By Luna -
Submitted by Kirk
Date: 2001 Oct 18
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feathered twilight

does anyone wanna marry me? it'd be great. you'd be so happy. we would get married in india or egypsy, with silk and bells, and i would dance for you, I would wear a loose simple beautiful wisp of a skirt, in whatever colour you wanted, I would be in bare feet with dark eyes and red lips, and the music would follow my dance instead of the other way around, until you think I might just float away. I would wear a belly button ring with bells on it and bells on my wrists and ankles and forehead, I would look like the sound of bells, and we would exchange silver rings and I would have to stand on tiptoes to kiss you beneath the silver clouded night sky. the dancing and lovemaking would continue under the full moon until the white dawn started to wash over the guests and we would slowly open our eyes, our bodies twined like vines, covered in discarded silk.

on our anniversary we could eat grapes.

maybe once upon a time i was a vestal not so virgin, and I wore clean, nearly translucent white robes and lounged in the white marble temples, and offered my slim white hand to tired travelers, like you, maybe I cleaned your wounds and face, covered you in soft white blankets as you lay in clean white beds and propped you up on fresh soft pillows, so that you could watch me dance, slowly and demurely, a spirit so pale and wraithlike, ever closer, and we made love, clean and white, and the next day you were sent on your way with nothing but a white veil to suggest that it wasn't a dream.

I had pale blue eyes, they touched your heart.

Maybe someday I'll be a tiny gypsy, dancing for pennies and stealing much more. my colours are deep reds and plums, full of life, I laugh in my sleep. My hair is long and dark and when it whirls past you as I spin it takes your gaze and you watch me and you're penniless, but I see the longing in your face and it makes me smile, so I dance farther away, moving away, from you, and you follow, slowly, like you don't know your feet are moving. we flirt, or I flirt with you, with laughing burning glances and quick feet, I lead you up, away, to where I keep my soft bed and I stop and stand with laughing eyes, let you see the tent beyond me, just long enough to let your fingertips brush the curve of my face, and then I am off again, dancing away just beyond your grasp, and we play this game until the sky comes crashing down around our shoulders.

do you catch me when I am tangled in clouds? or maybe when my arms are full of the moon.