Called Romance 2005 Mar 08
Whispering Through the Dark 2005 Mar 08
Song Title 2005 Mar 07
         Bumping Kirk
Only You 2005 Mar 07
A Question Of Ohm 2005 Feb 25
         Kisses Darlin
Elemental Pink 2005 Feb 25
         I Love You Baby
In the Pink 2005 Feb 14
         Kisses Darlin
Vitamin L 2005 Feb 07
         For My Darlin and for Rens and the Captain (kisses)
Kissing Cool 2005 Jan 26
         You're Incredible Darlin! (I Love You So!)
Mellow Moon Sighs 2005 Jan 24
         Haircut (ha)
Mellow Moon Sighs 2005 Jan 24
         Kissing and Moon Poems are my favorites. So cheers, here's to the full moon!
Overture to Bliss 2005 Jan 22
         Ok , this is better (Kisses Darlink)
Overture to Bliss 2005 Jan 22
         I Love You Darlin
Red Wine Dictionary 2005 Jan 21
         It's my turn to have a little wine. Hey Laurel Welcome Back!
Let's Play 2005 Jan 18
         Kisses Darlin
The Frost Bitten Ice Burr Blues 2005 Jan 18
New Moon Muse 2005 Jan 11
         What's the old saying "It's always darkest right before dawn."
Why Not 2005 Jan 09
To Stephen King (On Writing) 2005 Jan 07
         Thanks for the tips.
Let's Unwind 2005 Jan 02
Hot off the Machholz Comet (#10) 2005 Jan 02
Happy New Year Baby 2005 2005 Jan 01
         Kisses Darlin
Happy New Year Baby 2005 2004 Dec 31
         Kisses Darlin
A Pinch and Squeeze 2004 Dec 24
The Winter Solstice (by B.K.) 2004 Dec 22
It's Sunny and Snowing Outside 2004 Dec 19
         You're Incredible Darlin!
De-frost-ed Xmas Challenge 2004 Dec 19
         My entry into the xmas poetry contest.
De-frost-ed Xmas 2004 Dec 19
         My entry into the xmas poetry contest.
What Happens After the Attack of Mistletoe 2004 Dec 15
Falling off the Fathometer 2004 Dec 15
Shooting Stars at Midnight 2004 Dec 14
         I Love You Baby, More Than Ever
Rock Me Baby (by B.B.King) 2004 Dec 12
         I'm watching B.B. King on the Clapton Guitar concert (It's awesome)
Blueberry Waffle Maple Syrup Diet 2004 Dec 12
         (I promise I only had a couple of bites)
A Gyroscopic View 2004 Dec 12
Lyrics for: Happy Christmas (War Is Over) (by John Lennon) 2004 Dec 08
         THe first song I posted was also by John Lennon (duhh)
Lyrics for: Happy Christmas (War Is Over) 2004 Dec 08
         (Oh How I Wish) I'm on my way to Mom's
In My Life 2004 Dec 08
         John Lennon was shot on this day (In tribute and for you Darlink)
Quote 2004 Dec 06
Forever Fire 2004 Dec 04
More Wine Please 2004 Dec 02
         Kisses Darlin
White Eyelet and Pink Flannel Gown 2004 Dec 01
         Today I found just the right winter gown.
Quote 2004 Dec 01
"Power Point Passion and Voo Doo Love Simplified" (by B.K.) 2004 Nov 29
         Changing the last line at the last minute never works....ha
"Power Point Passion and Voo Doo Love Simplified" 2004 Nov 29
         My latest book (should I ever write one)
Quote 2004 Nov 28
She's Got Eggs (& Legs) And She Knows How To Use Them 2004 Nov 24
Skylights 2004 Nov 23
In Your Arms 2004 Nov 23
         I Love You Baby!
Quote 2004 Nov 18
Tender Taste and Touch Test 2004 Nov 16
Hitching a Ride on Love 2004 Nov 13
House of Love 2004 Nov 12
Righteous Love 2004 Nov 10
         Had to change the boo boo's
Righteous Love 2004 Nov 10
Quote 2004 Nov 09
Quote on one of my favorite words PASSION! 2004 Nov 09
A Sunday Prayer 2004 Nov 07
         Stop the War!
Rocky Top's Garden of Love 2004 Nov 07
Love's Simplicity 2004 Nov 06
Tonight I'm Missing a Hunk of Moon 2004 Nov 04
         I love you Baby!
The Slow Curve 2004 Nov 02
~Wild Mutant Love Genes~ 2004 Nov 01
         One word quick fix.
~Wild Mutant Love Genes~ 2004 Nov 01
Famished For You 2004 Oct 31
         Revised in Morning Light ha
Famished For You 2004 Oct 31
Loves Tactical Positions 2004 Oct 30
Full~Moon~Eclipse 2004 Oct 27
A Muse Me 2004 Oct 20
A Muse Me 2004 Oct 20
Sometimes Ms Dixie is not so Darlin 2004 Oct 19
True Loves Eyes 2004 Oct 17
From "The Way of the Wizard" 2004 Oct 16
"I Won't Back Down!" 2004 Oct 16
         For Misti and her man, To my Darlin, and for all you Kerryites out there!
To The Man That Loves Me 2004 Oct 16
         I Love You Baby
Quote 2004 Oct 13
I'm Taking My Country Back 2004 Oct 10
         A New Country Song From Nashville Ya'll Need To Hear!!
Quote 2004 Oct 09
Love Knots 2004 Oct 07
         For My Darlin and Rens and the Captain (Kisses)
A Little Romance Please 2004 Sep 29
Up Periscope 2004 Sep 29
         Full Moon is after me tonight ha Kisses Darlin, I love you!
Pale Moons Peak 2004 Sep 28
Natural Sound Zen Bound 2004 Sep 26
Tea and Telecommunication for Two 2004 Sep 20
         I Love You Baby!
Love's Refinery 2004 Sep 18
My Darlin Fire Sign 2004 Sep 17
         I Love You Baby!
War In A Bottle 2004 Sep 15
Life in the Breeze 2004 Sep 13
         If life is a breeze, love is a hurricane
Quote 2004 Sep 11
Osama Loves Liars and Bumblers 2004 Sep 10
         A Little Love Ditty inspired from the 911-Commission Report and Now with Bill Moyers (Thanks Bill for being a GREAT AMERICAN!)
Quote 2004 Sep 07
Foggy Sunday 2004 Sep 05
Quote (Lines 1-4) 2004 Sep 01
         For Diana ( late but we remember)
Baby Use Your Mind 2004 Aug 22
A Little Stardust Just for Me 2004 Aug 19
         The title of the article was Stunt Pilots Snag Stardust for Nasa (what a great line)
Worth the Spit and Then Some 2004 Aug 14
         Change is good ha.
Worth the Spit and Then Some 2004 Aug 14
         It's useless to be mad at you I love you so much (this makes me mad too ha!)
Just For You 2004 Aug 13
Have Mercy 2004 Aug 09
If You Were King Kong and I Were Faye Wray 2004 Aug 09
         In honor of Fay Wray (and for you Darlin, I love you, You Big Ape!) a front page from May 2001 blender
FREEDOM BUST 2004 Aug 04
         You need to spend time getting to know yourself before you start off on another relationship.
With Just A Sigh 2004 Aug 03
Quote 2004 Aug 02
A Lovers Tea (by B.K.) 2004 Aug 01
         Kisses Darlin
Love's Tough Stuff 2004 Jul 31
Ginseng Tea Buzz 2004 Jul 28
Ginsing Tea Buzz 2004 Jul 28
         Kisses Darlin
Tough Love Tough Times 2004 Jul 26
         At stake is nothing less than our Nations soul....Former President Jimmy Carter
The University of Love 2004 Jul 25
         Kisses Darlin
By the Dawns Early Light 2004 Jul 18
Loves Techno Gasp 2004 Jul 17
Twenty Four Hour Techno Gasp (by B.K.) 2004 Jul 17
Midnight Cries 2004 Jul 15
Quote 2004 Jul 05
Oh Say Can You See 2004 Jul 04
         Happy 4th of July Darlin (Had to fix it)
Oh Say Can You See 2004 Jul 04
Love Bytes (by My Favorite Smart Attack) 2004 Jul 02
         Rens, You gave me permission but you didn't expect this. It needs to be shared!
Of Thee I Sing 2004 Jul 01
Midnight Ramble 2004 Jul 01
Sky Trickles 2004 Jun 30
Sky Trickles 2004 Jun 30
Perfected Phenomenon 2004 Jun 28
Loves Taste Test and Zoom Love 2004 Jun 25
         Kisses Darlin
Ode to Joy 2004 Jun 24
         Kisses Darlin
Lube Job 2004 Jun 24
         A bump to Jims "Personal Ads," or (can I get sex with that)
Untitled 2004 Jun 24
Untitled 2004 Jun 24
Missing You Baby's Blue 2004 Jun 23
The Weather Today 2004 Jun 22
         It's raining again (I love you Baby)
Whisper Walk 2004 Jun 21
         I Miss You Darlin!
Heart Shaped Destiny 2004 Jun 19
Summer Melt Away 2004 Jun 16
         I Love You Darlin!
Line of Fire 2004 Jun 15
Hedge Trimmers and Pickle Juice Eyes 2004 Jun 13
"Save the Rainforest" 2004 Jun 12
Both Sides Now 2004 Jun 12
         I was reading Stacks "Caveat" and this just wrote itself. We call it a bump around here. Thanks for the inspiration SSTtack.
Saving Grace 2004 Jun 10
         Godspeed Ray Charles, You will forever be remembered
Quickie (by B.K.) 2004 Jun 08
         Kisses Darlin
The Slit and Glide 2004 Jun 05
Cuddle Me (by B.K.) 2004 Jun 05
Mock II Missing You Blue Jeans 2004 Jun 04
Curses to My Weak Hyde 2004 Jun 02
The Eagles Call (by B.K.) 2004 May 30
         Kisses and My Love , Thank You Darlin
It's O.K. 2004 May 29
A Complicated Moon (by B.K.) 2004 May 28
         I Love You Baby
Tiki God Stretch (by B.K.) 2004 May 27
Quote 2004 May 26
The Thrill 2004 May 26
By Sunrise 2004 May 24
Parrot Tulip High 2004 May 23
Waimanalo Tea 2004 May 22
         Kisses Darlins ( For Brad and Kelly)
Pearl Girl Thongs 2004 May 21
Over the Blue (by B.K.) 2004 May 21
         Jet-Lag and Fantasy Tan (I Love You Darlin)
Love and A Song 2004 May 04
         same as before only different ha
Propped Up on Love and A Song 2004 May 04
         One for the road
Digital Love Sound 2004 May 01
Ultrasonic High 2004 Apr 30
Aces Wild 2004 Apr 29
Well Rooted 2004 Apr 25
Our Song 2004 Apr 25
Tongue Tied Blues 2004 Apr 23
Hurdle Jumpers Heart to Heart 2004 Apr 22
From War With Love 2004 Apr 22
         Pictures the White House Does Not Want You To See
Tough Love Simplified (by B.K.) 2004 Apr 21
Where We Once Let Go 2004 Apr 20
My Baby Love 2004 Apr 18
Scarlet "A" Free 2004 Apr 16
         Now Jim, What will people think?
Dancing in the Blender Cabaret 2004 Apr 16
Sailing 2004 Apr 14
She Wants A Kiss 2004 Apr 14
"Homemade Honey Dew" 2004 Apr 10
         Happy Easter Everyone (Kisses, I Love You Baby)
Oh My 2004 Apr 01
         April Fools Day (Oh My)
Untitled 2004 Mar 31
         Quote by William Shakespeare
It's A Left Turn Right 2004 Mar 28
         Blew the last line
It's A Left Turn Right 2004 Mar 28
We're Waiting For You 2004 Mar 28
Please 2004 Mar 27
Spring Fling 2004 Mar 27
A Sensual Birthday Note 2004 Mar 25
Resplendent Synergy 2004 Mar 24
Irish Stew 2004 Mar 22
         redo one word
Irish Stew 2004 Mar 22
         I'll kiss and bump this blarney stone we got going
Your Rooted Royal Kudzu 2004 Mar 19
Let Me Tell You 2004 Mar 19
The Path Unseen 2004 Mar 17
         I Love You Baby
The Garden of Sway 2004 Mar 16
Raw 2004 Mar 11
This Birds Shoes (by Untamed Bird ) 2004 Mar 10
         An old one by me for my account
Blip~ 2004 Mar 10
The Seams of Dreams 2004 Mar 09
Beyond the Blue and Baby It's You 2004 Mar 04
         Two Oldies
Hypnotic Hillbilly Hoo Doo (by B.K.) 2004 Mar 02
Ready Set Aim Fire 2004 Feb 26
Meet Me at Midnight 2004 Feb 25
A Line Left Out of Rhyme 2004 Feb 25
A Love Balm of Time 2004 Feb 22
A Wild Imagination and No TV 2004 Feb 21
I'll Take Romance 2004 Feb 21
Rocky Top Love Call 2004 Feb 17
         Kisses Darlin
A Lovers Feast 2004 Feb 15
         The way it was written to begin with
A Lovers Feast 2004 Feb 15
         I Miss You Darlin
Mind Spring 2004 Feb 14
Run Away With Me 2004 Feb 14
         Happy Valentines Day Baby!
"The Love Juice Bar" 2004 Feb 12
         I Love You Darlin
Just For You 2004 Feb 09
         An early Valentine to make you smile Darlin!
The Uncensored History of Valentines Day (by Matthew Sakey) 2004 Feb 08
         I tried to do a link but it didn't work.
Wild Butterfly Ways 2004 Feb 07
         I Miss You Darlin
The Thrill of Pale Moonlight 2004 Feb 05
         Kisses (inspired by my Darlin and j. knipps ramblings)
Possum Grin and Swoon 2004 Feb 05
         I Love You Darlin
Don't Be Cruel 2004 Feb 03
Lava Lips 2004 Jan 29
         Kisses Darlin
Wings 2004 Jan 28
         In answer to the question on the board
Iron Maidens Love Tapestry 2004 Jan 27
         I Love You Baby!
A Snake Eyed Hi 2004 Jan 26
Fade In 2004 Jan 24
         I Love You Baby!
A Wink and A Kiss Goodnight 2004 Jan 22
         Just to see you Smile
The Element of Romance 2004 Jan 21
         Kisses Darlin
Crimson Desire 2004 Jan 18
An Ocean Window View 2004 Jan 17
Looking for Zerzura 2004 Jan 17
Let's Slip Around 2004 Jan 15
         I Love You Baby
Anytime Sublime 2004 Jan 13
         Kisses Darlin
More Than You'll Ever Know 2004 Jan 12
         I blew one word (sorry)
More Than You'll Ever Know 2004 Jan 12
         I Love You Baby!
Night Sighs 2004 Jan 11
         Kisses Darlin
Cucumber Bliss! 2004 Jan 10
         (Not to mention what we next did with gingerbread hahaha Wonderful Jack)
Slow Jam Dancing 2004 Jan 10
         Revised in Morning Light ha
Slow Jam Dancing 2004 Jan 09
         I Love You Baby
Shower Scene Take One 2004 Jan 09
         (Bump to Kindreds Shower Scene#2)
Right Into Wednesday 2004 Jan 07
         Kisses Darlin
You Big Yo Yo 2004 Jan 06
         Nothing better than a moon love poem, except maybe a kissing poem ha
The Answer is Blowing in the Wind 2004 Jan 05
         I Love You Baby
This Love Knows 2004 Jan 03
For What It's Worth 2004 Jan 01
Crack Your Lips and Kiss Me 2003 Dec 30
MemoriZen 2003 Dec 29
Kissing Geography 2003 Dec 29
         Kisses and More Kisses Darlin
Ode to Passion 2003 Dec 26
Ode to Passion 2003 Dec 26
         For You Darlin
Classic Romantic Jump 2003 Dec 25
         Hope you all had A Merry Xmas Day!
My Darlin Sweetie Pie 2003 Dec 22
Words of Love 2003 Dec 22
         Two for You, Kisses Darlin
Joy Joy Joy 2003 Dec 20
         Tis the season Darlin
Babys Sweet Love Jam 2003 Dec 20
         Ten Dozen Cookies made from sweet butter pecans and jam scratch
I Love You Eyes 2003 Dec 20
         Two for One, I love you Darlin
Atomic Blissed Kiss 2003 Dec 18
With Words 2003 Dec 18
         I Miss You Darlin
Good Witch Blues 2003 Dec 17
A Slice of Moon (by B.K.) 2003 Dec 17
         Kisses Darlin
****Patriotic Jealousy**** 2003 Dec 16
Forever and Always 2003 Dec 16
Eternal Love 2003 Dec 15
*Merry Kissmas* 2003 Dec 14
         I Love You Baby, More Than Ever
Infinity Stew 2003 Dec 13
         Kisses Darlin
Time and Time Again 2003 Dec 12
Pure Maple (Grade A+) 2003 Dec 12
Can You Hear the Pine 2003 Dec 11
Free Your Mind 2003 Dec 11
You're My Honey Mining Bee 2003 Dec 11
         I Love You Baby
Black Pearl Moon 2003 Dec 09
         I Miss You Darlin
Renewed 2003 Dec 08
         I Love You Darlin
Metal and Lace 2003 Dec 07
Buzzards Need Love Too 2003 Dec 05
         Kinda fits with the boards lately
Suck Face 2003 Dec 05
         Laurel, one more inkling. ha
Love Heals 2003 Dec 05
         For You Darlin, I Miss You
A Touch of Thighs 2003 Dec 04
For A Cosmic Candy Kiss 2003 Dec 03
Yowling Dogs Moonlight Shadow Dance (by B.K.) 2003 Dec 02
         Hey Laurel, we're into the ink lately. ha
Through the Clouds (by B.K.) 2003 Dec 02
         For You Darlin
Blue Ink 2003 Dec 01
         Kisses Darlin
Seeing Back Through You 2003 Nov 30
         I Love You Darlin
A Red Rose Romance 2003 Nov 29
Kung Fu Missing You 2003 Nov 28
         Kisses Darlin
The Theory of Quantum Love 2003 Nov 28
Loves Fine Tuned Lines 2003 Nov 27
         I Love You Baby, More Than Ever
The Puny Zone 2003 Nov 27
         Happy Turkey Day Ya'll
Reserva Especial 2003 Oct 05
Where Kisses Go 2003 Oct 05
         My First Front Pager 10-2-2000
Special Delivery 2003 Oct 02
         For You My Darlin Love
October North Pole Snow 2003 Sep 29
         A True Story (Well, some of it, sort of)
Tantric Sighs 2003 Sep 27
         Must be the Scorpio Moon, whew, bumping magnetic fridgie
The Depth of A Kiss 2003 Sep 27
         A bump to Jack, and Only for you Baby
The Depth of A Kiss 2003 Sep 27
         A bump to Jack, and Only for you Baby
Stolen Moments 2003 Sep 27
         I Love You Baby
ZAP-SPLAT! (by B.K.) 2003 Sep 26
         Heart not Heat ha (had to change it)
Your Eyes 2003 Sep 21
         October 29, 2000
Quote (From Helen Hayes) 2003 Sep 19
         I Miss You So Much Darlin
Bounce 2003 Sep 19
Kiss-Zen 2003 Sep 19
Loves How Do You Do 2003 Sep 19
Come to Bliss 2003 Sep 15
         For You Darlin, I Miss You
Love Can Build A Bridge (by Naomi Judd, John Jarvis, Paul Overstreet) 2003 Sep 14
         Sunday morning service as sung by The Judds ( From The Essential Judds CD)
True Love Thrives 2003 Sep 13
         Kisses Darlin
A Fingers Kiss 2003 Sep 12
         Sorry had to fix it
A Fingers Kiss 2003 Sep 12
         Bumping Darwin
Love's Full Moon Agony 2003 Sep 10
         I Love You Baby
Hot Rise 2003 Sep 10
Hello Darlin It's Me 2003 Sep 10
~Baby Slip Me Some Skin~ 2003 Sep 09
         I Love You Darlin
To See What We Can See 2003 Sep 08
The Beanie Twirling Thrill of Loving You 2003 Sep 08
         I Miss You So Much Darlin
Thank Heaven for Daydreams 2003 Sep 05
         I Miss You Darlin
Beam Me Up Baby 2003 Sep 04
Tea for Two 2003 Sep 03
         brought to you today by the letter-t- ha try saying that last sentence three times fast .
Midnight Blues 2003 Sep 02
         I Miss You Darlin
Love's Philosophy (by Shelley) 2003 Sep 02
         I'd like to start the month off with a little KISSING POEM..ha
Love's Philosophy (by Shelley) 2003 Sep 01
Holiday Picnic for Two 2003 Aug 31
         Kisses Darlin
Puss n Boots 2003 Aug 29
         Kisses Darlin
Daisy Knots 2003 Aug 28
         He Loves Me, He loves me not, He Loves Me!
Hump Day 2003 Aug 27
When I'm Calling You 2003 Aug 26
         2 fix the boo boo
When I'm Calling You 2003 Aug 26
         You're Incredible Darlin
Let Her Eat Cake 2003 Aug 26
Kissing Cool 2003 Aug 24
         Quote and Kissing poem for you Darlin
Butterfly Sky Diving With Him 2003 Aug 23
         You're Delicious Darlin!
Baby Me and You 2003 Aug 20
         Kisses Darlin
She's Waiting 2003 Aug 19
         I Love You Darlin
September's Calling and I'm Missing You 2003 Aug 17
         Kisses Darlin
Quote 2003 Aug 16
         By Henry Miller
Witness Love 2003 Aug 16
         I Love You Baby, More Than Ever
Let~Her~Rip 2003 Aug 15
Dixie Dreams 2003 Aug 13
Viva! (by Lawrence Ferlinghetti) 2003 Aug 13
         Viva Loveblender...ha
Sinking Into Pink 2003 Aug 12
         I Miss You Darlin
"Baby" 2003 Aug 12
         If you knew Baby like I know Baby ohhhh
Butterfly Stew 2003 Aug 11
         Kisses Darlin
From Mom's Dream (by K.B.'s dream muse ) 2003 Aug 11
Pink Mink 2003 Aug 07
         A cute little ditty for you Darlin
The Tortoise and Her Hare 2003 Aug 05
         Kisses Darlin
One Fuel Loaded Rocket Launched Kiss 2003 Aug 05
         For You Darlin
Quote 2003 Aug 03
Heat Wave Rendezvous 2003 Aug 02
         Kisses Darlin
His Eyes 2003 Aug 01
         Eye Love You Baby
Kitten Kaboodle Love Whammy 2003 Aug 01
The Key to Urgency 2003 Aug 01
         I Miss You Darlin
HIM 2003 Jul 30
         Kisses Darlin
Baby's Soul Sweet Rock and Roll Persuasion 2003 Jul 27
Dream Kissed Love Fever of Two 2003 Jul 26
         I miss you Darlin
Hubba Bubba Bump 2003 Jul 26
         Kisses Darlin
One~Match~Struck~Love Sparked~Kiss 2003 Jul 24
Toe Jam Whoopee 2003 Jul 22
         I love you Baby!
Tight Fit 2003 Jul 21
         I love you Baby
Bee Wild (by B.K.) 2003 Jul 20
         I Miss You Darlin
Quote 2003 Jul 18
Orange Sherbet Moon (by B.K.) 2003 Jul 16
         Never Mind
Quote 2003 Jul 15
Intense Simplicity (by B.K.) 2003 Jul 14
         Kisses Darlin
Quote 2003 Jul 13
Transcendence (by B.K.) 2003 Jul 12
         Baby, Baby I Love You!
One Kiss 2003 Jul 12
         Full Moon Kisses Darlin
Holy Water Blues (by B.K.) 2003 Jul 11
         A little ditty about Love
Stuck in NOW (by B.K.) 2003 Jul 10
         I Need a Vacation!
Made Fresh Daily 2003 Jul 09
~Zip to Zoom~ (by B.K.) 2003 Jul 09
         I Love You Baby
Consummation (by B.K.) 2003 Jul 07
Quote 2003 Jul 05
Patriotic Passion (by B.K.) 2003 Jul 05
         In light of day , no firecrackers pounding, I had to fix this.
Patriotic Passion (by B.K.) 2003 Jul 04
         I can't forget my Darlin Red White and Blue (I Love You Baby)
Cannonsburg Wedding 2003 Jul 04
         My Nephews 4th of July wedding
In God We Trust~All Others Pay Cash 2003 Jul 04
         Quotes from two Presidents (Happy 4th Ya'll)
Ms Primal Scream (by B.K.) 2003 Jul 03
         Kisses Darlin
Gone With the Wind (by B.K.) 2003 Jul 02
Positions Please (by B.K.) 2003 Jul 02
My Fireworks Man (by B.K.) 2003 Jul 01
         Starting the 4th on the 2nd (Kisses Darlin)
Fire and Brimstone (by B.K.) 2003 Jun 30
         Happy Anniversary Kirk and Mo and For You Darlin, Kisses
Midnight Fire (by B.K.) 2003 Jun 28
         I had to change the ending.
Midnight Fire (by B.K.) 2003 Jun 28
Pale Shade (by B.K.) 2003 Jun 26
In Tender Times 2003 Jun 25
         Kisses Darlin
Sizzling~ Heat Wave (by B.K.) 2003 Jun 24
         Two for One, I love you Darlin
Wiggle Me 2003 Jun 23
         Kisses Darlin
There's Something About You (by B.K.) 2003 Jun 20
         I Love You Baby
Simple Grace (by B.K.) 2003 Jun 19
Jellybean Zooms (by B.K.) 2003 Jun 16
         Have to fix one word darn it!
White Horse (by Lawrence Ferlinghetti) 2003 Jun 14
After We've Come Undone (by B.K.) 2003 Jun 12
         Had to change the boo boo's
The Bees Knees (by B.K.) 2003 Jun 10
         Sorry had to change a word
Tender Mercy (by B.K.) 2003 Jun 10
         I Love You Baby
The Bees Knees (by B.K.) 2003 Jun 10
Simple Kissing Rhyme (by B.K.) 2003 Jun 04
         I Love You Baby
To Blender Hell (Cheers!) 2003 Jun 03
         Peace Ya'll
Touching A Sigh (by B.K.) 2003 Jun 01
         I lLove You Darlin
Life is Fine (by Langston Hughes) 2003 May 30
         For carol
Leaping Lizards Lava Light Romance (by B.K.) 2003 May 28
         I love you Baby
One of a Kind (by B.K.) 2003 May 27
Rainbows End (by B.K.) 2003 May 25
Ahhhhhhhhh (by B.K.) 2003 May 24
         bumping ladyinwaitings poem on losing control
Desire Under the Sun (by B.K.) 2003 May 23
Love's Vital Clues (by B.K.) 2003 May 22
Honeysuckle Wine (by B.K.) 2003 May 20
         Bumping Jims vine lines ha
Squeeze Tight Technology (by B.K.) 2003 May 20
This Love Will Always Be (by B.K.) 2003 May 19
Just Thinking of You (by B.K.) 2003 May 17
         I Miss You Darlin
High~Lights (by B.K.) 2003 May 17
         I've been reading Feng Shui love advice (Says buy pink sheets ha)
Cosmological Constant (by B.K.) 2003 May 15
         Kisses Darlin
baby~goo (by B.K.) 2003 May 14
         for you darlin
Matrix of Love (by B.K.) 2003 May 12
Happy Mothers Day Mom 2003 May 11
         Happy Mothers Day Ya'll
Orgasmic Red Ink (by B.K.) 2003 May 09
         Combo bump to jwb's limericks and Kindred's Ecstasy
Bed of Dreams (by B.K.) 2003 May 09
         A bump to Kindreds Windmills
Tiny Dancer (by B.K.) 2003 May 07
         I have this thing for KISSING!
Just Kiss Me (by B.K.) 2003 May 06
To the Eyes of Love (by B.K.) 2003 May 05
The Echo of Our Souls (by B.K.) 2003 May 02
         Kisses Darlin
Between Your Heart and Mine (by B.K.) 2003 May 01
         Happy May Day Darlin
Unbridled Light (by B.K.) 2003 Apr 29
Joy Ride (by B.K.) 2003 Apr 28
         revised (For You Darlin)
Joy Ride (by B.K.) 2003 Apr 28
         Kev's posts today inspired this one
Wildflower Sighs (by B.K.) 2003 Apr 27
         a bump to Kindredspirits
In Times of Sanguine (by B.K.) 2003 Apr 25
Elegance of Ecstasy (by B.K.) 2003 Apr 24
Prelude to A Kiss (by B.K.) 2003 Apr 23
Fractal Love Designs (by B.K.) 2003 Apr 22
A Quarking Chance (by B.K.) 2003 Apr 21
Astronomical Love Warriors (by B.K.) 2003 Apr 20
         Kisses Darlin
Eastre's Dawn (by B.K.) 2003 Apr 20
         The Goddess of Dawn Eastre (Easter now)
Garden of Eve (by B.K.) 2003 Apr 18
         Ok Ya'll, if this is my addiction, I'm mainlining again.
To Soothe Your Sunday Soul (by B.K.) 2003 Apr 06
         Sorry, I had to fix the boo boo..ha
To Soothe Your Sunday Soul (by B.K.) 2003 Apr 06
         Kisses Darlin
More (by B.K.) 2003 Apr 04
         I love you Darlin
Dry as the Desert and Dark as A Mine (by B.K.) 2003 Apr 04
         Hang Tough Darlin
Middle East Madness (by B.K.) 2003 Apr 04
Go Slow (by B.K.) 2003 Apr 01
         I Love You Darlin
Brain~Wave~Kissiology (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 30
         Kisses Darlin
The Power of Love 2003 Mar 29
Kississippi Bliss (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 28
Word War (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 27
Time Tapestry of Love (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 27
         I Love You Darlin
Love Potion #69 2003 Mar 26
         I Love You Darlin
Deep In Time (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 25
Lip Stick (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 25
~Free Falling~ (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 22
         I Love You Darlin
With Passion Patiently (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 19
         Kisses Darlin
Houdini You and I (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 18
         I Love You Darlin!
from "Love Lily" (by Dante Gabriel Rossetti) 2003 Mar 18
         Kisses Darlin
Threaded Words of Love (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 17
from ~Idyls of The King~ (by Alfred Tennyson) 2003 Mar 17
         For You My Darlin Love
Double Indemnity (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 17
         Happy St Patrick's Day Darlin!
Hot Consommate (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 16
         Watch Out, B.K.'s Cooking Today !ha
Ode to His Lips (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 15
         I Love You Darlin!
Stardust Caress (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 15
Be-Bopping With You (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 14
Baby Do It Again (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 14
Only You (by Milton Bullock) 2003 Mar 11
         As sung by Milton Bullock and The Platters
Only You (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 11
How She Cries (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 10
Mosaics of Desire (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 09
One Humdinger Of A Romance (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 07
         Kisses Darlin!
I Believe in You (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 06
         I Believe in the Power of Love!
Love Slides (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 05
Ode to the Sun (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 05
Simply Divine Lover's Rhymes (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 04
Addle~Brained Over You (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 03
Tilt A Whirl Rock (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 02
         I Love You Darlin
A Burning Love (by B.K.) 2003 Mar 01
A Burning Love 2003 Mar 01
With Love to the Irish in Me and You (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 27
         For the green contest....a very serious poem..ha
Sunless Winter Writers Funk (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 27
Worldly Love (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 24
         I Miss You Darlin!
Silk Blue Eyes (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 23
Silk Blue Eyes (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 23
         A bump to it doesn't matter
You Mesmorize Me (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 22
Electric Love (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 20
The Tip of My Sighs (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 19
         I Love You Darlin!
Dawns Blushing Show (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 18
Quaking Spiritual Bliss (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 17
         A bump to spacemans poem and Darlins words
A Tender Need (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 15
Stop Thief (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 15
         Ok, so I had to fix it ha (Thanks Chances)
Stop Thief (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 15
Audiovision (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 15
         For You Darlin!
Mush~Head (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 14
Belly Button Blues (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 14
         I Miss You Darlin!
Of Love in Bytes (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 13
         Happy Valentines Day Baby!
Simple Two from Me to You (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 13
One of Two for You (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 13
         An Early Valentine
Meloncholy Baby (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 12
         I Miss You Darlin!
Simple Enough for Me (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 12
Goose Feather Corgi Winter Walk 2003 Feb 09
         It's a winter wonderland here tonight!
Cupids Fate (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 09
         An early Valentine to make you smile Darlin!
When We Touch (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 08
         I love You Darlin!
Afternoon Soup and Tea With Me (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 06
         I Miss You Darlin!
To Celebrate This Love (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 05
         A bit of lightheartedness for these morbid times
Quixotic Erotic Elixir of Love (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 04
         Darn last line...ha
Quixotic Erotic Elixir of Love (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 04
Kaleidoscopic View (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 03
         Sorry Bout That! ha
Kalieidoscopic View (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 03
         No More Oldies
War of More (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 03
         Kisses Darlin (another oldie)
Jagged Desire (by B.K.) 2003 Feb 02
         I Love You Darlin!
My Darling Love (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 31
         An Old one
A Tincture of Tongue (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 29
Together We'll Catch the Sun (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 28
         For You Darlin
Auto-Erotic-Squeeze-Me-Ology (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 27
         Oh Yes Baby!
Untitled (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 26
         My Entry in Gala's Valentine Word Game
Whispering (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 25
I Love You ! (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 24
Lego Lover 2003 Jan 24
         Major boo boo in the other one ha
Lego Lover (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 24
         Major boo boo in the other one ha
For Love of Pearls (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 24
Lego Lover (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 23
         Kisses Darlin!
Snow Tonight Love Poems Tomorrow (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 22
         Here it comes again...sigh
Muffled Love (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 21
         a little dark humor here
Little Sparrow's Love Song (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 19
Tough Love (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 19
         revised a bit
Tough Love (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 19
The Way It Should Be (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 18
Contact High (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 18
         I think I just singed off my eyebrows ha!
Sweet Snow Love Song of Misery (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 17
         We got our first snow here yesterday (Almost eight inches) I'm snowed in and going to make a break for the store before it gets cold and frozen again.
Confucius Say, (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 15
Mad About You (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 14
Me and The Spirited Lady (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 11
Do it to Me One More Time (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 11
Coo Coo (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 10
Urgent! (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 09
Frequent Zen (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 08
Love and Truth (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 06
Be Mine (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 05
         Since Next Month will be Valentines (this one's early)
Loves Time Writers (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 03
         Vintage BK, one of my favs
Kiss Me Again (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 03
Dawn's Desire (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 02
Pretty Bubbles (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 01
         Kisses Darlin!
2003 The Year To Be (by B.K.) 2003 Jan 01
Wrapped With Love (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 31
Rebel Love Beat (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 28
Obliteration (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 27
PB & Jam Blues (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 27
The Blues of Missing You (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 26
Baby You Jingle All My Bells (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 24
Xmas Cheer (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 22
         For You Darlin
Hell.of.a.mess (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 21
Frankincense and Myrrh (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 21
         ok so lets get this right
Frankincense and Myrrh (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 21
Moonlight Dancer 2002 Dec 20
Fruit Jar Love Jig (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 20
Sunday Drivers (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 18
~FLAME~ (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 16
Sublime Sunshine and You (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 15
Pen Stroke (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 14
Pen Stroke (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 14
Tonight (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 10
Simply Yours (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 10
With or Without You (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 07
Loving Peace on Earth (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 07
         I Love You Darlin!
Succulent (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 06
Up My Leg and Down My Spine (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 05
In Loves Recall (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 03
         Kisses Darlin!
Blue Eyed Rhyme (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 03
         For You Darlin
Phantasmagorical You (by B.K.) 2002 Dec 02
         I Love You Darlin!
For You Darlin Thanksgiving 2002 (by B.K.) 2002 Nov 27
         Kisses Darlin!
Hope Santa Brings Me You (by B.K.) 2002 Nov 26
         This is cheating but I'm making cheesecake (to die for) so I dug this up for fun.
Oh Baby Are We Gonna Dance (by B.K.) 2002 Nov 25
         ~Big Smile~
Silly Rabbit Trix Are For Kids (by B.K.) 2002 Nov 25
         I Love You Darlin!
She Will Never Let You Go (by B.K.) 2002 Nov 24
         (Offers and Restrictions Limited)
YOU! (by B.K.) 2002 Nov 24
Seal Skin Surrender (by B.K.) 2002 Nov 23
Full Moon Frenzy (by B.K.) 2002 Nov 19
Hang Tough Darlin 2002 Nov 19
If You Kiss Me Low (by B.K.) 2002 Nov 18
         Just Kiss Me Darlin!
With Words to Share (by B.K.) 2002 Nov 16
         Kisses Darlin
Blue Flame (by B.K.) 2002 Nov 16
Fancy Notions (by B.K.) 2002 Nov 16
Liquid Metal Love Mine (by B.K.) 2002 Nov 12
No One but You (by B.K.) 2002 Nov 09
         The wind is howling tonight as I am for you Darlin. I miss you!
Harvest of Love (by B.K.) 2002 Nov 09
She's Wise to You (by B.K.) 2002 Nov 06
The Last Rose of Autumn (by B.K.) 2002 Nov 04
         I Miss You Darlin!
Love Will Always Find a Way (by B.K.) 2002 Nov 02
I Confess (by B.K.) 2002 Nov 01
         Kisses Darlin
After Midnight (by B.K.) 2002 Nov 01
         I Love You Darlin!
The Good Witch of Tennessee (by B.K.) 2002 Oct 27
         It's almost Halloween Ya'll
In Search of You (by B.K.) 2002 Oct 26
MAKE LOVE NOT WAR!!! (by B.K.) 2002 Oct 26
         Doing my part for the Anti-War effort.
Full Moon Fog (by B.K.) 2002 Oct 23
Night Noise (by B.K.) 2002 Oct 20
Inamorata (by B.K.) 2002 Oct 19
         I Miss You Darlin!
Stardust Sighs (by B.K.) 2002 Oct 17
Crescendo of Eyes 2002 Oct 16
Crescendo of Eyes (by B.K.) 2002 Oct 16
Wild Orchid 2002 Oct 15
Tattooed (by B.K.) 2002 Oct 13
         In a rare mood tonight....ha (an oldie)
Shadow Dancer (by B.K.) 2002 Oct 12
The Tender Trap (by B.K.) 2002 Oct 11
         Kisses Darlin!
Love Is the Factor (by B.K.) 2002 Oct 10
Hell Belly Back Bite (by B.K.) 2002 Oct 10
New Moon Rising (by B.K.) 2002 Oct 07
         Kisses Darlin
X-rated (by B.K.) 2002 Oct 05
         I Miss You Darlin!
Witchy Woman (by B.K.) 2002 Oct 04
Sweet Essence of Us (by B.K.) 2002 Oct 01
Me=N=U Stew for Two (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 30
A Love Like No Other (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 28
Romantic Trigonometry (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 27
Quick Kiss (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 26
         I Love You Darlin
Temperature Rising (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 25
         Read this with a heavy southern accent..ha
More (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 24
Ninny Blues (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 24
         I left out a word...sigh Double Virgo style
Ninny Blues (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 24
Velvet Vortex (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 22
Sweet Talk (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 21
         For You Darlin
A Clean Dream (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 20
         Kisses Darlin
Oh Fly Baby You Lookin At Me? (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 20
         Ok Jack, let's keep the monsters screaming a bit longer
Sweet Silk Skin Surrender (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 19
The Soft Side of A Kiss (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 17
Only the Fingertips of One Hello Away (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 16
Blasting Caps (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 15
         Reversed a couple of lines
Blasting Caps (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 15
         For You Darlin
I Want My Mummy! (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 14
Ode to Black and Decker (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 12
         OK, So this is love of a different kind ha
hot Hot HOT~ (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 09
How This Love Grows (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 07
         Kisses Darlin
Eyes of Love (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 06
My Shining Star (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 06
Quickset (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 05
Come to Sugar (by B.K.) 2002 Sep 03
         I Miss You Darlin
Hyper~Ventilating Heart (by B.K.) 2002 Aug 29
Electronic Amazing Grace (by B.K.) 2002 Aug 28
         Kisses Darlin!
Of Passion in Zen Glow (by B.K.) 2002 Aug 27
         I Miss You Darlin!
Heart String Torture (by B.K.) 2002 Aug 24
Baby We Fly (by B.K.) 2002 Aug 20
Quarterback Sneak (by B.K.) 2002 Aug 19
         Everyones talking football..even me now ha
A Good Ole Gal's Garden of Love (by B.K.) 2002 Aug 18
We Let it Be (by B.K.) 2002 Aug 15
Let Me Show You the Way (by B.K.) 2002 Aug 14
"We'll Be Together Again" 2002 Aug 11
         My Uncle died Friday night. I was sitting next to the heart monitor watching something I had never seen before. Death
Look Skyward Darlin (by B.K.) 2002 Aug 08
         I Love You Darlin
Keep Safe My Love (by B.K.) 2002 Aug 07
         Oct 2000 oldie I found last night. Kisses Darlin
Thumbs Up and A Great Big Smile (by B.K.) 2002 Aug 06
         A real conversation and a fun 55er.
2 Day Yard Sale Y'all Come (by B.K.) 2002 Aug 03
         HA You know I had to fix this one.
2 Day Yard Sale Y'all Cone (by B.K.) 2002 Aug 03
Untitled (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 31
Higher Ground (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 30
         I Miss You Darlin
Rah Rah Ree Kick Em In The Knee (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 28
Yard~ Work Fever (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 27
         I added two lines to this
Yard Work Fever (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 27
         This is my answer to Violet's question about home ownership.
Tongue N Groove (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 25
Ooey Gooey Super Glue (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 24
         Kisses Darlin
So Far Away (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 23
         Changing one word. (ok two even)
Red Neck Heartbreak Haiku (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 23
         muryan started it....hahahah
So Far Away (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 23
         For You Darlin
Two Haiku (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 22
The Missing Link (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 21
         I Love You Darlin
Reality Check (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 21
Wiggle and Dance (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 18
The Moon's Magic Show (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 17
For You (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 17
Forever Loving You (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 14
         I Miss You So Much Darlin
Grass Mowing Love Song (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 14
         Ok ,so now I really have to go do it...sigh
Places (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 13
         I Miss You Darlin
(Sigh)~How Can You Measure Love (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 11
Free Form Sound 2002 Jul 08
         Been listening to a group from the Netherlands, I think called "Trance Energy"
~ Finger Monsters Word Dance ~ 2002 Jul 07
Across The Fence Motherly Advice (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 07
         A Sunday 55er.
My Darlin Red White and Blue (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 04
         Kisses Darlin
"Air Studios Montserrat" 2002 Jul 04
         Can't stop with the 55. It's all your fault Jon..ha
Fire (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 04
Untitled (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 04
         I Love You Darlin
Hot-Dog-T-Bone-Blues (by B.K.) 2002 Jul 02
All The Way With You (by John Prine) 2002 Jun 30
         A singer songwriter you all should get to know, if you don't already.
Untitled (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 29
         revised a bit (I vote for an edit button)
Ever-Ready-Recharge (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 28
Kiss Me Sugar Lips (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 26
A Love Beyond Compare (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 25
A Big Dose of You (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 24
Firecracker Bop (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 24
         Oh Yes Baby!
Warming Up For The 4th of July (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 23
         I Miss You Darlin
Honestly Speaking (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 22
         55 is Fun (Thanks Jon for starting this)
Just Dessert (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 22
         This is fun 55
To Torture (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 21
Her Hospital Bed (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 21
         This is a true story about my 74 year old Aunt (Wonder Woman) Now she wants to find this man to thank him..ha
Untitled (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 20
         Kisses Darlin
My DarLink Dy-No-Mite (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 19
Tantalizing Rhyme (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 19
Through Hell and High Water (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 18
         I Love You Darlin
Explosives Please Beware (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 16
To Bliss (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 15
         I Love You Darlin
A Quote 2002 Jun 15
Make-Out Party (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 14
"The Lovers" (by Rumi) 2002 Jun 14
Baby Rock Me 2002 Jun 13
Ripleys Believe Me or Not (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 13
Dance With Me (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 11
Magnitude of a Kiss (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 11
The End of the Rainbow 2002 Jun 09
Regeneration (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 09
         I left off the last line..ha
Regeneration (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 09
Pretty Please (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 05
         I Love You Darlin!
Summer Heat (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 05
You Know (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 05
The Art of Missing You (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 04
         changes...we need an edit mode??
The Art of Missing You (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 04
Question? (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 04
         Kisses Darlin
Forever Amen (by B.K.) 2002 Jun 03
Ride-Em-Cowboy (by B.K.) 2002 May 30
Pick Me (by B.K.) 2002 May 28
         ok so I'm a Virgo
Incredible Edible Stew (by B.K.) 2002 May 27
It's Just A Matter of Time (by B.K.) 2002 May 25
         I miss you so much Darlin.
Pawn the Dawn (by B.K.) 2002 May 23
A Woman In Love (by B.K.) 2002 May 22
         Kisses Darlin!
Please Be Mine 2002 May 22
         (Belated Valentine)..ha
The Will to Survive (by B.K.) 2002 May 21
Without You (by B.K.) 2002 May 20
The Call to Love (by B.K.) 2002 May 18
         word changes..ha (I won't use the Virgo excuse)
To Score It All (by B.K.) 2002 May 17
Mind Rub (by B.K.) 2002 May 16
         I Miss You Darlin
From Behind the Rhyme (by B.K.) 2002 May 16
Body and Soul (by B.K.) 2002 May 15
Embroidery Lesson (by B.K.) 2002 May 14
Pyro~Love~Maniacs (by B.K.) 2002 May 11
Wild Honeysuckle (by B.K.) 2002 May 10
Through the Keyhole (by B.K.) 2002 May 09
         I Miss You Darlin
The End of the Trail (by B.K.) 2002 May 07
Purest Zen Love (by B.K.) 2002 May 04
         I miss you so much Darlin.
Gold Medal Kisses (by B.K.) 2002 May 04
         Your mouth makes me crazy Darlin!
Quaking Thunder (by B.K.) 2002 May 04
Pearls (by B.K.) 2002 May 02
Between Us (by B.K.) 2002 May 02
         Bumping Kindred Spirit49
Smart Asp (by B.K.) 2002 May 01
         This came from talking to the girls about their love lives today..ha
My Lion Tamer (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 29
         R,H. You inspired this one, ha
A Wild Cat's Eyes (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 28
Like None Other (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 27
Hypnotic Trance (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 27
         Kisses Darlin
Go Girl Go 2002 Apr 26
Stripes and Stars 2002 Apr 25
Wild Card Art (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 24
Reflections of You (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 24
Alligator Tails (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 22
The Beauty of Love (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 21
Dream Keeper (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 17
Little Red Riding in the Hood (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 17
         Ok, so this is contageous..ha ha
I Believe In You (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 16
Cinderella's New Balance (left foot) (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 16
         Bumping Misti and Gala
In Simple Words (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 15
Including Me (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 14
You Know I Love You! (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 10
Simple Song (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 10
Red (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 09
Squeeze 2002 Apr 09
         I Miss You Darlin!
Depth Finder (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 09
         I Love You Darlin!
While I Watch (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 03
         It's Rhets fault, she started it..ha so I guess this is a kinda bump.
Cherry Pie Nights (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 03
         From 75 to 40 in one day..burrr somebody close the door up there would you?
Springs Perfect Picture (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 03
The White Heat of Stars (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 02
I Choose You (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 01
This Thing Called Love (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 01
Flying Lessons (by B.K.) 2002 Apr 01
         An Oldie from B.K. to start the page, ha
To Uncle Clay and Aunt Marlene (by B.K.) 2002 Mar 30
Sounds of Spring (by B.K.) 2002 Mar 28
Creamy Nougat 2002 Mar 27
MOON TALK (by B.K.) 2002 Mar 26
Happy Birthday Baby! (by B.K.) 2002 Mar 24
Spring's Call to Love (by B.K.) 2002 Mar 24
         I Love You Darlin!!
Feasting on You (by B.K.) 2002 Mar 22
         My first cooking poem...ever
Great Legs of Lamb (by B.K.) 2002 Mar 21
         Rattle the pots and pans, B.K.'s cooking
The Taste of Skin (by B.K.) 2002 Mar 21
         No, It's not my cooking contest entry yet...ha
Mornings Call To Love (by B.K.) 2002 Mar 19
         I Love You Darlin!!
Lucky Charms (by B.K.) 2002 Mar 17
The Cry of Tin (by B.K.) 2002 Mar 11
Cute Heart Flow Chart (by B.K.) 2002 Mar 11
         I Miss You Darlin!
Salt and Sugar Power (by B.K.) 2002 Mar 10
Bursting Out All Over (by B.K.) 2002 Mar 08
Shadowman (by B.K.) 2002 Mar 07
Cries and Whispers (by B.K.) 2002 Mar 06
         Another of my first poems.
Midnight Heat (by B.K.) 2002 Mar 06
She Runs To You (by B.K.) 2002 Mar 06
         More vintage bk
Breathing Lessons 2002 Mar 05
         The first poem by B.K.
War of More (by B.K.) 2002 Mar 04
         Baby, It's You!
Winter Interlude (by B.K.) 2002 Mar 04
         I Love You Darlin!!
The News at Thirteen (by B.K.) 2002 Mar 02
Pure Paradise (by B.K.) 2002 Mar 01
         I love You Darlin!
Oh Moon! 2002 Mar 01
Oh Moon! (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 28
Come Rub Me! (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 27
         For You Darlin!
You Always Know (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 27
My Love Hideaway (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 26
         For You Darlin!
Goose Down Fight (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 26
         Kisses Darlin! This is just for fun
This is Where I Start Yodeling (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 25
Monday Morning Love (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 25
         Kisses Darlin!
Olympic Love Games (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 23
I crave your mouth (by Pablo Neruda) 2002 Feb 22
Vitamin P (Passion) (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 22
         Kisses Darlin
Straight Into Your Arms (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 22
Straight Into Your Arms 2002 Feb 22
Simple Words of Love 2002 Feb 20
Sparkling Conversation (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 20
         I Love You Darlin!!
You're Simply Irresistible (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 19
I'll Just Watch You (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 18
Sighs or Thighs (Your Choice) (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 17
         For You Darlin!
Free-Falling Into Love (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 16
Ooh La La (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 16
Butterfly Goo (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 15
Two For One (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 15
Every Day is Valentines (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 14
         Ok so I couldn't decide which one I liked best. Happy Valentines Day Darlin!
Forever Valentines (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 13
Lover's Holiday (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 13
Scrubbing Down on You (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 13
         Ok so I fell asleep, but I found this one (its a repeat) bumping yours Jack, don't get too nice OK thats no fun. ha
Jelly Bean Heart (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 11
Time With You (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 11
Every Time You Sigh (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 10
Hikers Guide To Kitchen Dancing (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 09
Wildcat Tango (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 09
         This is what I get for watching National Geographic and reading your e-mails at the same time. Love You Darlin!
Thingy Dew (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 08
With Words (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 08
A Dali Dreamscape (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 06
Hook Line and Kisser (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 06
Love is Alive (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 05
Erotic Rock A Bye Baby (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 03
No One But You (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 02
         Oh Darlin, I love this one! (re-post)
Teach Me Tonight (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 01
         For You My Darlin Love (a re-run)
Mind to Spirit Call (by B.K.) 2002 Feb 01
         oops forgot the title
Swaying Sweet Surrender (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 30
         I Miss You Darlin!
A Groovy Kind of Love 2002 Jan 30
         The Lyrics
A Woman's Worth (by Alicia Keys) 2002 Jan 30
         The Lyrics
Groovy Kind of Love (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 30
TRUTH (by Various) 2002 Jan 29
A Woman's Worth (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 28
         bumps to Michael and to Jon
Between My Toes (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 28
Morning Investigation (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 28
         (a repost from Oct 2000)
Rainbow Jewels (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 26
Connect and Zing! (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 25
True Romance (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 25
Confusions and Delusions (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 23
Blasphemy (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 22
         Missing You Darlin! (re-post)
You See Through Me (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 21
Taste (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 20
         This is one of my favorites.(repost)
Lock and Key (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 19
         Only you have the key to my heart Darlin.
His Kisses (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 19
         I love You Darlin!
Now and Forever (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 18
         I know its mushy but it's the way he makes me feel..sigh
Blowing Cold (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 17
Only You (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 17
         taking out one word..ha
Only You (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 17
         For You Darlin
Pagan Offerings (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 16
         Winter Sucks
Connection Day (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 15
Wild Eyed Wonder (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 13
         For My Darling Son
Wild Eyed Wonder (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 13
         For My Darling Son
From Chapter Six "Why We Need Passion." (by Deepak Chopra) 2002 Jan 12
         The book is called "The Path To Love."
The Power of Love (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 12
         For You Darlin
Apart Art in Blues (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 11
For the Love of Beethoven and You (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 11
         I Love You Darlin! (repost)
She Says It's You! (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 07
         I Love You Darlin!
You Too Buddy Holly (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 03
To My Eagle Love (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 03
         How I Love You Darlin!
A Test of Fate (by redFoxPuppy) 2002 Jan 03
         This was too wonderful to leave on the boards so without your permission red, I am moving it to the main page.
How To Woo A Rocket Scientist (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 02
         I was wrong, the most romantic gift I have ever given the love poems written to You Darlin. This is my favorite too! I love you so.
Tonight (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 01
To Love You More (by B.K.) 2002 Jan 01
         Happy New Year Darlin!
To Love Sacred Love (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 31
         This wine is so good!! ha
Potted (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 31
         Drunk, with love of you! ha
Sealed With A Kiss (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 31
         Cheers Darlin!
Jump (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 29
Reflections of Lovelight (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 28
Double Dog Dare (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 28
         Missing you Darlin!
Goosebumps Please (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 27
Xmas Sack Snack Dream (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 25
         OK, I've been nice, now for a little naughty!
Tender Is The Night (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 23
         A re-run for you! I love you Darlin.
Earth Red White Heat and Ocean Blues (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 20
         I Miss You Darlin!
Stunt Driving Dreams (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 18
         Hey Kirk, how's your dream journal coming along?
Crazy Over You (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 17
To Love 2001 Dec 16
         For You My Darlin Love
Crimson Velvet Love In Blues (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 15
         I love you Darlin!
My Xmas Top TEN List! (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 15
         All I Want For Xmas Is You!
Belly Button Frosting (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 14
         I Miss You Darlin!
As Time Goes By (by Herman Hupfeld) 2001 Dec 12
         I Miss You Darlin!
You Better Not Pout (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 11
Getting Into the Spirit of You 2001 Dec 10
         Kisses Darlin!
But We Survived (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 07
         I Love You Darlin!
Passion Tracks (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 06
Today I Just Want You (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 05
         Kisses Darlin Love!
Rem Dancing (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 05
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 04
Kissing Mr. Moon~Shadow (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 03
Heart of Silk and Lace (by B.K.) 2001 Dec 02
George (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 30
My Eagle Love and Me (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 28
Love In The City (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 27
         I just woke up and added this..Kisses Darlin!
Love In The City (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 27
         Deeva's challenge (my way)
Tingerling & Lingering (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 26
Keep Safe My Love (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 24
pearl diving (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 24
Slide Baby Slide (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 24
         I Miss You Darlin!
Chop till You Drop! (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 21
Mood Swings (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 21
Dandelion Wine (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 20
         The Cut Version
Dissection Perplexion (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 19
Thingy? (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 18
Lip Lock and Kissy Prissy (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 18
         Misti's word project! What fun!
X+O=K+H x 100=Boom *&* Boom! (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 17
Bareback Dreams (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 17
         Oh Darlin, You know I love You!
My Belly Roll Baby (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 16
I Forgot to Say (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 16
It's Twilight Time (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 15
My Heart's A-Fair (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 15
My Treasure Is You (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 13
         Kisses Darlin!
Eye Won A Bee Thee # 1 (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 11
Freedoms Quest (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 11
         In Memory of all who have fought for our Freedom. For all that are Fighting Now!
So Close To My Heart (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 10
         Kisses Darlin!
Honey Butter Dew (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 10
Amoeba Love (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 09
Just Use A Different Finger (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 08
         Watch out, B.K.'s cooking again! (I Just Love Julia Child)
Erotic Pink Think (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 07
         Baby, It's You!
I'd Love To Kiss You But I Just Washed My Hair (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 05
         Ok, Who said it, in what Movie?
Garden of Love (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 05
A Red Fuchsia With A Big Stamen (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 03
         Darn it, I can't spell fuchsia ha ha
My Hero (by B.K.) 2001 Nov 01
         I miss you Darlin!
20 Gold Buttons and A Big Blue Moon 2001 Nov 01
Straight To My Heart (by B.K.) 2001 Oct 29
         Kisses Darlin Love!
Your Blooming Heart (by B.K.) 2001 Oct 29
Saving All My Kisses For You (by B.K.) 2001 Oct 28
         Only You Darlin!
Love At First Sight (by B.K.) 2001 Oct 26
Acme Testing Company (by B.K.) 2001 Oct 24
         Darlin this love meets every test!
Pretty Please With Sugar On Top! (by B.K.) 2001 Oct 24
The Art of Kissing (by B.K.) 2001 Oct 22
         One of my first poems, sent again to him tonight.
Sweet Surrender (by B.K.) 2001 Oct 21
Your Music Box Dancer (by B.K.) 2001 Oct 20
Come Back! (by B.K.) 2001 Oct 19
Kissing Instructions (by B.K.) 2001 Oct 18
         A bump to Mirabeau's 'Remembering How To Kiss'
Super Nova Baby (by B.K.) 2001 Oct 17
         Love You Darlin!
Head Told (by B.K.) 2001 Oct 16
Just Being With You (by B.K.) 2001 Oct 12
Our Blue Horizon (by B.K.) 2001 Oct 08
A Little Romance Please! (by B.K.) 2001 Oct 03
         A bump to Maverick's,' I Am THE MAN'
The Hole (by B.K.) 2001 Oct 01
         This was written last year this time about the Cole, reading it again made it come alive all over again.
Till We Meet 2001 Oct 01
         I love You Darlin!
American Know How (by B.K.) 2001 Sep 29
Please Supply You (by B.K.) 2001 Sep 29
         I love you Darlin. Keep Your Chin Up!
Grandma Was Wise! (by B.K.) 2001 Sep 28
Charm School Dropouts (by B.K.) 2001 Sep 28
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Sep 27
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Sep 21
In The Name of Freedom, In The Name of Love (by B.K.) 2001 Sep 19
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Sep 17
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Sep 17
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Sep 14
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Sep 14
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Sep 14
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Sep 12
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Sep 10
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Sep 09
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Sep 09
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Sep 01
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Aug 29
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Aug 28
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Aug 27
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Aug 26
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Aug 24
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Aug 18
The Secret Sits (by Robert Frost) 2001 Aug 17
         Such a mystery here???
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Aug 17
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Aug 16
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Aug 15
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Aug 15
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Aug 14
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Aug 13
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Aug 12
(by B.K.) 2001 Aug 10
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Aug 07
BK's Hog Wild Harley Ride 2001 Aug 06
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Aug 05
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Aug 04
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Aug 02
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jul 24
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jul 24
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jul 23
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jul 16
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jul 15
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jul 12
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jul 11
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jul 10
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jul 08
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jul 08
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jul 06
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jul 06
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jul 04
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jul 04
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jul 03
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jul 02
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jul 01
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jun 30
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jun 27
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jun 26
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jun 26
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jun 25
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jun 24
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jun 24
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jun 23
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jun 22
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jun 21
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jun 19
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jun 15
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jun 12
         A silly mood..ha
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jun 10
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jun 09
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jun 08
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jun 05
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jun 04
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jun 03
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 Jun 02
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 May 30
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 May 30
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 May 28
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 May 26
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 May 24
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 May 23
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 May 20
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 May 17
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 May 16
Lovers Wail (by B.K.) 2001 May 15
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 May 13
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 May 11
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 May 11
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 May 07
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 May 07
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 May 04
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 May 03
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 May 02
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 May 02
Untitled (by B.K.) 2001 May 01

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