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solipsistic pick up line (by idonegaffedit) 2023 Aug 14
         cute little anecdote
that mattress (by Kirk) 2023 Jul 25
         tiny little thought
Violets are "Blue" (by Kirk) 2022 Feb 12
         a take on own lines
m poem (by Kirk) 2020 Dec 16
         tough times
Unlike This (by Kirk) 2020 Apr 25
         drifting-to-sleep poem
Quote (by via David Whyte) 2020 Feb 28
         A rural truck driver's smarts
on desire, and the color blue (by Rebecca Solnit) 2019 Jun 30
         thoughts on blue
on unrequited love (by Kirk) 2019 Jun 02
         Journal entry I made July 12 2000
on "Love and Limerence" (by Kirk) 2019 Mar 03
         quotes from an essay on a really intriguing book
Money and Love (by Julian Barnes) 2017 Oct 25
         A cynical take from a man who had his wife leave him for his best friend
the claims you made (by Kirk) 2017 Aug 10
         A brief poem I wrote in 2000, experimenting with PoV
no justice in poetics (by Steve Earl) 2015 Jul 20
         Quote from when he played at the Wilbur theater
at the shore (by Kirk) 2014 Jun 16
         little hint of longing
every new (by Kirk) 2014 Apr 06
         Some romances start better than others.
flappy bird (by Kirk) 2014 Feb 12
         a metaphor
needing is one thing, and getting, getting's another (by Kirk) 2013 Apr 13
         A great video and a humble essay pondering what "needing" is all about
with an old cat (by Kirk) 2013 Apr 11
         Only romantic by projection
keys and money (by Kirk) 2012 Jun 01
         quote from my beloved Amber
the tank top (by Kirk) 2010 May 04
         bit of a dream
will be, must be (by Kirk) 2008 Dec 05
         I wish I remembered by dreams more often.
twitter 2008/09/19 1:30am (by Kirk) 2008 Sep 19
         140 characters or less
twitter 2008/09/19 1am (by Kirk) 2008 Sep 19
         140 characters or less
twitter 2008/09/01 1am (by Kirk) 2008 Sep 01
         it's interesting to distill my thoughts into 140-character twitter messages
what i thought it was (by Kirk) 2008 Jul 12
knowing no (by Kirk) 2008 Jun 09
         goofy little
romance in this modern age 2007 Oct 19
         A cartoon panel, what I've longed to say to a dozen women.
This is the root of his concern 2007 Aug 20
         entry to Savannah Haze's challenge
gravy trains 2006 Dec 17
         had a dream, was reading something like this as a paul simon lyric that made me almost cry with recognition, trying to reconstruct it here
tapioca (by "Rosetta") 2006 May 18
         Already published in the "K & R Carousel" feature, I thought it deserved another look
To V, 1997 2006 Feb 17
         been skimming through some old email, found this
don't you know 2006 Jan 13
         small work, not my own favorite.
New Year's Thought 2006 Jan 01
         small melancholy observation from 1/1/2006
We Always... 2005 Aug 16
         Slight twist on an old idea
Instructions to a Teenager (by C. Peterman (Age 15)) 2005 May 19
         Surprising amount of world-weariness for being written at so young an age.
alone in your arms 2005 Mar 07
         I thought of this as a title a long time ago -- one of those works with a few ways of reading it
come to think of it 2005 Feb 07
         unhappy haiku
hilltop on a cloudless night 2004 Nov 21
         My attempt at copying Robbins...
I'm Dreaming You 2004 Aug 27
         ...from a half-awake dream I had this morning
first time (by Kirk) 2004 Aug 01
         One way or the other.
Everybody Says 'I Love You' (by Kirk and Anne) 2004 Jun 19
         A longish email conversation I had with a friend about saying 'I Love You" to our family and other loved ones...will probably end up being next month's "Blender Ramble"
To Sleep, Redux 2004 Feb 14
         A final overlay work
Accuse, Redux 2004 Feb 14
         Another overlay work
Cider, Redux 2004 Feb 14
         An old prose poem, a new artsy-ish technique
bitter 2004 Jan 15
the faultless catch 22 (by 2004 Jan 08
happiest 2003 Dec 22
         first longish poem i've written in a long while
when sally left harry 2003 Dec 16
         the movie was half right
July 2, 2003 (by Lupschada) 2003 Jul 05
         From her journal at
He Asked Her Name and For A Light 2003 May 10
         A bit of wordplay
Young Astronauts In Love 2002 Nov 07
         Goofy little theme I've been doodling on lately
The Muse (by M.Zabka) 2002 May 11
         Friend of mine wrote this [PG13]
Falling (by Mo Roihl) 2001 Sep 01
         A cornball sketch Mo put on my Palm Pilot when we first started going out

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